What are Psychic Attacks

And How You Can Protect Yourself

There are unseen powers we may encounter while living in this world. These unordinary powers or psychic phenomena are generally not proven with science or accepted by psychologists and academics. Many intellectuals and atheists believe these things are superstitious nonsense and that they do not belong in modern materialistic science. They believe that the world as we perceive it today is all there is and that there are no forces, phenomena or natural laws beyond those we are presently aware of. Yet outside of the academic world is another world of people who encounter otherworldly experiences or know someone who has. They don't need scientific proof that psychic phenomenon is real. They believe they have seen the evidence and that is proof enough.

While having psychic abilities can either be seen as good or bad and by some as unreal, psychic attacks do happen. The only proof that they are real is that when one applies prayer or enlists spiritual help and their symptoms abate. A psychic attack is described as the sending of negative energy with the conscious or unconscious intention to inflict harm upon someone. Such harm may negatively affect the emotional, physical, spiritual, or mental state of a person. They are typically projected in some form of negative thought or feeling based on envy, jealousy, anger, wishing harm to others, seeking revenge, or other forms of thought that are based on negative emotions.

Although no scientific evidence indicates psychic attacks are real many people understand that our thoughts and emotions do affect those around us and we draw to us what we believe about ourselves and our environment. For example, if one is afraid of something they can actually draw that something to them. Yet, at the same time, these individuals who are afraid of something can be experiencing precognition—a sense that something is about to happen that will cause them pain, anguish or even the loss of life. There are stories of people who have canceled their airline flight only to find out later that the flight was ill-fated or took off but had to turn around for some reason.

Are Psychics Responsible for Psychic Attacks?
Being a psychic has nothing to do with psychic attacks. The word psychic is used to describe that which lies outside the sphere of physical science or knowledge and relates to phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws. A person who is a psychic may have  extraordinary mental ability and may have see auras, have clairvoyance, telepathy or the ability to astral travel. Any phenomena outside the natural laws can be labeled psychic.

To a self-professed psychic the label of being called a psychic may seem endearing. To other groups, such as those who belong to certain ascended master groups, the label is intolerable. Psychics are not accepted in those groups. So what is a psychic and why are they anathema to some ascended master students? According to the ascended master teachings, a psychic has developed extrasensory perception not generally available to mankind. They develop their abilities over many lifetimes and through their contact with the astral plane. The ascended masters teach that someone who has involved his energies in the psychic, psychicism, or psychic phenomena is functioning on the lower astral plane. 

The astral plane supposedly has many levels. On the lowest levels are the worst of the worst and where hell is. In the higher level of the astral is a place the Catholic Church calls purgatory, where Catholics believe souls go to expiate their sins before going to heaven. Why would anyone go to purgatory? Many Christians die with attachments to sin. All suffer to a greater or lesser extent if they end up in the astral after death no matter what level they are on. Whereas Catholics believe purgatory will help clean you of sin so you can enter heaven, with the understanding of reincarnation sinners may study and learn in the interim between embodiments so that upon reincarnating they will make better choices. Therefore, purgatory to the Catholic Church is a place all will go to after death, for who is without sin? We cannot be sinless in this world, hence the need of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. A line from the Catholic rosary says "pray for us sinners" and given by all Catholics reaffirming that their belief is everyone is a sinner.

Catholics are taught to pray for sinners in purgatory and some Catholics accept the belief that souls can communicate from purgatory to enlist help for themselves, especially from their loved ones remaining on earth. They supposedly cannot pray for themselves and need the prayers of those on earth. Purgatory is a level of hell and there is no doubt the level of sin dictates where a soul goes after death but not all souls go to purgatory or hell. There are thousands of testimonies of those who have gone to heaven and returned to their physical bodies after their physical deaths, and some of them have found themselves in a place they call hell. Upon their return some of shared that they experienced some form of hell but were also rescued from that place before returning to their physical bodies.

Yet not all spirits go to heaven or hell after death and obviously, evil spirits are not all trapped in hell either, hence the prayer of Pope Leo (below) asking Archangel Michael to take the "evil spirits who wander through the world" to hell. So there is much we do know about the spirit world and yet still more we do not know. What we do know does give us the understanding that life continues on after death and that souls and spirits not only go to heaven or hell, they also may find themselves trapped just outside of the physical plane where they many wander until freed by someone's prayers.

A psychic uses extrasensory perception to identify information hidden from the normal senses, particularly involving telepathy or clairvoyance, or who performs acts that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws. While telepathy is believed to violate the laws of physics, at the microcosmic level quantum physics has shown that everything is interconnected. One psychologist who is able to see outside the box of his intellectual peers describes the possibility of telepathy this way:

There is the phenomenon of ‘quantum entanglement,’ whereby seemingly ‘separate’ particles are interconnected, reacting to each other’s movements so that they can’t be treated as independent units but only as a part of a whole system. That suggests that, on the microcosmic level, all things are interconnectedwhich would also offer the possibility of an exchange of information via telepathy.

