Books on Occult Ideas and Teachings

A list of books from the nineteenth century to the present with pdfs.

Books on Bible Numerics


The Last Twelve Verses of Mark by Dr. Ivan Panin

The New English Testament by Dr. Ivan Panin

Panin's Bible Chronology by Dr. Ivan Panin

The Inspiration of Sevens Scientifically Demonstrated by Ivan Panin

Number in Scripture: Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance - by E. Bullinger

Books on Theosophy and Helena Blavatsky


A Modern Priestess of Isis by Vsevolod Sergyeevich Solovyoff

Priestess of the Occult by Gertrude Marvin Williams

Ancient Wisdom Revived by Bruce E. Campbell

The False Mahatmas of Mr. and Mrs. Roerich by Lars Adelskogh

The Hodgins Report, Society for Psychial Research, by (Beginning pg. 200 to 400)

The Secret Doctrine by Mme. Blavatsky

Isis Unveiled by Mme. Blavatsky Vol. 2


Books on Near Death Experiences


Return from Tomorrow by George Ritchie (You can also check these books out of the online library.)

At twenty yrs. old (1943), George Ritchie died of pneumonia. Nine minutes later, he returned to life to tell of his amazing near-death experience in the afterlife. His near-death experience was the one that profoundly moved Raymond Moody to begin seriously investigating the near-death experience. Since Dr. Moody is considered to be the "father of the near-death experience," Dr. Ritchie's near-death experience is in a class of its own. After finally realizing he is dead Jesus appears to him emitting tremendous light and love and George's entire life appears before him. Jesus then gives him a tour of four different dimensions in the afterlife. He watches discarnates desperately trying to smoke or drink through humans. (A level of hell.) Then he goes to another dimension where some humans go when they die and stay in a deep sleep. Then he experiences another dimension that is like a huge university with every important book in the universe where higher souls who have grown beyond selfishness go. The last dimension Jesus takes him into outer space toward a distant city made of brilliant light of a similar description to the city in the Book of Revelation. Here, love was the dominant focus of life where people go who have become Christ-like while on earth. He realizes he is seeing heaven, but he is not allowed to go in.

Ordered to Return by George Ritchie

Includes the same story as Return from Tomorrow, but goes into greater depth with the profound effect it had on his life.

Howard Storm, My Descent Into Death (Excerpt from his book on

Storm, an avowed atheist, was awaiting emergency surgery when he realized that he was at death’s door. Storm found himself out of his own body, looking down on the hospital room scene below. Next, rather than going “toward the light,” he found himself being torturously dragged to excruciating realms of darkness and death, where he was physically assaulted by monstrous beings of evil. His description of his pure terror and torture is unnerving in its utter originality and convincing detail.

Finally, drawn away from death and transported to the realm of heaven, Storm met angelic beings as well as the God of Creation. In this fascinating account, Storm tells of his “life review,” his conversation with God, even answers to age-old questions such as why the Holocaust was allowed to take place. Storm was sent back to his body with a new knowledge of the purpose of life here on earth. This book is his message of hope.

Books on Life after Death


Like near-death experiences these stories vary on what happens once souls leave earth in death. There is no one answer that is right in what happens. It appears that even the afterlife is much affected by the thought and maturity of the soul to give us different perspectives on the afterlife possibilities.

On Heaven and Its Wonders and on Hell, By Emmanual Swedenborg

First published in English in 1892. It contains accounts and stories from Heaven, about the world of spirits and man's state after death, and hell as Swedenborg experienced them. Swedenborg writes down what he sees and experiences with no expectations that we must accept his revelations. The choice is ours. Yet his perspective opens a window into a possible view of the experiences of souls, once leaving the world of form, where they become spirits for a time or a longer time. Then they either gravitate to the lower realms of hell or the higher realms of heaven, and he says becomes angels, (according to their inner reality) where they then make their abode. Some of his views agrees with other modern day therapists and what they have also uncovered through hypnosis and regressions.

Other books by Swedenborg: Secrets of Heaven Vol. 1, Vol 2, Afterlife, A Guided Tour

Testimony of Light: An extraordinary message of life after death, by Helen Greaves

First published in 1969, this book is still reaching opened hearts to a new perspective on death. Sister Frances was a sister in the Anglican Church for 25 years serving in Africa, where she loved to serve and help others. Her good friend Helen Greaves was by her side when she passed on. Three weeks after her death Helen felt the presence of Sister Frances through mental telepathy. She felt immersed in light that left her soul feeling peace and in oneness with the highest good. The two women had spent countless hours together in meditation and discussion about Christian concepts. When Helen felt the "presence" of her friend days later through a mental connection, she had a strong urge to write down what came to her. Helen began getting messages from Francis describing her experiences from the other side of the veil. The communion between these two women was achieved as a natural outpouring of their mental telepathic skills which were developed over the years of their friendship. The messages lasted for approximately 1 year, giving vivid descriptions of her experiences sharing story after story as she assists newly arrived souls to adjust to life free from the restrictions and distractions of living in a physical body and the different levels of heaven, including the concept of reincarnation.

