Books on Occult and Esoteric Teachings


A Dweller on Two Planets, (1886) by Frederick Spencer Oliver

Brother of the Third Degree, (1894) byWilliam L. Garver

Course in Miracles, (1976) by Dr. Helen Schucman
Channeled teachings from "Jesus" through an previously agnostic Jewish woman, teaching the way to universal love and peace by undoing guilt and forgiving others. Her last dying words witnessed by a Catholic priest were that the course in miracles was "the worst thing that ever happened to her".

I AM Movement and Christian Science (1943)
Talbot states two false religions that, in recent years, have come in the name of Christ are Christian Science and the "I Am". He states: "It is my purpose, in this message, to put before you the heart of the teachings of these systems, in order to show wherein they agree and wherein they differ, as well as to explain why it is that many, Christian Scientists are forsaking that system for the newer Ballard teaching.

In My Own Words, Elizabeth Clare Prophet
Elizabeth shares her story of the search for her life's mission during her first twenty-two years. This memoir is a glimpse into the life and character of a figure in New Age spirituality who came to govern a large and controversial organization. It offers an intimate look into some of the foundation that made her who she was.

Initiation, (1960) by Elisabeth Haich
Elisabeth retells her past life memories of being initiated into an ancient Egyptian mystery school, while at the same time revealing throughout the book Occult knowledge.

Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, Vol. 1, by Baird T. Spalding

Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, Vol. 2

Many Lives Many Masters, (1988) by Brian Weiss

Masters and the Path, (1925) by C.W. Leadbeater
A compilation of teachings allegedly given through Leadbeater to an esoteric group founded by A.P. Sinnett within the London Lodge of the Theosophical Society. 

Preadamites,Demonstration of the Existence of Men Before Adam - Winchell, Alexander, S.C. Griggs and Company, Chicago, 1880.

The Essential Nostradamus, by Richard Smoley

The Lost Years of Jesus, (1987) by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

The Magic Presence, (1935) Godfre Ray King
Continuation of Unveiled Mysteries and Godfe's experiences he claimed to be with St. Germain.

The Rays and Initiations, (1960) Alice Bailey
The first part of this book contains the Fourteen Rules for Group Initiation, an extension of the teachings given in Initiation, Human and Solar on the Fourteen Rules for Applicants. The second part of the book is concerned with the nine initiations by which the disciple progressively achieves liberation from the various forms of our planetary life.

The Sleeping Prophet, (1967) Jess Stern
Biography of Edgar Cayce. For more than forty years, the "Sleeping Prophet" closed his eyes, entered into an altered state of consciousness, and spoke on subjects such as health, healing, dreams, prophecy, meditation, and reincarnation. He gave more than 14,000 readings which are preserved at the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc., in Virginia Beach, Virginia. (ARE)

The 12th Planet, (1977) by Zecharia Sitchin (Although the author's last name is spelled wrong in this copy, this is the right book) Sitchin presents that Sumerian myths of a pantheon of gods are no less than fact and that Earth's solar system includes an additional planet which comes near Earth every 3,600 years on an elliptical orbit that takes it deep into space. The planet, he claims, is inhabited by advanced alien beings called Nephilim. Based on a Sumerian origin myth, he recounts how the arrival of this planet formed the solar system as we know it, and he credits the Nephilim for advancing humanity and also for the stories of the Great Flood.

They Also Believe, (1949) by Charles S. Braden, (one chapter on I AM Movement)
Compiled mostly from Psychic Dictatorship in America, Braden attempts to give only factual information he claims Bryan was not able to do in his book because he was writing from a determined bias to discredit the Ballards.

The Unknown Life of Jesus, (1890) Nicholas Notovitch
Notovitch claimed he came across a manuscript at a monastery that revealed Jesus had spent some of his unknown years in India and Tibet studying Buddhism with the Eastern masters.

