The First Four Hundred Years of Christianity

From Jesus to the Apostles to Christians being persecuted, a brief look at the development of the early Christians, with the surprise turn of events in Rome by the Emperor Constantine.

The Roman Catholic Church

Is it true that Peter is the "rock" that Christ will build His church upon? A look at that question as well as whether the Catholic Church is the only true Church, and what constitutes a true Christian, as well as what prompted the Inquisition and the rooting out of heretics.

Who Do You Say I Am?

Christ of the New Age vs. Christ of Christianity

Over the last two centuries the belief that Jesus was just a man who became the Christ has fomented new religions, who still call themselves Christians. They believe that Jesus was a wayshower and just "one of the ascended masters". Is this idea based on truth and supported by the Scriptures? What do each of these new religions believe about Christ? Can we be a Christian and continue these beliefs that interpret Scriptures in a new way?

Our Spiritual Cleansing: Through the Dark Night of the Soul - Part I

All true spiritual seekers must go through the dark night of the soul. Later, if there is a strong desire for the spiritual life, the dark night of the spirit may be experienced. St. John of the Cross wrote about these experiences and their purpose. Although they may be a difficult concept to understand, many Christians have written on the subject. I share some of their thoughts, as well as St. John's, and also what precipitated my dark nights and the change that happened after them. Though a very difficult time for the soul and our separation from God, in order to really have a true relationship with God that is built on God Reality, the purging of the unreality must occur. Thus the dark nights is about separation from unreality and beliefs we learned in order to reach a place of God Reality and become reborn in the light with a new inner joy and peace.

Our Spiritual Cleansing: Through the Dark Night of the Spirit - Part II

In this part the dark night of Spirit is shown to be a more of an internal suffering, where you seem to merely exist, feeling entirely cut off from any contact with God, as you struggle to find some foundation to stand on. Those around you may not see or know of the internal struggles and pain within as you let go of those concepts and ideas that separate you from God.

Can a Christian Believe in Reincarnation?

A difficult doctrine for many Christians to accept as true is reincarnation. The majority of Christians are taught that reincarnation is Satanic at worst, and completely unbiblical. Yet are those charges true? There is no mention about reincarnation in the Scriptures yet there are verses that refer to it although they neither deny or confirm its reality. A look at when the church councils conemned reincarnation and some of the conflict in those early centuries of Christianity.

Discerning Voices

Part I

The Virgin Mary has been supposedly appearing to children and adults for hundreds of years. The Catholic Church is the source of deciding for Catholics whether these apparitions are real or not. Presently, they have had approximamtely 800 or more claims of appearances from the beginning of the 20th century. Only a handful have been approved. The process to discern if these voices and visions are from heaven are long and difficult. Many more claim they are speaking to ascended masters, saints and other beings. Miracles surround these claims of hearing from other dimensions or from Jesus or Mary bringing messages for mankind. Can we recognize what is really from heaven or not? Examples in this first part on some mystics and recent seers.

Visionaries and Seers

Part II


In this part II I speak about the difficulty the Catholic Church has in discerning whether an apparition is natural, supernatural or preternatural and the difference between them. There are a lot of unusual events that have been related to many of the Marian apparitions and also many contradictions between what seers receive. The amount of visionairies has also been steadily increasing and in the last century the Catholic Church has received thousands of claims. In Spain alone, in 1931, there were hundreds of children and adults in one area of Northern Spain claiming they saw and heard Mary. What is the connection between mankind's fascination with goddesses and the Virgin Mary and the many titles she has been given not only by the Church but by herself to visionaries? A few of those titles are reviewed and whether there is Bibilical scripture to support them.

Is Homosexuality Normal?

Growing up around gays gives one a perspective that can be both positive and negative. For a Christian, accepting that gay sexuality is normal is not in alignment with Christian beliefs. But what is normal? Does the Bible really state that homosexuality is not natural? Does the "gay rights" movement have an agenda and have they succeeded?

When Is A Husband to Be Head Over a Wife?

The Bible gives us guidance on marriage. "Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord." Yet, this only applies when the husband has as his head Christ. God wants us to understand how and why we have failed, whether as a husband to lead or as a wife to be submissive. God is not asking wives to take abuse from their husbands or that husbands may falsely believe they are superior to their wives. I present a concept. The truth will come in knowing through Being.