Journey of Souls, by Michael Newton

Using a special hypnosis technique to reach the hidden memories in 29 people, Dr. Newton discovered some amazing insights into what happens between lives based on these people's revelations while under hypnosis.

Having studied and been a hypnotherapist for years I believe that information the regressed person taps into depends on the person, the therapist and the place attained. Thus this type of information can reveal different concepts and information from therapist to therapist. Dr. Modi's "Memories of God and Creation" gives a perspective on the creation of man, but it is hard to believe because of her own personal belief's and agenda and leading the hypnotized subjects on. So I can not recommend her book. Many believe Michael's therapies are less tainted and biased, and thus more true. The reader must discern for himself.

Many Lives, Many Masters, by Brian L.Weiss, M.D.

Dr. Weiss, a psychotherapist, is unable to bring positive results to help Catherine until he tries hypnosis. After a few sessions where Catherine reveals past lives connected to her afflictions, she begins healing her issues. Dr. Weiss suggests her subconscious mind could have recalled these past life events or she may have tuned into the collective unconscious. Much remains to understand the how and why. After several types of these sessions Catherine reveals words of "masters" or whom she called "spirits" or guardians or 'lights' who are in and out of the physical plane and are all around us. Weiss reveals there are many planes and levels on each plane. Some of these planes disembodied spirits are allowed to communicate with mankind. Here is the plane many channelings may come from.

The Unquiet Dead : A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession by Edith Fiore (You can also check this book out of the online library. There is no fee to join.)

Noted psychologist Dr. Edith Fiore explains how to detect spirit possession in yourself and others, how to protect yourself from entities (or discarnates), how to release your home from displaced spirits, and how to perform a depossession. Filled with case histories. Being a psychologist Fiore explains that she does not always believe in the reality of spirit possession and reincarnation, and does not believe there is a hell, maybe trying to keep in alignment with the paradigm of her field, yet she finds great success whether she or her clients believse they are real.


Books and Biographies on Famous Ministers and Healers

Poem of the Man-God

by Maria Valtorta

Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3, Vol. 4, Vol. 5

Pastor Johann Christoph Blumhardt: an account of his life by Friedrich Zundel

A remarkable and very moving story of one man's faith to free a young girl from demon possession. It was 1840 when the struggle began. When the last demon declared "Jesus is Victor!" and left, the struggle ended. The struggle had taken almost two years and In the two-year process thousands of demons and discarnates were taken. But not before the Pastor tried to help them and get them to a better place. After the last was gone, not only was Blumhardt transformed, but the entire German village. Hundreds of people began to appear at his door to confess to him, starting with the most ill-willed of the town. Then came the healings. Pastor Blumhardt was German, a deeply rooted Protestant and follower of Luther, not a Catholic, yet he cast out demon after demon, took confessions and with the power of the Holy Spirit would forgive the sinners. People only needed to be in his presence to be healed and many astounding miracles continued. So many came from surrounding villages he had to turn them away in order not to tread on other minister's territory. But to no avail. Eventually they bought a retired thermal spa to house the many who came for respite and healing and he lived out his life there.

Charles Cullis

It was 1864.  Charles Culles, a physician opened a home for people with tuberculosis,  the homeless, hopeless and dying.  The need was so great in Boston he added three more homes, all with little money.  Over the door of each was a sign which read:  “Have Faith In God”.  These were primarily medical treatment homes and shelters, but in 1870 God began to deal with him about praying for the sick.  He had great success and went on to open a cancer home, a spinal home, an orphanage, a workers’ home, a mission, a chapel and a Faith Training College and a faith cure home all run on faiththat God would provide. A remarkable man, doctor and faith-healer.

