The Antichrist




While there is the Antichrist that Scripture says will come into the world and lead the world away from God, there are many antichrists here already. Revelation describes two beasts that relate to the antichrists and the kingdoms of this world.

What is the Spirit of Antichrist?

This spirit is here in the world and has been since the time of the early Church. A look at what is this spirit and how it works to take souls away from the essential truths of Jesus' mission and sacrifice.

Who or What is the Antichrist?

The Antichrist of the End-Times is revealed in part through the Book of Daniel and Revelation. Daniel and St. John both describe a vision of beasts that are similar and point to the Antichrist and False Prophet carrying out the deeds of Satan. Although Christ's Second Coming will bring the end to both, these entities will bring a falling away from Christianity on a worldwide scale. Who is the Antichrist and where will it come from? A look at the Catholic Church and Papacy in connection to the prophet's visions.

False Psychics, Clairvoyants, Healers, Channelers, Messengers and Mystics

Prophets of God have been around for thousands of years, but do we know how to recognize a false prophet who claims to have the word of God and progressive revelation? Prophets are also known as psychics, seers, and clairvoyants. A look at some modern psychics, visionaries and seers, as well as one fairly unknown saint who made a pact with the Devil that fooled the whole of Europe for forty years.

Demonic and Evil Spirit Possessions and Attachments

While some skeptics do not believe that evil possessions of individuals is real, blaming problems on mental illness or tricks of people, I have no doubt that spirit possessions are real, personally experiencing the effects on many individuals over the years of my healing practice and being a spiritual leader. This article explains a few of the differences between what are ghosts, discarnates, demons and evil spirits, and some ways we can avoid possessions for ourselves and help others.

What are Psychic Attacks and How You Can Protect Yourself

A look at how we can identify psychic, spiritual and mental attacks, what they are and how they may adversely affect your mind, emotions and physical well-being.

What are Demons Origin?

The Bible does not say. Christians have a tradition that began around the fourth century that fallen angels are demons. The early church and ancient Jews had another view. Can demons possess Christians? Some say no and others say yes! Then there are spirits of the dead that several psychologists have found cause many problems with people of all religions and those of none. These are not demons but souls without a body that have attachments with the earth and don't want to move on into the light. How do we protect ourselves from them and how do we know we might have spirit attachments?

Update on "What are Demons Origin?"

I share a moment of synchronicity with another writer and website on demons and spirit oppressions and exorcists that have encountered these spirits of the dead. I also share two other incidences of what someone called oppression that comes through phone calls or emails of evil energy similar to my example of energies upon me while writing on Islam.