Demonic and Evil Spirits Possessions


I was introduced to the world of possessions and exorcisms with the 1973 film, The Exorcist. I was in my early twenties and one of the first real horror movies I had ever seen. The movie played in my mind for weeks. I found the movie traumatic but I also sensed some reality to what I was shown. Little did I know that one day I would do an exorcism myself, but thankfully not with someone severely possessed.

Coming from a Christian background I was familiar with Jesus casting out demons and unclean spirits as it is one of the major categories of miracles attributed to Him. Some Christians might not be as familiar with another miracle worker, Saint Hilarion (291–371), lived most of his life as a hermit in the desert. Hilarion performed so many miracles that crowds flocked to him when they discovered he was in any region. He was always moving in order to live his aesthetic life without people around him but to no avail. Reading about his life and how people flocked to him for help from illnesses and demon possessions, you can't help but realize how ensconced the demon problem has been down through the ages, not just during Jesus' ministry. Jesus also made it an important part of His disciple's ministry. "(He) gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal every disease and every affliction" (Matt. 10:1).

When God brought the people of Israel out of Egypt, He utterly condemned such practices involving mediums, magic, diviners, soothsayers, and the consulters of familiar spirits, especially the use of necromancers. In the Old Testament God gave clear and repeated warnings to the people of Israel to stop their "a whoring after them". Yet they still continued to sacrifice to the heathen “gods” and abominable practices with human sacrificial offerings to pagan deities (Jeremiah 19:5; 32:3). Many of the same pagan practices were still occurring in New Testament times and continue today.

Unfortunately, many of the New Age groups are wide open to demonic influences because they dabble in many forms of divination, necromancy (séances), reading Tarot cards, astral projection and certain meditation practices like in Transcendental Meditation (TM). They are also involved with "spirit" guides, "ascended masters" and channeling anyone that will come through, naively believing that if a spirit says and acts like it is benevolent, it must be of God. Yet those "in the know" realize that one of the strategies of darkness is to give at least 90% truth and then deftly weave in the 10% false. Thereby the “spirit guides” they encountered were not the friendly “angels of light” or "ascended" masters they expected but were evil spirits in disguise who easily lead souls astray, even without an out-and-out demonic possession. These spirits may be demons or those of the dead who turn into evil spirits—sometimes because they are caught by the Devil on the other side and are coerced into serving evil.

Belief in Spirit Possessions
While it has been a popular view in ancient cultures that evil spirits caused madness, the idea of spirit possessions went out of vogue beginning around the 18th century. Today demonic possession is not taught as a valid psychiatric, or part of any medical, diagnosis according to the American Psychiatric Association. Since materialistic science does not recognize any concept of a spirit world (or God) spirit possessions cannot happen. In certain cultures, there is still the belief that possessions cause most of the human mental and physical diseases, and while their practices may seem out of the Dark Ages, the Catholic Church sees it as an essential part of their ministry. They continue to train new exorcists as the demand for clearances have increased threefold over the last few decades. Only the Catholic Church offers a formal ritual to practice exorcisms.

Today a few doctors have dared to openly return to treating psychological issues and mental diseases through acknowledging spirit possessions, yet only those psychologists who have a belief in God. One such modern psychologist, Dr. Terence Palmer uses a system called Spirit Release Therapy. He stated, "Every culture and religious belief system throughout human history has its traditional beliefs of spirit possession in some form or another with corresponding rituals for the release or exorcism of spirit entities." In this therapy a more acceptable term "spirit attachment" is used vs. the alternative term of "possession".

Receiving a diagnosis has not always been correct or helpful for treating diseases, and even some practices, deemed today archaic, at the time seemed effectual. In George Washington's last hours before he died, doctors removed 40% of his blood through the practice of bloodletting. He had trouble breathing and had a severe throat inflammation after getting ill and then going out in the cold and rain. While it is true that certain practices like bloodletting were found to be an overused and unnecessary treatment to treat diseases, it was practiced for over 2,500 years. Today the practice has mostly gone out of vogue as new treatments, such as antibiotics have replaced bloodletting. Yet just as with the overuse of the practice of bloodletting, antibiotics are overused today and someday may be deemed an archaic form of practicing medicine. But are exorcisms an archaic practice that need to go out of vogue or seen in future generations as being overused today?

