Ascended Masters and Their Teachings



Who Are the Ascended Masters?

If you were to teach a religion but did not know how it was created, who was the founder, where the core beliefs originated or who or what the early followers believed it would not be easy to teach. Many followers of the ascended masters might belong to an organization that teaches ascended master concepts but not an understanding of where the core beliefs originated, who was the founder and what the first followers believed. This is a series of discourses to describe the beginnings of the ascended masters and their history through some of the major teachers of this movement and their offshoots. Many students have been indoctrinated with the official stories of who and what the ascended masters are and teach without hearing and knowing about the other side of the story. There is a psychological reason for this. Students are taught to stay away from anything that disagrees with the official story based on the belief that any other story comes from "evil" that is bent on destroying the "true teachings", which are believed to be the teachings of the ascended masters. In this series, hidden, or little know facts are presented allowing one to not only see more clearly, but to stay on the straight and narrow path to Christ's Reality.

The First Ascended Master Adherents

Part one begins with what are ascended masters and who brought forth the concept of masters. This part gives an overview of Theosophy, New Thought, Christian Science, Arcane School and Spalding's books introducing the "Ascended Masters" in his Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East.

The First Ascended Master Organization

Part two of the series explains the beginning of the I AM Movement, who were their messengers and some of their teachings, and bringing to light that these leaders may not have had the integrity we would associate with being heaven's mouthpiece. Guy and Edna Ballard claim they were the only accredited ascended master messengers.

The Last Effort to Free Mankind?

Part three of this series covers the new organization, Bridge to Freedom, that formed between some former students of the "I AM" Movement, with the messenger Geraldine Innocente. This part covers some of the group's dictations describing their accomplishments from doing decrees, and what some of their beliefs and dispensations were, as well as who moved from the "I AM" Movement to the Bridge and then on to the Summit Lighthouse with Mark Prophet, and the surprising end to Geraldine's life and the Bridge to Freedom. The masters of wisdom stated through Innocente that the effort by the “Bridge to Freedom” is the last effort to free mankind.

Are the Ascended Masters Real?

A look at the history of the mahatmas, the Mahatma Letters, the ascended master development, messengers and offshoots from the ascended master organizations in light of the reality or unreality of the ascended masters.

The Summit Lighthouse

A relating of some of the history of the early years of the Summit Lighthouse and what brought their messengers, Mark and Elizabeth, together; what their main teachings are and how some of their concepts originated. Part II of the Summit Lighthouse will continue with more a personal insight from intimate contact with the inner and outer community, as well as the messenger, Elizabeth, interwoven with others who have shared their insights from living and working on staff.

Finding the Summit Lighthouse

My personal experience finding the Summit Lighthouse and why I became attracted to the teachings of the "ascended masters" with a few insights into my early experience with the Summit.

The Summit Lighthouse - Camelot Years

In the years following Mark Prophet's death, Elizabeth moved the Summit/Church headquarters four times, while keeping the same focus on evil and the fallen ones taking over the world, impending cataclysm or war, and the survival preparedness consciousness that Mark Prophet started. Elizabeth also married, divorced and married again in a few short years and went through a tumultuousness time with her ex-husband and lawsuits. Meanwhile, the dictations through her were also including the idea of some impending cataclysm in the world that students should be prepared for. Sexual exploits were also exposed, and the fact that Elizabeth had lied or hidden these types of activities from her congregation.

Personal Experiences with the Holy Spirit

From what source were the little miracles that occurred in my life after joining the Teachings of the Ascended Masters? Whose voice did I hear saving me from danger while driving across country? These questions are addressed as I share some of my experiences and what it was like to go the church's Summit University.