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Part I

This first part covers the legend in 1531, the Aztec history of Tepeyac Hill where Juan Diego was supposed to have met the Virgin Mary, and the first recorded history of the legend, written over a hundred years after the apparition is said to have occurred. For the faithful there is no doubt in the apparition but to historians looking at facts there are many gaps that bring up many questions. Some of those gaps were conveniently filled in when Juan Diego went up for beatification and then canonization and documents suddenly were found that supposedly proved Juan Diego's existence. Yet, was their a legitimate reason by the Spaniards to turn their Aztec goddess into their Mary goddess?

Part II

Part II covers the possible reason the name Guadalupe was given to the apparition and the history of the studies on the tilma that is supposed to have a miraculous image imprinted on it, and the renovations done on it over the last centuries. One important document that surfaced, was lost and was found over the centuries, was the Información of 1556. This document eludes to the fact that an artist painted the tilma and that there was no Juan Diego as he and the apparition were never mentioned. And finally, the conclusion with the battle that ensued with whether to canonize Diego as a saint while the abbot of Mexico's famed Basilica of Guadalupe, with many others who joining him, that the pope should not canonize a person who did not exist.

The Science Behind Addictions, part I

There are many substance and behavioral addictions. Learn the science of what these addictions do to control a person's will and desire and the long-term damage to the brain and body, relationships and the financial burden upon society. Science now defines addictions as a brain disease which has some positive effects for addicts. Rather than treating an addict like a criminal, lacking morals and will, as was common many decades ago, addicts are now seen as having a chronic disease that behavioral and pharmaceutical therapies can treat and help them break free of their addictions. Yet, where is God in this picture? Part II will cover why there is objection to this "disease" label and how an addict can truly be healed and not just "manage" their brain disease.

The Way to True Healing of Addictions, Part II

In this second part on addictions I share several testimonies on healing addictions and cover why many in the field of psychiatry and medicine disagree with the label of a "brain disease" that is attached to addicts and what are some of the theories to what is really going on in the addict's brain. I also share some remarkable facts about what is the cause behind most addicts becoming addictive to substances and the discovery that many have recovered on their own and the theory behind that discovery. Is Alcoholics Anonymous and the Twelve Steps Program saving addicts? Or is Christ the true healer?

Is Synchronicity One of God's Ways To Guide Us?

Most of us have had strange coincidences happen in our lives that can't be explained. Some suggest it is destiny or a hidden pattern at work. Some believe that when synchronicity appears frequently in your life it is an indication you’re in the flow, where you should be, and that you’re in tune with the universe. The Bible tells us that God knows every hair on our head and most near-death life reviews reveal to the person who has died that everything we have ever done is recorded. It appears that God is never apart from us and He is the divine hand that is behind what we call synchronicity.

Discerning True Christians: Are Mormons Christian?

Part I

The Mormons emphatically believe they are Christian and many Christians have believed them. But facts prove otherwise. In this article the history of the beginning of the Prophet Joseph Smith's revelations, visions and teachings are covered presenting some history of who Joseph was before a prophet—a fraudulent money-digger—and how he was not given to telling the truth in his rise to prophet of a church. Joseph had many teachings in the Book of Mormon that were later changed and are now in their most important book, "Doctrines and Covenants" proving that if The Book of Mormon was the inspired word of God from thousands of years ago, upon what credentials can Joseph Smith later change their teachings? Such was done with who their god is, one of many; that they can become gods of their own worlds; that God did not create from nothing; God is three separate beings or gods; and much more. Joseph's many arrests are presented as well as some substantial truth that the Book of Mormon was plagiarized.

More topics will be presented in part II, on polygamy; who Jesus is to Mormons; and how they must earn salvation through works not grace.

Discerning True Christians: Are Mormons Christian?

Part II
Continuing in this second part release are Christian views on God, Jesus, Atonement and more, in comparison to what the LDS views are on the same Christian understandings. Other practices not Christian are presented, like pre-mortal existence, temple endowments and polygamy. Polygamy is discussed in detail with how it started and how it was practiced in secret for many years, not only from the public as well as Joseph Smith's wife, but from most of the members of the church but the polygamous wives and some men in church leadership. Other details revealed were that Joseph Smith had over thirty wives by 1844 and had also begun to teach concepts that went contrary to his supposedly true "Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ" transcribed in the Book of Mormon. One of those teachings was that there was one man for every one woman in marriage. Another was that there was one God the Father and Jesus Christ. Those words were edited in later years to make Jesus and God the Father as two separate beings and God was flesh and bones. A video recently released witnesses to finding Joseph Smith in the other world, not heaven.