Signs and Wonders by Maria Woodworth-Etter (Short biography)

An remarkable American healing evangelist, (before the well-known evangelist Aimee-Semple McPherson) Maria was born in Ohio in 1844. She was born again at the beginning of the Third Great Awakening at the age of thirteen. Maria immediately heard the call of God and dedicated her life to the Lord. Of her calling she would later write, "I heard the voice of Jesus calling me to go out in the highways and hedges and gather in the lost sheep." She studied the scriptures and began preaching the Lord's divine will in healing. It didn't take long to see that evangelism and healing went hand in hand as thousands were won to Christ as a result of seeing others healed. Sister Etter pioneered the way for Pentecostal manifestations that are so common in Charismatic and Pentecostal groups today.


Books and websites on Elizabeth Clare Prophet


Prophet's Daughter: My Life with Elizabeth Clare Prophet Inside the Church Universal and Triumphant by Erin Lynn Prophet

Viewed as a spiritual heir-apparent, Erin was encouraged to take up her mother’s mantle as a seer and visionary; she took on an increasingly active role in the church’s decisions, though often behind the scenes. The control her mother wielded over her daughter’s life was complete, in who she could marry and when she could have sex. Over time, a series of insights into her mother’s imperfections opened Erin’s eyes to the inconsistencies in her teachings. Learning of what went on behind the scenes and that Erin was in control of her mother's visions and the shelter costs and the "nuclear date" was an eye-opener. She reveals a woman who wanted to appear greater than she was.

Black Sun Journal, by Sean Prophet

Sean became an atheist when he left the Church. He created his website to reveal his truths and some personal insights on his parents, and in the process others came forward to share their experience with CUT. This particular link includes a hundred comments and reveals a close relationship between a man Harry S. and ECP, with Harry being a personal seer to Elizabeth, as well as live-in companion during the early years of Camelot. Comments also from Mark Prophet's daughter from his first marriage. Harry's testimony collaborates Erin's and the use of seers consistently for almost twenty years.


Books on the Unreality of the Ascended Masters


400 years of Imaginary Friends: A Journey Into the World of Adepts, Masters, Ascended Masters, and Their Messengers by the Paolini's

The Paolini's published this book while I was a member of Church Universal & Triumphant. Being loyal to the Prophet's I would not look at such a book claiming CUT was false. Yet one day I did and I was glad I did. Much of what they said I knew from personal experience with the Church and that their claims were true. Their information is deeply researched and referenced, and they connect the dots from the beginning of many ascended master & similar religious organizations going back as far as the Rosicrucian and Freemasonry, through Emanuel Swedenborg, Quimby, Theosophy, Alice Bailey, Krishnamurti, Charles Leadbeater, the I AM Activity, New Thought, Bridge to Freedom, Church Universal and Triumphant, Temple of the Presence and many more, pointing out the unrealities and why.

Psychic Dictatorship in America by Gerald Bryan, September 12, 1940

Gerald Bryan was a chiropractor who attended meetings of the I AM Movement (founded by Guy and Edna Ballard, messengers for the ascended masters) until he began noting the many odd inconsistencies and the harm the Ballard's perpetrated not only through their wild claims through their channeling but claiming the power of I AM decrees, a fast-paced chanting would bring wealth, healing and immortal bodies that people could physically ascend. Guy Ballard claimed he had an immortal invincible body of Light, but died in 1939 of arteriosclerosis. Edna then claimed he had ascended outside the physical plane while Jesus had previously stated through them that no one could take the ascension unless in the physical. Bryan reveals many, many facts like this, with footnotes backing up his information, that no person has ever revealed from those early days. An amazing read and no person of sound mind can throw off his claims as mere ranting with a chip on his shoulder.

Books on Knock, Mayo County Ireland Apparition


A Visit to Knock, by T. O'Connor, February, 1880 (Reporter)

The Apparitions and Miracles at Knock, by John MacPhilpin, 1880 (Owner and editor of Tuam News)

An Exploration of the Context and Ecclesiastical Investigations of the Virgin's Reported Appearance
in Knock
, Ireland in 1879, by Erin Meikle, May, 2019

Knock : the Virgin's apparition in nineteenth-century Ireland, by Eugene Hynes, Cork : Cork University Press, 2008

‘A Few Good Canons?’:Canon Ulick Bourke and Clerical Reaction to the Outbreak of the Land War, by Shane Faherty

The Apparition at Knock, A Survey of Facts and Evidence, Rev. Michael Walsh, St Jarlath’s College, Tuam, Co Galway, 1959

The cult of the Virgin Mary : psychological origins, by Carol M, Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, 1986

Priests and people in Ireland, by McCarthy, Michael J. F., Dublin:Hodges, Figgis & co., 1902

Books on Guadalupe

The Virgin of Guadalupe: A Mexican National Symbol by Eric Wolf, 1958.


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