Although most psychologists still scoff at the idea that demons and unclean spirits are the cause of mental issues, practitioners incorporating the belief and treatment of possessions (or attachments) are having positive results. Dr. Shakuntala Modi, a psychologist who has written several books about her accidental discovery of possessions while using hypnotherapy, discovered through past-life regression that many of her patients—while under hypnosis—claimed to have spirits attached to them creating psychological and physical problems. Based on years of experience, Dr. Modi describes in her books her techniques that release these spirits from her clients and claims that some of her clients can recover from their significant issues within just a few sessions.

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, I have recommended reading another psychologist's findings on spirit possession. In Dr. Edith Fiore's book, The Unquiet Dead, she shares what unfolded in sessions with her clients. Having the traditional psychology training, Dr. Fiore did not believe in possessions per se, or reincarnation, but after thousands of sessions with clients, she realized that whether she believed in either, something was going on with her clients who appeared to have disembodied souls attached to them. These entities caused her clients untold amounts of psychological issues that traditional psychology could not heal. Once identifying them and clearing them off the clients, or after contacting past life traumas, the clients would be free of all the problems they had come in for assistance with.

One more psychologist I will mention is Dr. Wayne Newton, (1931-2016) who had a doctorate in Counseling Psychology, and was a certified Master Hypnotherapist. He considered himself to be more of an atheist who did not like organized religion and believed his religious life, so to speak, consisted of philosophical inquiry and an interest in reincarnation. When Dr. Newton began regressing his clients back in time he stumbled onto the discovery that it is possible to see into the spirit world through the mind's eye of his subjects while under hypnosis. He wrote several books relating his discoveries. One is  Journey of Souls and another is Destiny of Souls.

Dr. Newton did not believe that those people who hear an inner voice suggesting their own self-destruction or to hurt someone else had a demonic spiritual entity, but is the result of their negative force emanating from within themselves. He also stated that in all his years of working with clients, neither Jesus or Buddha was encountered while crossing over. Yet if they first appeared to do so, he would encourage them to look closer and then they would change their minds and say it was someone else.

Two types of displaced souls are identified by Dr. Newton: those who do not accept the fact their physical body is dead and fight to return to the spirit world for reasons of personal anguish. They are called ghosts. The others are souls who have been subverted by, or had complicity with, criminal abnormalities while in a human body. "These spirits refuse to go home after physical death and often have unpleasant influences on those of us who would like to finish out our human lives in peace. These displaced souls are sometimes falsely called demonic spirits because they are accused of invading the minds of people with harmful intent."

The differences in the beliefs with those who practice hypnotherapy and regress individuals to past lives or find spirit possessions results in different perspectives of the afterlife, death, disembodied spirits, and possessions. Just as with individuals who have differences in their spiritual beliefs, it appears that the hypnotherapist/psychologist can either affect his client's results under hypnotherapy or they attract only certain kinds of individuals with certain beliefs to them, which brings about different cases results. This leaves open the question of how accurate are the client's experiences under hypnotherapy regarding past lives, possessions, and their afterlife, or in Dr. Newton's studies, "between lives"?

Entities, and Discarnates and "Purgatory"
Going along with human nature, many points of view as to what defines demons and spirits emerge. Protestants do not believe that deceased humans can become "spirits" sometimes called "ghosts" and torment living humans. They believe that the deceased either go to heaven or hell with no in-between. Therefore any paranormal activity is thought to be the work of angels, demons or other decidedly nonhuman supernatural beings. Protestants believe that a Christian can never be possessed - as in a devil taking over their body and controlling them, rather they can only be “oppressed” by a satanic power, by delving into occult practices, meaning they believe occult practices are connected with astrology, divination and the like.

Southern Baptist and Evangelicals believe in demonic forces but they do not believe that they need any rites of exorcism because their weapons of warfare are spiritual. For them, their belief is that the powers the forces of darkness most fear are the name of Jesus, the authority of the Bible, and the power of his Gospel, thus just by sharing the Gospel and declaring the name of Jesus, the demons and the Devil lose their power. Thereby every believer can assist those oppressed by demonic forces.

Buddhists and Hindus believe in ghosts. Buddhists generally believe that ghosts are reincarnated individuals who may be working out negative karma. Ghosts, from the Hindu perspective, are the souls of individuals who suffered a violent death or a person who has not been accorded the appropriate and required death rituals.

