Ascended Masters and Their Teachings



Who Are the Ascended Masters?

If you were to teach a religion but did not know how it was created, who was the founder, where the core beliefs originated or who or what the early followers believed it would not be easy to teach. Many followers of the ascended masters might belong to an organization that teaches ascended master concepts but not an understanding of where the core beliefs originated, who was the founder and what the first followers believed. This is a series of discourses to describe the beginnings of the ascended masters and their history through some of the major teachers of this movement and their offshoots. Many students have been indoctrinated with the official stories of who and what the ascended masters are and teach without hearing and knowing about the other side of the story. There is a psychological reason for this. Students are taught to stay away from anything that disagrees with the official story based on the belief that any other story comes from "evil" that is bent on destroying the "true teachings", which are believed to be the teachings of the ascended masters. In this series, hidden, or little know facts are presented allowing one to not only see more clearly, but to stay on the straight and narrow path to Christ's Reality.

The First Ascended Master Adherents

Part one begins with what are ascended masters and who brought forth the concept of masters. This part gives an overview of Theosophy, New Thought, Christian Science, Arcane School and Spalding's books introducing the "Ascended Masters" in his Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East.

The First Ascended Master Organization

Part two of the series explains the beginning of the I AM Movement, who were their messengers and some of their teachings, and bringing to light that these leaders may not have had the integrity we would associate with being heaven's mouthpiece. Guy and Edna Ballard claim they were the only accredited ascended master messengers.

The Last Effort to Free Mankind?

Part three of this series covers the new organization, Bridge to Freedom, that formed between some former students of the "I AM" Movement, with the messenger Geraldine Innocente. This part covers some of the group's dictations describing their accomplishments from doing decrees, and what some of their beliefs and dispensations were, as well as who moved from the "I AM" Movement to the Bridge and then on to the Summit Lighthouse with Mark Prophet, and the surprising end to Geraldine's life and the Bridge to Freedom. The masters of wisdom stated through Innocente that the effort by the “Bridge to Freedom” is the last effort to free mankind.

Are the Ascended Masters Real?

A look at the history of the mahatmas, the Mahatma Letters, the ascended master development, messengers and offshoots from the ascended master organizations in light of the reality or unreality of the ascended masters.

The Summit Lighthouse

A relating of some of the history of the early years of the Summit Lighthouse and what brought their messengers, Mark and Elizabeth, together; what their main teachings are and how some of their concepts originated. Part II of the Summit Lighthouse will continue with more a personal insight from intimate contact with the inner and outer community, as well as the messenger, Elizabeth, interwoven with others who have shared their insights from living and working on staff.

Finding the Summit Lighthouse

My personal experience finding the Summit Lighthouse and why I became attracted to the teachings of the "ascended masters" with a few insights into my early experience with the Summit.

The Summit Lighthouse - Camelot Years

In the years following Mark Prophet's death, Elizabeth moved the Summit/Church headquarters four times, while keeping the same focus on evil and the fallen ones taking over the world, impending cataclysm or war, and the survival preparedness consciousness that Mark Prophet started. Elizabeth also married, divorced and married again in a few short years and went through a tumultuousness time with her ex-husband and lawsuits. Meanwhile, the dictations through her were also including the idea of some impending cataclysm in the world that students should be prepared for. Sexual exploits were also exposed, and the fact that Elizabeth had lied or hidden these types of activities from her congregation.

Personal Experiences with the Holy Spirit

From what source were the little miracles that occurred in my life after joining the Teachings of the Ascended Masters? Whose voice did I hear saving me from danger while driving across country? These questions are addressed as I share some of my experiences and what it was like to go the church's Summit University.

More Personal Experiences with the Holy Spirit

After returning from Summit University there were many challenges returning to my marriage and dealing my husband's view of my belonging to a "cult". After two child kidnappings my husband arranged, our divorce was inevitable. Yet life after our divorce and resolving child custody issues became some of the happiest years of my life serving the "masters", having spiritual experiences at conferences, being healed of entities and working with the Holy Spirit. Yet many of my spiritual experiences confirmed the Ascended Master Teachings concepts and beliefs. Some force was directing my life and keeping me in the belief that the teachings were true.

Beliefs and Practices of CUT During the 1980's

In this ongoing series about the Summit Lighthouse, Church Universal and their messengers, the Church focus is on the judgment of fallen angels, especially Satan, a being called Peshu Alga and Lucifer. But is there really a fallen angel called Lucifer? The Bible only alludes to such, and those Christians who do believe in Lucifer believe Lucifer and Satan are one and the same. Not so for the Summit Lighthouse. Other beliefs and practices are looked at and how perfectionism enters the picture.

Arriving in Montana During the Shelter Cycle

In this piece of the Summit Lighthouse series I give my view of the experience living in Montana during the shelter cycle in 1989-90, and what happened in my personal life after meeting a man in the Church, marrying and moving to South Glastonbury, the property the Church bought to accommodate the thousands who would move to the area. They never did, and Glastonbury, both North and South, never had even a thousand people living there. The Church sustained some blows during those years as Edward Francis was sentenced for illegal purchases of guns, and the nuclear war predicted for March 1990 never came about.

After the Failed Prophecies

The messenger begins to have more epileptic seizures during the shelter cycle, yet it is hidden from the church followers. The years following the failed prophecies the messenger begins to doubt her communication with the masters, two more of her children leave the teachings, her memory is failing and she and Edward divorce after she gives birth to a son with the help of a fertility clinic. Soon she is diagnosed with Alzheimer disease. I take up training as a Health Kinesiologist and begin to hear the "masters" and experience the Holy Spirit in connection with my healing practice.

