Enlightened Spirituality


Christian Enlightenment

Is there such a thing as Christian enlightenment? What other paths are there to enlightenment? What are the steps to true spiritual enlightenment.

The New Age - Defining Its Origins and What It Is

The Ascended Master Teachings are considered New Age teachings, yet what is the New Age. An attempt to define the New Age of Spirituality, its origins and what it consists of.

What is a Cult?

Defining a cult is not easy for sociologists or individuals. Not all cults are harmful, but many are. Those who join a cult generally don't even realize they are in one. Yet participating in a cult movement can have serious consequences. This article gives some common points on what makes a cult not a sect or just a religion, and describes the difference between sects and cults, why people join cults, with examples of cults in modern history, and what makes a cult leader and what warning signals to look out for that a religious leader is really a dangerous cult leader.

The New Age "I AM" Presence

What is the I AM Presence and where did the idea originate from? Why is the concept of the I AM Presence so important to the ascended master students? Does it conflict with Christianity?

The Findhorn Founders

One of the well known New Age movements that began from a Rosicrucian and Theosophy background was the Findhorn group founded by Peter and Eileen Caddy and Dorothy Maclain in northern Scotland. Some stories and books idealize Findhorn based on its principles of organic gardening which yielded extraordinary size vegetables, but also for the groups ability to work in harmony with God, supposedly guiding them and their intimate work with the nature kingdom. But were these people really working with the inner God I AM or channeling the masters and spirit elementals? Was their apocalyptic beliefs and the "space brothers" working through them and others really going to save the world? Were they upright moral people believing in the Laws of God, or did they have a "pick and choose" philosophy in what laws they would adhere to, and what laws they deemed as passé?

Part II - Creating the FIndhorn Foundation

The Practice of Mesmerism and Animal Magnetism

In studying about the foundation of Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy, the practice of mesmerism, and her belief in animal magnetism, became a large part of who she was and why and how she founded Christian Science. The practice of mesmerism is not generally practiced today, although some believe it is another name for hypnotism, which is practiced today. They are different. In this article I present what is mesmerism and how it was applied by some and where it had its beginnings so that one can understand how the New Thought Movement and Christian Science developed in the 19th century.

Mary Baker Eddy, Her Early Life and the Founding of Christian Science

Part I

Many books have been written about Eddy, her life and the church she founded. To condense the vast history of the Church of Christ Scientists into a couple of pages, and catch the essence of who she was and what she taught, is not an easy task. But for those who do not want to take the time to read the books, I have attempted to condense the important points of her life in this article, and in part two, will continue on with the church, their beliefs and what has happened to the Church over the last century. Mary's life is surprising when you uncover the hidden, unofficial testimonies of others that the Church does not want non-Scientists to know. Is she truly the "Goddess of Wisdom" the Ascended Master Teachings made her out to be? Did psychosomatic illness haunt her her entire life? Did she practice what she preached?

Mary Baker Eddy, Early Years of Christian Science

Part II

In this part malicious animal magnetism (MAM) is introduced as one of Mary Baker Eddy's fears that carried with her from the time of the founding of Christian Science until her death, such that she began accusing anyone who opposed her of being of the effects of it, which she claimed caused her to be ill. Eddy even accused others of killing her third husband with MAM. Some of the many lawsuits Eddy instigated, as well as those against her, are presented, and finally, what are the beliefs of Christian Science, which claims to be Christian, that differ from Christianity.

Mary Baker Eddy, Her Later Life and the Founding of the Mother Church

Part III

In this last part of the series a look at some of Eddy's personal relationships and some of her steps taken to take complete control of every part of her church, and how she spent the last years of her life. What did some of the people of her day think and write about her? My conclusions, as well as Mark Twain's.

A Course in Miracles - What you need to know

Not having read the book and course studies does not preclude understanding what it is all about. We can learn all we need to know by reading the main characters around the creation and publication of the book, and learning the points the book promotes. In fact, it appears to have an almost hypnotic or demonic force behind it that once engaging in the book, you become hooked. That is not to say someone of healthy mind and a healthy relationship with God and Jesus Christ would have the same experience, but I don't believe in tempting the darkness to find out. Too many people have testified to their being mesmerized with the Course in reading only one page or chapter or even a paragraph, and instantly joining the bandwagon. I have shared the comments and facts on some of the important characters from the beginning of this creation of what some call the "New Age Bible" a channeling work claimed to be from Jesus, but that has no relationship to the Jesus of the Bible or Christianity.

New Age and Buddhism - Is Buddhism Compatible with Christianity?

Having a background of study into Buddhism and Hinduism from the New Age perspective, my understanding was that Buddha and Hinduism were just another part of God Reality. But can we mix these beliefs with Christianity and come away better than with just Christianity alone? I present the most important beliefs of Buddhism and compare some of them with the Scriptures. Using yoga, meditation and having the goal to be like Buddha may seem compatible with the Christian path, but in the true sense of the Buddhic interpretation, Christian goals for meditation or being the Buddha are not the same.

Who Really Was Madame Blavatsky?

It has not been easy for biographers to write an accurate and true story of H.P. Blavatsky's life. This article focuses on some of the lesser known facts about Blavatsky's years between her first marriage and arrival in New York, almost twenty-five years later. Blavatsky herself was responsible for deliberately fabricating her past and telling different stories conflicting with her previous descriptions of her past. Most of the not so well-known facts of her life involve her short first marriage, an affair and a son born, her life long spirit companion of "John King" and her heavy involvement into spiritualism and séances.

Part II

Madame Blavatsky moves away from mediumship and séances to form The Theosophical Society after a failed attempt to form the Miracle Club. She also marries for a second time while still married to Blavatsky. Col. Olcott and Madame Blavatsky move to India and become Buddhists. In India, one of the Madame's employees and co-conspirators turns on her and publicly accuses her of fraud. Meanwhile, the the Society for Psychical Research has send Richard Hodgson to investigate what is really going on. His 200 pg. report comes back that Madame Blavatsky is an accomplished fraud. Banished from Adyar headquarters in India Blavatsky returns to Europe where she lives the rest of her days, and publishes her second major work, The Secret Doctrine. After her death she leaves behind many letters with family and Theosophists revealing the truth of who she really was.