Jews, as well as Catholics, both believe in ghosts but typically discourage occult activities designed to contact the dead. Jewish theologians debate the nature of the afterlife with no consensus on ghosts or what follows in the afterlife. Some believe in the afterlife where the deceased will have a soul and body just like we do in this world. Others believe that souls will have no bodies. The same with visions of angels with those who believe a spiritual being cannot appear physically and those who contend that angels can appear physically if they want.  Some Jewish thinkers do not accept that the possibility of demons or evil spirits rather defining “evil spirit” as mental illness.

The Modern Catholic Dictionary (Eternal Life) defines “ghost” as “a disembodied spirit.” Catholics, therefore, believe that there could be ghosts, but some believe they are usually only purgatorial ghosts, spirits of the dead who have not yet been sent either to heaven or hell but are caught in purgatory (or escape to torment humans), while others believe that ghosts can come from either heaven, hell or purgatory. In that case, first, there are malicious ghosts. They come from hell. Those appearing to need some kind of recompense come from purgatory. Then sometimes dead relatives come to console loved ones or give messages to them. They come from heaven and it is believed only come by God's will.

The Modern Catholic Dictionary continues with its definition of ghosts in line with the Jewish belief that a dead relative's soul or spirit can communicate with the living: “Christianity believes that God may, and sometimes does, permit a departed soul to appear in some visible form to people on earth,” the definition continues. “… Their purpose may be to teach, or warn, or request some favor for the living.”

The terms unclean spirit and demon seem to be interchangeable in Scripture, and there is no mention of "entities". Discarnate entities are more than ghosts though, as they have been found attached to the forcefield of individuals. Sometimes the individuals inadvertently invite them in, such as with loved ones who have passed on but they did not go to the light or higher heaven realms, or they were invited in because of sympathy from someone. Other times the attachment occurred from just being in the wrong area at the wrong time, like a hospital and an entity wanders the hospital corridors not realizing it is dead and eventually finds a host they cling to.

New Agers generally believe in ghosts and discarnate entities and believe in an afterlife and the spirit world. Most New Agers agree in the existence of the different planes and dimensions of existence and that these otherworldly spirits exist in these other planes that overlap into the physical plane through portals or levels of consciousness. When an individual lowers their consciousness and meets the plane where the dark spirits have their abode earthly individuals can become prime game for possessions.

Pastor Blumhardt's Exorcism
As mentioned in elsewhere on this site, Pastor Blumhardt's story (in the reference section) tells of some of his encounters with demons and spirits who came through this one woman he was helping to exorcise demons from. She seemed to be a host to many demons and spirits. One such spirit was of a woman the pastor had known well in the past, a religious woman who had gotten involved in idolatry, sorcery, and sympathetic magic, according to Blumhardt, and she could not move on. Eventually, she asked him through her host (that she inhabited against their will) if she could live in Blumhardt's house. He was taken aback with her request and of course denied she could. She asked if she could stay in the church. He agreed if she remained at the back of the church and invisible.

She was looking for a place of rest and did not want to belong to the devil, she told Blumhardt. Other spirits also came through who could not find a place of rest and Blumhardt would try to aid them. They too claimed to love Jesus but were still bound to the devil through idolatry and sorcery. One such spirit looking for a place of rest was not allowed in the church or Blumhardt's home, as Jesus would not permit it, because he appeared to have made widows and children homeless in one of his lives. Eventually, he was allowed to stay in Blumhardt's garden.

Those spirits granted a temporary place of rest were not ghosts, which Blumhardt believed the latter were under the power of Satan. From Blumhardt's experiences he found no purgatory, but he had to also recognize that the lost "discarnate" souls had no will of their own and were entirely subject to the tyranny of darkness. Consequently, he could not convert them but only attempted to assist them with finding a place to rest and through prayer for their souls. Blumhardt's experiences also contradicted the belief that after death one immediately finds himself either eternally blessed or eternally damned—in other words, that they would either be in heaven or hell.

Blumhardt experienced what the Bible teaches, "Whoever dies unredeemed, falls prey to the realm of death or hades". The New Living Testament states In reference to this realm: "because you will not abandon me in Hades (or realm of the dead) or allow your holy one to see decay." (Acts 2:27). Only the King James version of the Bible uses "hell" instead of Hades or the "realm of the dead".

In the Hebrew Scriptures, the word used to describe the realm of the dead is Sheol, which also means “the place of the dead” or “the place of departed souls/spirits.” The New Testament Greek equivalent to Sheol is Hades. The Greek word gehenna is used in the New Testament for “hell”. Other Scriptures in the New Testament indicated that Sheol/Hades is a temporary place where souls are kept as they await the final resurrection. 

