Update on What Are Demons Origins


When I am almost finished writing an article for this website I sometimes feel this heat course through my body. I learned a long time ago that it comes from the Holy Spirit or directly from Jesus. I usually pray before I write, praying and asking often the days before I sit down to write, "What do you want me to write about God? What would be helpful for others to gain a greater understanding on some part of You and life?" It is a prayer for God's wisdom and God's direction. I want to share what is the need of the hour.

I might read something or a thought comes to me about some subject that I feel I need to share with others and that is important for us to learn about the Bible, Jesus and certain of our actions that might take us away from truth. What we experience in life and what mistakes we have made helps us gain wisdom and I believe that wisdom is beneficial to be passed on to others. When I used to write and teach about the Ascended Master teachings I would sometimes write about a personal experience I had or something I learned that would help us be a better person. Sometimes I would question if I was doing any good by contributing a particular subject and if I really helped anyone. My purpose was not to just be heard but to teach something that would uplift others and lead them to truth. Invariably I would receive a personal email from someone thanking me for the article and how much they needed to hear what I wrote or how they benefited from it.

Grant you, I was on the wrong spiritual path being in a New Age false religion but that did not mean I couldn't write about forgiveness, love and truth from the Bible. For some reason I was meant to find that religion and be a part of that experience even if it appeared to be a mistake. I learned so much not just about Christianity but about the major religions in the world and different paths large populations of people follow to their gods. We studied the lives of Christian saints, the physical and mental causes of some diseases and many healing modalities that are powerful adjuncts to Western medicine. We learned much about the history of nations and leaders, both good and evil, something I was not much interested in my school education, much to my chagrin as I learned how important it is to know about our human history that I thought as a teen what just boring.

In other words, while in the midst of a false teaching I oddly learned so much truth. When a person has a near-death experience they almost universally come back from that experience a changed person. They learn and see their past actions both good and bad that made them who they are and what changes they need to incorporate in their future living that would not only contribute to their personal life but the lives of everyone around them. I feel this experience in my life was a fulfillment of my quest in life: to find truth. Oddly enough, sometimes we have to experience anti-truth to really know what is really true. While truth to each person is subjective there are universal truths that go far beyond our person. I wanted to know universal truths and learning what other religions believe as truth and what the Ascended Master teaching thought as truth which was very enlightening.

I asked for forgiveness and have accepted God's forgiveness for my participation in pagan practices that are a part of the New Age. And profoundly I would never have met two of my husbands or had children with them if I had not joined those teachings. One of those children is my best friend. And if our hearts are in the right place God can use us for good no matter what personal choices we make.

Returning to writing articles on this website and receiving a wave of heat through my body upon completion, this does not happen with every article I write. When I wrote the article on "What is Wrong with New Age Beliefs?" I received the wave of heat just paragraphs from the end. I felt it was from Jesus blessing the article and thus blessing the readers that they might receive the truth that He brought us while He was on earth. I was happy to know I wrote something that would help others and Jesus could bring healing to someone.

The last article I wrote on demon's origins there was no heat body symptom. I questioned why I was writing it and it took me a very long time to compose so that I thought I would never complete it. I kept changing the title and the main points and asking myself several times if this was important and God's will to share. This is where synchronicity comes in and which I felt it important to write about here. Although I am not Catholic, I read the news on Michael Brown's website, Spirit Daily. He brings the latest news from around the world as well as articles on Catholicism but also other religious subjects Christians may be interested in. He shares good news and the bad and I can keep abreast of some news from around the world as well as spiritual subjects without having to read a lot of biased online newspapers and news websites.

I have lost count of the amount of times that I have written an article that Michael then writes an article or posts a link to one on the same subject I have just written mine on. This just occurred immediately after I posted my article on "What are Demon's Origin". The next day Michael posted "Strange Spirits That Exorcists Encounter". To this very day I had never read any mainstream religion, nor any exorcist, reference that they had encountered non-demon oppressions. These are not possessions where the person's body is taken over by the demon but oppressions where the person is being influenced and controlled by the spirit outside of their physical body.  

I still was not clear on what or how the oppression energies I felt when writing about the religion of Islam came upon me that I mentioned in this article in demon's origins. Then, as I was writing this update I was looking up Michael Brown's past as being an investigative reporter when I came across a special report he wrote in 2016 about Hilary Clinton and her dark past connected to her running for the presidential office against Trump. Here is what he wrote about feelings of oppression he received after accidentally talking with her when he tried to call the then governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton and Hillary answered the phone. Brown was writing a book called The Toxic Cloud and investigating what was happening in Arkansas and the company ENSCO that was releasing toxic waste from its incinerator burning PCBs. It was the 1980's and the closest town to the incinerator could not stop the toxic waste because the state of Arkansas (controlled by the Clintons) had personal involvement with ENSCO (Hillary was working for a law firm that represented ENSCO) and was on their side. Here is what he shared:

I asked Hillary if it were true that the owner of ENSCO, Melvyn Bell, was a friend. She proceeded to describe him to me as “a friend, sure — he just gave $8 million to our engineering school at the university on Saturday, but he’s somebody who’s a friend — that’s right. Wouldn’t he be your friend?”

