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Eve, Adam and the Fruit


Part I and Part II

There are many ideas as to what caused the Fall and what was the fruit that Adam and Eve ate. I present in part I and part II some of my experiences that I have been given that are related to what might have occurred between Adam and Eve and Eve and the Serpent. While some might consider this Biblical story as just a story with no basis, and it could very well be just an allegorical story, the creation of the lineage of Adam is integral to the whole Bible and its history, and especially to the birth of the Messiah.

Who Really Was Madame Blavatsky?


Part II

Madame Blavatsky moves away from mediumship and séances to form The Theosophical Society after a failed attempt to form the Miracle Club. She also marries for a second time while still married to Blavatsky. Col. Olcott and Madame Blavatsky move to India and become Buddhists. In India, one of the Madame's employees and co-conspirators turns on her and publicly accuses her of fraud. Meanwhile, the the Society for Psychical Research has send Richard Hodgson to investigate what is really going on. His 200 pg. report comes back that Madame Blavatsky is an accomplished fraud. Banished from Adyar headquarters in India Blavatsky returns to Europe where she lives the rest of her days, and publishes her second major work, The Secret Doctrine. After her death she leaves behind many letters with family and Theosophists revealing the truth of who she really was.

Part I

It has not been easy for biographers to write an accurate and true story of H.P. Blavatsky's life. This article focuses on some of the lesser known facts about Blavatsky's years between her first marriage and arrival in New York, almost twenty-five years later. Blavatsky herself was responsible for deliberately fabricating her past and telling different stories conflicting with her previous descriptions of her past. Most of the not so well-known facts of her life involve her short first marriage, an affair and a son born, her life long spirit companion of "John King" and her heavy involvement into spiritualism and séances.