There are two eons where the lord allows room for the forgiveness of sins. This one before the judgment day where a reprieve may be granted, possibly after centuries of torment, and in an age to come “when God’s sons will be revealed.” The lord speaks of forgiveness not as a possibility but as something to be definitely granted, as every person’s life eventually reaches a boundary where he must decide whether to bow repentantly before the name of Jesus or face the abyss. Thus the conclusion from Blumhardt's experience is that 1) death does not extinguish our chances to have our sins forgiven through Christ and 2) that the advent of the “age to come” still holds out hope of an overwhelmingly great forgiveness of sins.

For Blumhardt, it was not about converting these lost souls, but of freeing the souls of good people not meaning to turn away from God, but who became involved in magical practices that they had not recognized as sins while living on earth, but may have had an inner sense of it was wrong. Consequently, they had in some way remained under the devil’s sway without being consciously aware of it, thus they were in need not of conversion but of liberation. The interesting fact was that "They could only find such liberation if somewhere on earth, in a firm faith in the blood of Jesus Christ, a struggle was being waged against the power of magic." Meaning that where no voice was raised up against such clandestine remedies propagated by even good people in desperate means to find assistance, even help through devilish practices, while yet even praying to God. Blumhardt continued, "Just the fact that no determined, earnest voice was raised anywhere against such heathen abominations made everyone feel safe."

Demons and Exorcisms
Thankfully, demonic possessions are few and far between. More often the cause of illnesses and psychological issues are discarnate spirit possessions. Besides temporarily taking over people by the Devil or demonic spirits in a household, they may also manifest as a poltergeist or attempt to cause physical harm by throwing objects around or getting someone to hurt themselves or others.

The Bible indicates that demons are not stupid but are quite intelligent and they can and do speak their minds. (Matthew 8:29,31; Luke 4:33,34)  God has given us free will and demons are permitted to speak to human beings through the same spiritual channel the Holy Spirit and angels used to insert thoughts into our minds.  Demons and dark spirits are experts at doing wrong and they can insert their knowledge and evil intents into those minds not balanced or lacking in morals. Consequently, the problem with hearing is that we cannot always identify if the source of the voice is of God or the Devil, especially with the cunning the Devil has to make "wrong" seem "right" through the power of suggestion. The power of suggestion is strong, both from the Holy Spirit and via evil spirits, and it requires a morally sound life to recognize when such suggestions from evil are sent in the guise of goodness.

One thing exorcists have come to realize is demons know our fears, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes and they can torment and tempt us using what they know about us. When we are possessed of the Holy Spirit the Devil cannot possess us, unless we willfully sin, or ask to be sacrificial souls to make recompense for the sins of those caught in a sinful consciousness. Demonic oppression is different than demonic possession. Demonic oppression occurs when demons begin to torment willful and deliberate sinners and magnify negative tendencies.  When a person chooses repeatedly, of his own free will, to knowingly and willfully violate his conscience and integrity, thereby knowingly doing evil, that person loses their spiritual protection by going outside the Laws of God and they become fair game for demons and can become possessed.

Personal Experiences with Exorcisms and Spirit Possessions
Pastor Blumhardt's experience with his congregation after his year and a half exorcism was that the entire town became free of their vices, wanted to confess their previous sins and experienced remarkable healings. They no longer delved into sorcery for healing and controlling others. Pastor Blumhardt's success was his willingness to turn everything over to Christ, rely on Scriptures for the Holy Spirit to guide him, and of course, lots of prayers.

My personal experiences with possessed or vulnerable individuals came with my healing practice. One young woman I worked with had a horrific childhood. Both her parents were into Satanism and practiced Satanic rituals in a church that was located in Missoula, Montana. One of her first horrific experiences was witnessing her three-year-old childhood friend murdered in a Satanic ritual. One time she was buried in a casket. Of course, sexual abuse came as she matured and she was often locked in the basement. Although I never used hypnosis in my practice my clients would spontaneously go back into past lives. The only prompting I gave them was if I was directed through my Health Kinesiology (HK) practice to spin their arms backward, which meant they were to retrieve some memory from this life that was contributing to the problem they came to me for assistance with. This technique was not taught during my HK training, but something that developed in my first year of practice, led by the Holy Spirit.