It’s hard to convey the tone, which dripped with disdain, but in short it was a nasty, unpleasant exchange. She won. She caught me off guard with her attitude. When we hung up, I stood up, held the receiver, and actually stared at it — smiling with astonishment at her brazenness. I also remember, clear as a bell, saying to myself, “That’s the most arrogant person I've ever spoken with.” Excuse me for that. It is what I muttered to myself. I was taken aback — and I lived on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, not exactly known for shrinking violets.

But that’s not the whole story. Never mind her harsh demeanor. Never mind that those residents and kids may have been at risk from the incinerator.

What I remember most was the incredible feeling that came upon me — and my entire apartment — after hanging up.

I was new to the Holy Spirit (at least in an active sense; my metanoia was underway and had started just a couple years before), but I immediately felt an enormous oppression, as if the air in my apartment was preternaturally thick, oppressive, and fuliginous: a descent of darkness. I could feel it. It wasn’t just to be brushed off. Even at the time, it felt,  I recall thinking, like a curse. Despite my “newness” to Christian discernment, I immediately felt it was a “spirit of witchcraft.”

And as I sit here now, thirty years later, I still don’t know the origin of that oppression...This I can say: the sensation pervaded my apartment for a good two hours. I sat down and prayed it away from me. 1

I had another experience where a personal friend in our religious group, who came from the Middle East, had what I came to discover was the Muslim cultural view of women. He was raised Christian and escaped Iran eventually reaching the U.S. But he carried a hidden evil attitude towards women which eventually came out when my husband and I became messengers for the Ascended Masters and we had years of interaction with him. When he started an online prayer group to Mother Mary and women who joined started complaining to me about his actions toward them I took action. My husband said he could do what he liked so I stepped in to right what I believe was a wrong. In his cultural background women never stand up to men.

Eventually, he wrote me an email citing that I was not a messenger. I innocently opened up the email and read the short one paragraph email and I was hit with such energy that my solar plexus was severely aching. Normally we protect ourselves when we know we are going to encounter someone who might be channeling evil but I was wide open. This man was the most cheerful and smiling person I have ever met. Whatever evil came through him was and is probably connected with demons and the Islam religion but was very well hidden behind his outer demeanor. He was a member of the Summit Lighthouse and a close neighbor while I lived in Montana. I knew him for many years before we became messengers.

I finally realized that the pain I was feeling in my abdomen was caused from his words and energies. I deleted the email and prayed but the pain continued. So I deleted the email from my computer entirely and after 15 minutes the pain subsided. So what did I do? I called him! I explained what he had done through his email hoping to enlighten a person I believed loved God. But whatever possessed him did not go and when my husband of twenty years left me for another woman I saw that same evil through his eyes in our last interaction together as we were separating. It is frightening to look into a loved ones eyes and see the evil within them looking back at you.

My husband had become close friends with this man and another Middle Eastern man that joined our group. The three spent time together one year working on a project. My husband flew out-of-state to stay with them for a week. Later, my husband told me the other Middle Eastern man shared with him that he had had sexual relations with over three hundred women. He was quite proud of his history. This man also had a false outer demeanor appearing very friendly, generous and cheerful. After putting on a conference in his home and staying at his house for a week my eyes were open to the many manipulations he did to women. Previous to that conference I was also the listening ear for a women he was dating who fell in love with him and would call me every day crying on my shoulder to enlist my help in what to do about his actions towards her. At that time I was not aware of either one of the men's hidden evil.

Michael Brown said he did not know the origin of this oppression. Likewise, I could not explain how evil can travel through phone conversations and emails, but it can and did, as well as traveling through the websites I was reading in studying about Islam.

According to Dr. McCall, from his book Healing the Family Tree, spirits or lost souls can adversely affect our well-being and personal body as well:

The apparitions of lost souls can cause physiological effects in some people, which can range from insomnia and reactive depression, to gastrointestinal disorders. Some have skin allergies, eczema, hives, or edema, while others have respiratory problems such as chronic sinusitis, asthma, or hay fever.

So without further ado, here is the translated article from Forums of the Virgin Mary, "Strange Spirits That Exorcists Encounter".


1Spirit Daily, Michael Brown Special Report on Hillary Clinton.