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Who Really Was Madame Blavatsky?

It has not been easy for biographers to write an accurate and true story of H.P. Blavatsky's life. This article focuses on some of the lesser known facts about Blavatsky's years between her first marriage and arrival in New York, almost twenty-five years later. Blavatsky herself was responsible for deliberately fabricating her past and telling different stories conflicting with her previous descriptions of her past. Most of the not so well-known facts of her life involve her short first marriage, an affair and a son born, her life long spirit companion of "John King" and her heavy involvement into spiritualism and séances.

A part II will follow with more on her life and creation of The Theosophical Society, another short marriage, the split of the Society, the Hodgson's report, her books accused of being heavily plagiarized and more.

Awakening to Wisdom

Part II: Continuing from Division of Truth, the unfolding of separate groups has begun with each group supporting their messenger and their truth. Yet there is a big difference between the groups. The Conscious You stands between them and the two messengers but what is this Conscious You? What do each group embody and is their fruits? The past unfolds a battle that was outplaying with those who not only believed they were superior in wisdom but that they were superior in all other aspects of God reality including loving truth and loving everyone unconditionally. Challenging the lie is not always easy, after all, ours is only a subjective truth. Yet is their a higher truth and law and a right that is above subjective experiences that we should not allow subjective truths to override?

New Age and Buddhism - Is Buddhism Compatible with Christianity?

Having a background of study into Buddhism and Hinduism from the New Age perspective, my understanding was that Buddha and Hinduism were just another part of God Reality. But can we mix these beliefs with Christianity and come away better than with just Christianity alone? I present the most important beliefs of Buddhism and compare some of them with the Scriptures. Using yoga, meditation and having the goal to be like Buddha may seem compatible with the Christian path, but in the true sense of the Buddhic interpretation, Christian goals for meditation or being the Buddha are not the same.


Division of Truth: A Higher Understanding On Spiritual Divisions

Part I covers what happened at the separation of the two messengers and what were some of the real causes of division. Does physical appearances, masculine or feminine character traits, and the personal needs of men and women play an important part in this division and is this necessary? Is there a right or wrong standard in the way we treat one another? If we believe there is a right and wrong to we accept the blame and that we are really wrong because someone else says we are so? Although these questions are not fully answered in this part they are addressed because they help to begin to understand a type of mentality that is not Godly and explained more in part II.