One day this woman was directed to swing her arms backward and she went back further than this life. She was not hypnotized or received any suggestions from me. I believed the Holy Spirit was giving my clients visions and experiences. She found herself in a life that was thousands of years ago. She described to me that she fell in love with this man involved with the chariot races. She, an inferior to his class, was not noticed by him. For some reason, she decided to sabotage his chariot, maybe out of a subtle revenge, or to somehow gain his attention, but her action caused an almost fatal crash of his chariot. His suffered a severe disfiguring injury to his face and after his injuries he went into solitude and would not see anyone. Consequently, she was cut off from any contact or interaction with him for that rest of that embodiment.

This started a cycle of recurring lifetimes with this person, eventually leading up to her present life and his reincarnating as her parent in this life. Not just any parent who loves and tends to their children's needs, but to a Satanic worshiper parent. I do not know if my sessions helped her or not. Apparently, the wounds were deep and would take work to heal them. Yet she was married, had a lovely daughter and appeared normal in her interactions with people. If her vision of having a past life was really hers and reincarnation was true, it was a remarkable story of how we can tie ourselves to certain individuals, and she may have caused not just bodily harm to this soul, but psychological wounds that she had to make recompense for.

One time I delivered an individual from some sexual dark entity that was on a young woman. She only came to me once, and it was for this force that was on her. After following my direction through HK and clearing her of some energies, I was directed within to not get alarmed, but whatever was in her was going to come out and go through my body temple and then be taken. It happened, just as I was told, and thus I was not alarmed at feeling the entrance and the exit of this entity. Possibly, I needed to experience the efficacy of the release, or neither of us would have known if she was truly cut free or not if she was not sensitive to energy changes as I was.

A few years later I was inwardly directed to get hypnotherapy training. I resisted initially as we were taught through the Summit Lighthouse not to involve yourself in any way with hypnosis. But through the Spirit, I saw this particular class and teacher was precisely what I needed to experience and I signed up for the class. The classes were remarkable, and I felt so much healing that I don't doubt today it was directed from Above. It was during one of those practice sessions that I explained elsewhere on this site, where I contacted my infant self and experienced the pain of abandonment and thereby it was brought to my outer awareness. After my training, I incorporated hypnotherapy in my years of being a messenger and running the School of Being.

I was doing a hypnotherapy session on a gentleman who none of us knew, who just showed up at the conference site one night causing a ruckus, but nevertheless, he was invited in. He wanted some assistance so I was prompted to do a hypnotherapy session with him during the evening. I started my induction and let the Holy Spirit direct the work. It was not long before he started exhibiting other spirits coming through him besides his own. Our attendees attempted to join in prayer to help cut him free from these spirits, but it seemed the spirits on him were legion. We recited the ancient mantra "Shiva" which caused these spirits to practically laugh at us. Everyone was praying in their individual way. Eventually, we stopped and I ended the session and he went on his way, never to be heard from again. The remarkable thing about that mini exorcism was that we discovered reciting "Shiva's" had absolutely no impact on the spirits.

It was surprising to experience reciting Shivas had no effect because according to the Hindu Vedas the Supreme God and the most sacred and powerful name is Shiva. Consequently, Hindus believe that chanting the name Shiva is supposed to bring happiness, eliminate losses and difficulties and annihilate sin. The Summit incorporated the belief in chanting Shivas works to destroy darkness and clear entities from us.

My second mini exorcism was with a Colombian man who attended one of my conferences in Colombia. Being around what we considered to be "the light" from our holy work seemed to irritate the spirits upon him. They were more demonic than discarnates, and we discovered why. He revealed after my work with him that he had attended some Satanic rituals and since then had been plagued by this dark force on him.

Sometime during the conference I was called to his room one evening. He had started to shake and move involuntarily from the demonic force through him and acting strange, although while I was with him he did not recite obscenities, but just continued in his uncontrollable bodily exhibits. I enlisted all the individuals around me to pray outside his room while I stayed alone with him calling in the name of Jesus for him to be cut free. Students were giving the Summit Lighthouse decrees, with some Astreas and violet flame.

The Summit Lighthouse's "Astrea" decree, named after an Elohim called Astrea, can encircle all darkness and cut people free. The Summit students would do Astrea decrees every day, and for the Summit staff, it was mandatory. Not just one or three, but forty recitations of the entire six-verse decree. It would take an hour to give that many. I do not believe those decrees worked, although I gave 40 Astreas a day for years believing that they did help my family, our pets and anyone I prayed for, to be cut free from dark forces and the ensuing bad habits those forces could influence people to do.

