Finding God Reality

Truth has always been important to me. Growing up Episcopalian I felt my religion brought me closer to God. Yet I was longing for a religion that would incorporate reincarnation, which in my heart i believed was true. I tried other denominations but they did not register on my heart. Years went by when I finally heard of this group that believed in the ascended masters. A few months later a couple moved in across the street who were in this same group and they started holding services in their home.

Services included high-speed chanting using repetitive lines. I did not find it odd, but took to it right away, even the belief that Jesus was one of these ascended masters along with many others, like some of the Catholic saints, and others connected with other faiths such as Buddha, Kuan Yin, and Padma Sambhava. There were also many other strange names and identies such as K-17, mighty cosmos, Cuzco, and Serapis Bey. This religion had a messenger, and claimed to be a guru as well, a leader who channeled (gave dictations) from these ascended masters, giving messages from them on a regular basis. I never believed in channeling, and still don't, but I felt this was different. She (Elizabeth Clare Prophet) would close her eyes and then these ascended masters would talk through her voice box.

You can find channelers who do the same thing, all claiming to be the sponsored voice of these "ascended masters". Some of these channelers were affiliated in some way with Elizabeth's group, or were released from it, and gathered to themselves their own groups. Some defectors did not take up channeling but became voices exposing what they believed was the "ascended master" unreality.

I was in the organization (called the Summit Light and Church Universal & Triumphant) for twenty years until Prophet's retirement. "Prophet" is her real name. She married Mark Prophet in 1963 he died in 1973. Much like his "messenger" predecessors before him in the I AM Movement, when Mark died his widow claimed he was now an ascended master. When Guy Ballard of the I AM Movement died his widow claimed Guy was now an ascended master.

Elizabeth ran her organization for twenty-five more years after her husband died and eventually was forced to retire after being diagnosed with Alzheimer disease. She died from the disease ten years later. The Summit Lighthouse was severely divided upon her retirement and the individuals who claimed authority to run the group were not of the caliber of holding much respect, especially after the way they went around the world breaking up each study group and replacing each group's leadership with their own choices. After witnessing this despicable behavior by supposedly "good" ascended master students I wanted nothing more to do with the Summit Lighthouse. No matter what anyone suggested orwanted to dialog on the division, these leaders were impervious.

During my tenure with the Summit Lighthouse I believed what I heard and was taught. I have never been gullible, my belief grew from many spiritual experiences I had. I could feel the light of God, as the Holy Spirit during blessings, decrees, and dictations confirming in my heart that God was present in my environment. The people who were part of the inner group who ran the organization were of a different caliber. They were haughty and often unkind, so I did not mix with them very often. It surprised me but I felt it was part of the separation of the tares from the wheat.

I gave thousands of hours of these decrees and prayers, even rosaries to Mother Mary. I gave frequent novenas, and fasted often, all to great success in whatever help I needed from heaven. It was through these rituals that I began to hear these same "ascended masters" that Elizabeth did and others before and after her. I received a lot of personal messages and refining of my being, and I also took healing courses to augment my inner work, again with great success. I had many more spiritual experiences that defy logic and place them in the realm of miracles. All these experiences, miracles, the Holy Spirit, and physically feeling the light move in my temple kept me on my chosen path.

Yet all was not as it seemed on the cover of Church Universal & Triumphant. Elizabeth committed transgressions she herself condemned on the pulpit. She pretended to be greater than she was. I had heard rumor of some of these transgressions at the time of her retirement (1999) and later through two of her adult children's books and websites. I was horrified that this "messenger" I had trusted was not the saint she raised herself up to be. Later, I read other books from disenchanted former members, and one astounding book from a member of the I AM Movement, which movement was one of the predecessors to the Summit Lighthouse founded by Mark Prophet. Mark copied and promoted a lot of the I AM Movement teachings and decrees.

Within these pages I would like to share my experiences of those twenty years during my involvement with the Summit Lighthouse and now coming up to twenty years following my separation from it. My former husband (Kim Michaels) claims he is one of those "messengers" giving dictations just as Elizabeth did. While I believed Mark and Elizabeth were the real deal, I could never feel the same from my husband's channeling, it was too mental and verbose and I never felt light once during my interactions through and with his channelings.

If you are a former or present member of an ascended master group, or want to understand what all this "new age" hubbub is that you can easily find in abundance on the internet, I share here some condensed facts (with their sources) so you can read for further enlightenment on your own. One thing that is astounding is how those who are in these groups have closed themselves off to hearing any controversy about these ascended masters. I was free from any group, including my own group I formed, for about three years when one day I was finally prompted from within to research all the available information on who were these ascended masters and the groups built up around them.

It takes time and healing to separate ourselves from the devil and his many disguises. Jesus and Mother Mary are very important to pray to, but you must bypass the impostors of them and the false Holy Spirit. It is difficult, but it can be done with a willing heart and the deep desire to be free from any of the devil's tricks. I was ready to hear the truth but still in shock that I had been a part of this mockery of God Reality for so long. I pray that what I learned and experienced over these last forty years will be able to assist others caught in the web of these false beings called "ascended masters".

This is a work in progress, and it will take some time to get all the information available that I believe needs to be presented to make an informed choice on who and what are the ascended masters.

Lorraine Michaels