The First Four Hundred Years of Christianity

From Jesus to the Apostles to Christians being persecuted, a brief look at the development of the early Christians, with the surprise turn of events in Rome by the Emperor Constantine.

The Roman Catholic Church

Is it true that Peter is the "rock" that Christ will build His church upon? A look at that question as well as whether the Catholic Church is the only true Church, and what constitutes a true Christian, as well as what prompted the Inquisition and the rooting out of heretics.

Who Do You Say I Am?

Christ of the New Age vs. Christ of Christianity

Over the last two centuries the belief that Jesus was just a man who became the Christ has fomented new religions, who still call themselves Christians. They believe that Jesus was a wayshower and just "one of the ascended masters". Is this idea based on truth and supported by the Scriptures? What do each of these new religions believe about Christ? Can we be a Christian and continue these beliefs that interpret Scriptures in a new way?

Our Spiritual Cleansing: Through the Dark Night of the Soul - Part I

All true spiritual seekers must go through the dark night of the soul. Later, if there is a strong desire for the spiritual life, the dark night of the spirit may be experienced. St. John of the Cross wrote about these experiences and their purpose. Although they may be a difficult concept to understand, many Christians have written on the subject. I share some of their thoughts, as well as St. John's, and also what precipitated my dark nights and the change that happened after them. Though a very difficult time for the soul and our separation from God, in order to really have a true relationship with God that is built on God Reality, the purging of the unreality must occur. Thus the dark nights is about separation from unreality and beliefs we learned in order to reach a place of God Reality and become reborn in the light with a new inner joy and peace.

Our Spiritual Cleansing: Through the Dark Night of the Spirit - Part II

In this part the dark night of Spirit is shown to be a more of an internal suffering, where you seem to merely exist, feeling entirely cut off from any contact with God, as you struggle to find some foundation to stand on. Those around you may not see or know of the internal struggles and pain within as you let go of those concepts and ideas that separate you from God.

Can a Christian Believe in Reincarnation?

A difficult doctrine for many Christians to accept as true is reincarnation. The majority of Christians are taught that reincarnation is Satanic at worst, and completely unbiblical. Yet are those charges true? There is no mention about reincarnation in the Scriptures yet there are verses that refer to it although they neither deny or confirm its reality. A look at when the church councils conemned reincarnation and some of the conflict in those early centuries of Christianity.