The Real Jesus

The Historical Jesus' Life and Times

What was the area like where Jesus live and ministered unto the Jewish people? How was Jesus received after he started his ministry? A review of the some of the facts about life in the time of Jesus and his early ministry.

Archaeological Finds and Unearthing the Real Jesus

A look at some of the recent finds at the Jewish cities of Bethsaida, Capernaum and Magdala, all major cities that Jesus had contact with, and where first century synagogues have been uncovered, as well as what is believed to be the house of Peter. Jesus and His early followers were mostly Jewish. A look at why Jesus' mission first and foremost was to minister to the Jews, the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

The Lost Years of Jesus - What is the Truth

An in-depth look at the missing years of Jesus' life not recorded in the Bible, and the theories of where he might have traveled to. The main contender for the last century has been that Jesus traveled to India and Tibet where he studied Buddhist philosophy and taught the people. Unknown manuscripts were said to have been found in a monastery in Tibet called the Life of Issa. Are these documents real?

The Real Jesus - The Only Begotten Son of God

What does the only begotten Son of God mean? Is Jesus the only Son of God? These answers are addressed, as well as a look at the doctrine of Trinity to understand the relationship of God as Father and God as Son.