Unveiled Mysteries, (1934) Godfre Ray King
Guy Ballard, writing under the name of Godfre Ray King, purported to meet ascended master St. Germain on Mount Shasta, where he was given magic elixirs, traveled astrally to past life embodiments in lost civilizations, where St. Germain shows him his past lives with his present family and with St. Germain.

Christian Science

God's Perfect Child, by Caroline Fraser,  1999.
Ms. Fraser was a Christian Scientist. She wrote this book to expose her experience growing up in Christian Science and the negative effects the religion had on herself and others. Kindle addition on Amazon is only $8.00.

The Life of Mary Baker G. Eddy and the History of Christian Science, by Georgine Milmine/Willa Cather, 1909. 
This book was suppressed by Christian Scientists and the Board. It is the definitive book that many other dissenters used to write their stories and understanding of Christian Science.

Memoirs of Mary Baker Eddy, by Adam H. Dickey, 2002.
This book was also suppressed by Christian Scientists and the Board. Copies can be bought for $16.95, and makes an interesting read, but not necessary. It is a small book, and is referenced by other authors. Some prices for the book are as high as $300 because of its rarity. The Bookmark, the bookseller, seeks to make all of Mary Baker Eddy's teachings available to Christian Scientists. Previously the Board limited what Christian Scientists could read only allowing "official literature" of the Church to be read.

The Destiny of the Mother Church, by Bliss Knapp, 1991.
One of the "official" books of Christian Science. This book can be read on Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more, and internet books can be loaned out for two weeks.

Historical Facts Regarding Mary Baker Eddy's Student, Bliss Knap.

Martin Gardner, The Healing Revelations of Mary Baker Eddy, The Rise and Fall of Christian Science by Martin Gardner, 1993.
This book can be read on Gardner did a treatise on The Urantia Book and now he has done one on Mary Baker Eddy, presenting eyebrow raising points. Like others, to condense her life into an article is difficult. Here is Gardner's book introduction: "That I should write an entire book about Mary Baker Eddy and her 'discovery'... surprised even me. Here's how it came about... My research ... led me to Phineas Quimby, the whimsical 'father' of both New Thought and Christian Science. I intended to write only one essay about Mrs. Eddy and her church, but after reading for the first time Science and Health and other writings by Mrs. Eddy, and some two dozen books about her and the history of Christian Science, my single chapter grew... into this book..."

The Quimby Manuscripts, by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, edited by Horatio W. Dresser, with comments, 1921.

Sibyl Wilbur, Life of Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Science Publishing Society, 1938.
An officially approved story of Mary Baker Eddy's life. It was hard to read after discovering the truth of what other's revealed.

Snowden, James, The Truth about Christian science; the Founder and the Faith, Philadelphia, The Westminster press, 1920. A well-balanced look at the some of the obvious truths that come out when the pieces are put together. This book can be read on

A Journal article by Stephen J. Stein, "Retrospection and Introspection": The Gospel According to Mary Baker Eddy, 1982.
Can be read for free on Stein looks at the correlation Mary Baker Eddy made in her biography to the Bible story of Jesus. In other words, he made sense out of her history telling noting that she followed no apparent order in her writing. He states that her words lack organization and present to many an enigma that he attempts to unlock.

Mrs. Eddy, the biography of a virginal mind, by Edwin Franden Dakin, 1929. 
Can be read for free on This book is an indepth expose on Eddy. Although other books debunking Christian Science and Eddy have been written, Dakin's is unique. Written in 1929, he interviewed people that actually knew her and got the inside facts and conversations like no other book did before and after.


Writings by Mary Baker Eddy:

Miscellaneous Writings, 1883-1896.

Science and Health: With Key to the Scriptures, Christian Science Publishing Society, 1875 edition. This edition is included here because it shows the original ideas Mary had, how incoherent some of her ideas were presented, and the major language problem she had in writing English and the proper use of punctuation.

Science and Health: With Key to the Scriptures, Christian Science Publishing Society, 1910 and last edition.

Essays and Other Notes

Retrospect and Introspect, 1891. Last official copy of Eddy's biography.