Communication Experiences with the "Masters" - Part I

After the Messenger retired, Gilbert Cleirbaut, the new President of the Church, resigned. The new leadership had opposed him. Schisms occurred within the organization that appeared to be caused mainly by the headquarters and the new hierarchy. New messengers began appearing, but not accepted by the new hierarchy, and groups with no messengers but who could not get along with headquarters. Meanwhile, I was being trained to be a messenger myself, although I was not aware that was what was occurring. I share some of my personal experiences hearing what I believed was heavenly guidance, and the positive changes that occurred in my life because of this inner guidance.

Communication Experiences with the "Masters" - Part II

The next year and a half after experiencing the dark night of the spirit, I returned to listening to the "masters" and their direction. Some of that direction was life transforming and led to a better understanding of my past and who I was in the present. Some of my communication was hard to accept as having any reality, but I reasoned away my doubts as there was a higher purpose, the same that I did with my husband's communication with his "Jesus". Eventually, the surprise announcement came that I was to be a messenger for the "Great White Brotherhood" at the end of 2002. I thought I had been training to help people connect to God through my hypnotherapy work. I was to begin another surprising major change in my life in my communication with these masters.

Becoming a Messenger for the "Ascended Masters"

In this article I share the first few months of my messengership. There were many surprising turns and overall it was a very difficult period. If I had a choice in becoming a messenger I would surely have said no, but on the other hand, wanting to do God's will and serve in the way God chose for me, since I surrendered my life to Him, I would not have said no, even knowing how difficult the path would be and what would be its end. Yet for what purpose what this role I was to play? I was not even comfortable giving dictations and being a spokesman for the masters, and in giving out direction to others, and especially my husband, often with uncomfortable results. I lost many friends over the years carrying out the "master's" direction and being a guru, which mantle was supposedly placed upon me. Yet its effects were astounding.

Controlling the Mother Light

What was it like to be messengers? We traveled to foreign countries, met many new people, became very busy and received an inheritance and large donations from our followers. But what was really going on? I did not take live dictations, that role went to my co-messenger and husband with no explanation from heaven why. Instead I would often be directed to write articles about real life happenings and spiritual experiences, give unprepared lectures at our conferences in-between preparing meals and doing healing sessions. I spent a lot of time communicating with people and helping them with spiritual advice, holding classes and running a forum. Behind the scenes I observed many things that gave me doubts about the legitimacy of my husband's communication with his masters. While I was not sure what was going on I was inwardly led to have faith and turn a blind eye unless heaven directed me to challenge something untoward from our members, or involved my husband. Yet what was going on with the creation of new rosaries and the concept of the "Conscious You" from Mother Mary? Was this really Mother Mary? Was some type of woman being raised up by my husband as the true epitome of womanhood when she was really the femme fatale?

A Different Messenger

A short review of this series leading into how my marriage and involvement with the Teachings was God ordained for a higher purpose not from my conscious awareness. Was I fitting into the mold of the typical stereotype for women societies promulgate? A school was opened called the School of Being, and property bought. Horses were part of the therapy to teach Being, along with the use of hypnotherapy and the "guides". Yet all was not roses, neither with the students at school or the students at conferences, and especially not with the messenger I lived and worked with.

Discovering I Had a Mission

Becoming a messenger did not mean I had some extraordinary gift of communication, rather I explain how I lacked many of the skills I felt necessary to become a messenger and why I did. Yet I was moving ahead with a mission I did not know I had. Life had prepared me for what I knew was to come as certain memories permeated my conscious awareness that caused me to prepare for difficult times in a most unusual way. Even knowing today that these "masters" who some have believed in with all their mind and heart are not really "ascended masters" and I had much communication with these spirit guides, I also had lots of guidance and personal communication with Jesus to keep me on track with my mission. Differences of concepts and beliefs began to appear in my husband's and my co-messengership and my mission began in full swing, unbeknownst to my outer awareness.

Division of Truth: A Higher Understanding On Spiritual Divisions

Part I covers what happened at the separation of the two messengers and what were some of the real causes of division. Does physical appearances, masculine or feminine character traits, and the personal needs of men and women play an important part in this division and is this necessary? Is there a right or wrong standard in the way we treat one another? If we believe there is a right and wrong to we accept the blame and that we are really wrong because someone else says we are so? Although these questions are not fully answered in this part they are addressed because they help to begin to understand a type of mentality that is not Godly and explained more in part II.

Awakening to Wisdom

Part II: Continuing from Division of Truth, the unfolding of separate groups has begun with each group supporting their messenger and their truth. Yet there is a big difference between the groups. The Conscious You stands between them and the two messengers but what is this Conscious You? What do each group embody and is their fruits? The past unfolds a battle that was outplaying with those who not only believed they were superior in wisdom but that they were superior in all other aspects of God reality including loving truth and loving everyone unconditionally. Challenging the lie is not always easy, after all, ours is only a subjective truth. Yet is their a higher truth and law and a right that is above subjective experiences that we should not allow subjective truths to override?

Eve, Adam and the Fruit, Part I

Part II

There are many ideas as to what caused the Fall and what was the fruit that Adam and Eve ate. I present in part I and part II some of my experiences that I have been given that are related to what might have occurred between Adam and Eve and Eve and the Serpent. While some might consider this Biblical story as just a story with no basis, and it could very well be just an allegorical story, the creation of the lineage of Adam is integral to the whole Bible and its history, and especially to the birth of the Messiah.