Enlightened Spirituality


Christian Enlightenment

Is there such a thing as Christian enlightenment? What other paths are there to enlightenment? What are the steps to true spiritual enlightenment.

The New Age - Defining Its Origins and What It Is

The Ascended Master Teachings are considered New Age teachings, yet what is the New Age. An attempt to define the New Age of Spirituality, its origins and what it consists of.

What is a Cult?

Defining a cult is not easy for sociologists or individuals. Not all cults are harmful, but many are. Those who join a cult generally don't even realize they are in one. Yet participating in a cult movement can have serious consequences. This article gives some common points on what makes a cult not a sect or just a religion, and describes the difference between sects and cults, why people join cults, with examples of cults in modern history, and what makes a cult leader and what warning signals to look out for that a religious leader is really a dangerous cult leader.

The New Age "I AM" Presence

What is the I AM Presence and where did the idea originate from? Why is the concept of the I AM Presence so important to the ascended master students? Does it conflict with Christianity?

The Findhorn Founders

One of the well known New Age movements that began from a Rosicrucian and Theosophy background was the Findhorn group founded by Peter and Eileen Caddy and Dorothy Maclain in northern Scotland. Some stories and books idealize Findhorn based on its principles of organic gardening which yielded extraordinary size vegetables, but also for the groups ability to work in harmony with God, supposedly guiding them and their intimate work with the nature kingdom. But were these people really working with the inner God I AM or channeling the masters and spirit elementals? Was their apocalyptic beliefs and the "space brothers" working through them and others really going to save the world? Were they upright moral people believing in the Laws of God, or did they have a "pick and choose" philosophy in what laws they would adhere to, and what laws they deemed as passé?

Part II - Creating the FIndhorn Foundation