Thankfully, the gentlemen let us know in the months following his exorcism that he remained entirely free from that spirit or demonic force, and he vowed never to attend any Satanic ritual again. Years before that incident I was having a terrible time with our youngest daughter. She was mad and upset we had moved from our home to another state. She did not like change from her normal routine, and she became very insolent and angry. One day I looked into her eyes and I saw a demon, or what appeared to be an evil spirit like a demon. She ran away but returned before nightfall realizing the futility of having nowhere to go. My husband and I gave the Summit Lighthouse "Ritual of Exorcism" and she appeared to be cut free. Later she admitted to me that she knew she had a demon on her. One more time she again came under the spell and I immediately recognized the symptoms, and we gave another exorcism ritual, whereby she returned again to normalcy.

Many years later I arranged for a conference on Shasta Lake near the famed Mount Shasta. One individual in attendance I knew was slightly off balance, but I did not realize to what extent until we were out to "sea" on a houseboat on the lake when he went off the deep end. After anchoring next to an island for the night the following morning someone woke me to relate to me that he was on the beach pacing back and forth cursing and ranting. After he came back on board we gathered together on the top deck and met his "demon". We chanted and decreed for hours, while the "demon" laughed at us, mocked us and our decrees, etc. He could have had discarnate spirits on him, but we did not try to talk to the spirit, but only listened to it, so I cannot say what it was. Eventually, he came out of his possession and became normal again.

These incidences I never sought out, but they just "happened" during our spiritual conclaves, which may have exasperated these dark forces on individuals. Usually, this is a sign that they are demonic or evil spirits and the activities of light irritating and provoked them to come out. Exorcists had said that when they put holy water on possessed individuals the demons react violently, sometimes it is to the words Jesus Christ, Mary, or to the sign of the cross or in any holy work. I had also heard some demons react violently to calling forth Archangel Michael, who in Revelation is the archangel that cast the rebellious angels out of heaven.

The man at Shasta Lake reacted violently to our Archangel Michael decrees. His face would contort into an angry, evil look, and he would appear to be taken away from his appearance of superiority to us mere humans. It was an experience hard to forget that whether we wanted to do this exorcism or not, we had to, for we had to get this man under control. We could not call the doctor, an exorcist, the police or anyone while out in the middle of the lake. We were solely dependent on God to assist us.

In conclusion, my personal experiences confirmed the reality of evil spirits and demonic possessions. The practice of Satanic rituals is rampant. My eldest daughter admitted to me one day that her friends were doing Satanic rituals with sacrificing cats. She was not living with me at the time and I do not know to what extent contact remained with these other teenagers. This was in a Mormon community.

Pornography is also rampant, far greater than most people realize or care to know. I do not believe a single man in our spiritual community was not addicted to porn to some degree in the present or in the past. These men could not cut themselves free even with prayer. Probably because at the heart of the matter they honestly did not want to let go. Sexual perversions, rapes, child molestation, kidnappings, and wife abuse, along with the murdering of the unborn are all caused by demons and evil spirits.

Young people need our prayers of protection as they are vulnerable to try something new or succumb to peer pressure. Families that have alcoholic parents, drug addicts and sexual perversions such as incest end up abusing their children while possessed by their demons. They too need prayers to cut them free and to get them help. We also need to remain free of dark forces ourselves by leading a life of good moral conduct, attending church or praying regularly. Keeping good company is essential. Eating wholesome and healthy foods helps tremendously to keep our bodies, minds, and souls balanced. Avoiding violent movies and excess sexual contents within those shows is absolutely necessary.

Leading a decent, moral, wholesome life is possible, but not without effort. Nevertheless, many souls can and do live this way. It is a matter of choice. Thankfully I chose to avoid alcohol my entire life, as well as excess sweets and processed foods, caffeine products, and any sexual perversions. It was easy for me as the only vice my parents had was that my father smoked a pipe. I went to church regularly and prayer was a daily part of my life. Leading a wholesome life can be done, especially calling daily to Jesus and Mary for assistance. God is real and God does answer prayer. Because I am clear of dark forces God answers my prayer sometimes instantly. Other times I have remained in the dark for years before the revelation comes to me and to why I must suffer something. But I never lost faith that God was in control and was answering my prayers even if a response was not instantaneous. I remained in gratitude and send forth that gratitude daily.

I pray that in some way my contribution here and on this website will assist my brothers and sisters to find union with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.