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Is Peter, His Confession or Christ the “rock”?

One of the most important questions Jesus asked His disciples and recorded in the New Testament is, "But whom say yea that I am?" Peter replied the correct answer, "Thou art the Christ", and Jesus blessed him and said, "Upon this rock I will build my church". The Roman Catholic Church says Peter is thus the first pope. Protestants say the "rock" is Jesus or the confession that Peter made. With all the debates few include why Jesus took the disciples near to Caesarea Philippi, which was one of the largest pagan worship sites, and a puzzling place for Jesus to reveal His true identity. Unless you also knew Philippi had a huge cave that was called "the gate to the underworld".

Discerning True Christians: Are Mormons Christian?

Part II
Continuing in this second part release are Christian views on God, Jesus, Atonement and more, in comparison to what the LDS views are on the same Christian understandings. Other practices not Christian are presented, like pre-mortal existence, temple endowments and polygamy. Polygamy is discussed in detail with how it started and how it was practiced in secret for many years, not only from the public as well as Joseph Smith's wife, but from most of the members of the church but the polygamous wives and some men in church leadership. Other details revealed were that Joseph Smith had over thirty wives by 1844 and had also begun to teach concepts that went contrary to his supposedly true "Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ" transcribed in the Book of Mormon. One of those teachings was that there was one man for every one woman in marriage. Another was that there was one God the Father and Jesus Christ. Those words were edited in later years to make Jesus and God the Father as two separate beings and God was flesh and bones. A video recently released witnesses to finding Joseph Smith in the other world, not heaven.

Discerning True Christians: Are Mormons Christian?

Part I

The Mormons emphatically believe they are Christian and many Christians have believed them. But facts prove otherwise. In this article the history of the beginning of the Prophet Joseph Smith's revelations, visions and teachings are covered presenting some history of who Joseph was before a prophet—a fraudulent money-digger—and how he was not given to telling the truth in his rise to prophet of a church. Joseph had many teachings in the Book of Mormon that were later changed and are now in their most important book, "Doctrines and Covenants" proving that if The Book of Mormon was the inspired word of God from thousands of years ago, upon what credentials can Joseph Smith later change their teachings? Such was done with who their god is, one of many; that they can become gods of their own worlds; that God did not create from nothing; God is three separate beings or gods; and much more. Joseph's many arrests are presented as well as some substantial truth that the Book of Mormon was plagiarized.

More topics will be presented in part II, on polygamy; who Jesus is to Mormons; and how they must earn salvation through works not grace.