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Heavenly Communication - Discerning the Spirits

Are angels able to communicate with mankind? Does the Bible support the belief in individual guardian angels? Do we pray to saints or just Jesus? How can we discern the spirits and impostors of the holy angels? These are some of the questions and topics in this article. While there are many varied beliefs on angel's roles, who they are and whether we should only pray to Jesus and not the saints and angels, angels are a part of God's kingdom and play a very important role in serving and assisting God's creation. If we do pray to angels or can see and hear them, I have included some tips on how to protect ourselves.

The Antichrist:
What are Psychic Attacks and How You Can Protect Yourself

A look at how we can identify psychic, spiritual and mental attacks, what they are and how they may adversely affect your mind, emotions and physical well-being.