The Holy Bible

Is the Bible the Word of God?

While there is much that can be written about whether the Bible carries the complete word of God or if the Bible has been diluted through many translations, this is a brief look at some well-known intelligent men who had faith in the Bible, and grew in wisdom and the gifts of the Holy Spirit and left some unusual legacies behind them. Realizing that many saints and souls have remained true to the Bible their entire lives guides us to the fact that maybe we are not understanding the times during the Jewish era and why there are so many stories about the destruction of cities and their people. Thus understanding the background of the people and culture in the Old Testament times is necessary in order not to place judgment on why and what happened.

Is the New Testament Reliable?

The story of how the oldest copy of the New Testament was found called the Codex Sinaiticus, and why is it important to find old copies of the New Testament.

Is the Old Testament God a God of Love?

There is no shortage of negative comments about the God of the Old Testament, that He is not the same loving God as the New Testament, who commanded the deaths of whole cities including women and children, and brought about a mass genocide in the Flood. Hidden within the Bible are the answers as to why, if we look closely enough and open our minds and hearts to what God has been telling us throughout the ages. There has been outplaying the opposition to God's plan by Satan and the fallen angels from the beginning of creation that included genetic manipulation and the introduction of ungodly ways to God's own to take people away from Him. A look at some of the confirmations within the Bible, and other ancient texts, to what and how this manipulation has resulted in God's judgment upon a people.

What Is the True Nature of God?

Is God separate or one with His creation, the universe? Is God a personal God or does God leave the universe and all therein to take care of itself? There are many ideas of what constitutes God with His creation. But what does the Bible say about God's nature and His interaction, or lack thereof, with mankind? A look at the different theisms and some of the religions that espouse them.

Did God Create an Illusion of Matter?

With the discoveries within quantum mechanics scientists have uncovered that at the heart of the atom is only energy. Matter does not exist, yet we experience matter as very real. This article explores religion and science and whether matter is really an illusion and if so, what is the purpose for creation and the world we live in.

Heavenly Communication - Discerning the Spirits

Are angels able to communicate with mankind? Does the Bible support the belief in individual guardian angels? Do we pray to saints or just Jesus? How can we discern the spirits and impostors of the holy angels? These are some of the questions and topics in this article. While there are many varied beliefs on angel's roles, who they are and whether we should only pray to Jesus and not the saints and angels, angels are a part of God's kingdom and play a very important role in serving and assisting God's creation. If we do pray to angels or can see and hear them, I have included some tips on how to protect ourselves.

Genesis: Why Two Different Creation Stories

Many Christians note that Genesis one and two describe creation by God a bit differently, even who God is changes from Elohim to Yahweh Elohim. Is there a spiritual understanding as to why this is so? With science advancing in the last hundred years our understanding of creation from Scripture is not in agreement with science's theories. Can science and Scripture be harmonized? In this part one some science views are presented as well as some New Age beliefs on creation and some insights in understanding the beginning of Genesis one.

Part II

In this second part, Genesis one continues with day three through day six. When we get to the sixth day and creation of man I present a new look at what these words may really be saying. I also share my experiences with energies and inner communication and how I am sometimes guided by the Holy Spirit.

Part III

In this last part, Genesis 2 is reviewed with a look at the major differences between the two creation stories and how they can be reconciled.

Evidence of God's Design: Biblical Numbers - Biblical Numerics and the Number Seven

Can Christians defend the Bible as the inspired Word of God? There are many Bible critics today. Some are scholars, some are atheists, and some are disillusioned Christians who have been swayed by the critics who claim that the Bible has so many contradictions that it can't be trusted. Yet within the Bible is a supernatural design of numbers that reveals amazing patterns that only God could create through His inspired Word. Discover Dr. Ivan Palin's 50-year research and documentation on these amazing numeric combinations from the original Greek and Hebrew texts and the special value numbers have in the Scripture. 

God The Great I AM

Yahweh, translated into English "I AM" is the name of God. Jesus said He was one with the Father and only through Him can we know the Father. Did Jesus claim to be God when He said, "“Before Abraham was, I AM”? Is the I AM Presence God I AM THAT I AM?

Understanding the Bible - Who are the sons of God? - Part 1

We live in a time when new discoveries and findings in archaeology reveal details in the scripture we never understood before such as the Biblical scrolls and fragments found in the in the Qumran Caves called the Dead Sea Scrolls, revealing more in what the Israelites thought and believed. Some our our modern scholars are revealing new and better transcriptions of the Old Testament as they study and compare translations from Hebrew to Greek to English. Several passages in the Old Testament are highly disputed and we are left to pick and choose what Bible better fits our beliefs. Can we rise out of our religious dogmas and mindsets and look to the true meaning of what the Old Testament authors were really saying and make a paradigm shift in our spiritual understanding of what God's plan really was for His people and how we fit in with this plan? I delve into some current scholarly thoughts on who the sons of God are, what are the three spiritual and human rebellions outlined in the Old Testament that leads us into the New Testament and Jesus Christ's establishing the beginning of the Kingdom of God on earth.

Old Testament Surprising Insights - Part II

Reading the Old Testament books again, with new insights, can be very healing for those who have had trouble with believing the Old Testament God is the same God one with Jesus Christ. This article covers insights into Theosophanies, Christophanies, who is the angel of the LORD and why God commanded the war against the Canaanites. Are the Israelites still the chosen people? When Jesus said, "I said ye are gods" did He really mean human judges?

Jesus' Hidden Mission - Part III

Putting it all together from insights in part 1 and 2, this last part brings some insights into the significance of the places Jesus Christ went on His mission and the hidden meaning of some of His words and deeds He did in those places in order to restore God's own people, His imagers on earth, to His Kingdom. Jesus came to establish the true Israel, and to be the Second and Last Adam, and to fulfill all the prophecies of the Old Testament. He also came to take back the nations and people, both Jews and gentiles, ruled by the sons of God who led them astray and taught them to worship pagan gods and do ungodly things. And an important but often missed mission of Christ concerned the undoing of the transgressions of the Watchers. In these few words on Jesus' mission one cannot possibly cover all and the whys of Jesus' mission but I provide enough insights to wet one's appetitite to study and learn more on their own.

Is Peter, His Confession or Christ the “rock”?

One of the most important questions Jesus asked His disciples and recorded in the New Testament is, "But whom say yea that I am?" Peter replied the correct answer, "Thou art the Christ", and Jesus blessed him and said, "Upon this rock I will build my church". The Roman Catholic Church says Peter is thus the first pope. Protestants say the "rock" is Jesus or the confession that Peter made. With all the debates few include why Jesus took the disciples near to Caesarea Philippi, which was one of the largest pagan worship sites, and a puzzling place for Jesus to reveal His true identity. Unless you also knew Philippi had a huge cave that was called "the gate to the underworld".