Psychics may claim to have mystical powers but they do not. A true mystic is a person who seeks unity with God by contemplation and self-surrender. They believe in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect through the use of spiritual practices and they desire to be absorbed into God and true reality. Thus we may conclude that psychic abilities can be learned and acquired without any spirituality attached. On the other hand, mystics, and their gifts are of the Spirit and are completely separate from the astral and spirits who inhabit these lower planes. They receive their gifts from God.

The Old Testament teaches that we are to test the spirits to see whether they are from God. We are not to seek counsel from mediums or a necromancer, enlist sorcerers or practice divination. Why? Because these practices are not of God and they derive most of their information from the psychic or astral plane. This is not to say that if you have a dream that foretells the future that you are a psychic or received your knowledge from the astral plane. Yet you are to test the spirits and knowledge that it is from God. Many near-death experiencers acknowledge that after their return to their bodies they have psychic abilities previously unknown to them. Obviously, they did not seek out their death experiences or ask for psychic abilities upon their return. In fact, most reluctantly return to their physical bodies, pleading instead to stay in heaven. So psychic abilities can come to us by means of heaven and for some purpose only God and the Lord knows. Yet this does not make those who have extra-sensory abilities more spiritual than others who do not have these gifts. For some, it actually may appear that these gifts are given in order to perform some service they have prayed to do or because there is a need that is in line with their spiritual development.

Psychic Attacks
Psychic attacks are not from psychic individuals. Although psychic individuals can manipulate energies they usually have too much awareness of the unseen worlds and the dangers of sending out bad energies to do so. Any person has the power to send out a psychic attack. A psychic attack Is when someone is being adversely affected and harmed by psychic or subtle energy. Psychic attacks imply that someone is sending out low energy vibrations such as envy, jealousy, hate or anger.

Nor are all psychic attacks coming from a conscious premeditated aggression. Some people may not even know they are inevitably attacking another through their negative thoughts, although often they have strong negative emotions regarding a particular person who then ends up being psychically attacked. These emotions can be jealousy, envy, resentment, and other unhealthy negative emotions.

Psychic attacks often difficult to prove. Some people suffering from what is called a psychic attack might not be aware they are being targeted and that their problems are caused by something outside of their own thoughts and feelings. Some psychic attacks are premeditated and may involve spirits, a hex or curse and other ill-intentions. In reality, if we do determine that we are a target of someone's intentional or unintentional negativity, the sender is in a period low energy vibration and is experiencing some sort of lack within their own lives. They actually need our prayers and compassion. Yet one also needs to be aware, that once it is determined that it is a psychic attack that you do not need to be subject to these attacks. You need to pray and invoke God's intercession for yourself and the ignorant—or not so ignorant abuser.

This 'idea of lack' in a psychic attacker comes from causes where an individual may be resentful that someone else that they know, look up to or (secretly) admire is way better off than they are. If jealousy is involved and they become envious of what this someone else has, it can cause that person to want to pull that other someone down to their level. They may even entertain thoughts wishing the other someone to be worse off than themselves so that they can 'feel better' about the reality of their own life. But what goes around comes around. The attacker eventually is worse off for their attack as they receive back what they have sent out, if not in this life in another. Therefore one does not need to return their negative energies to them or send out negative energies at all. Trust in God is all we need and asking God to stop the abuser and to send His healing angels to help them. Forgiveness is healing. Love is healing. There are many testimonies of the power of forgiveness and love that have turned around even the most unexpected abusers.

There are not just psychic attacks there is also mental attacks. The difference is that psychic attacks often involves spirits, demons or dark forces that carry out the intent and attack upon the person. Mental attacks occur from individuals who do not dabble in many of the vices of the world and thus are not subject to the attachment of demons. Exorcists explain that serious demon possessions are rare. Possessed individuals will experience loss of control of their bodies, have no memory of the demonic experience and will have lost control of their free will. Attachments imply that an individual still has free will, yet their minds and bodies are open to demons when their mind or body is compromised by addictive substances or while in abusive situations.

Thus a person who is angry with someone and gets drunk one night might start cursing and sending out hateful words and thoughts towards them and precipitate a psychic attack that involves demons. Another individual who may be resentful or jealous of his co-worker may harbor hidden thoughts that brew in his mind and inadvertently he may send out mental negative energies that attack the co-worker causing them to become ill or tired. This attack does not involve demons. It is a mental attack.

One more kind of attack is spiritual. A spiritual attack comes from people who use prayer to harm others. They do not believe their prayers are harmful, but in their pride, they believe their prayer is spiritual warfare against evil. If they happen to take down the person they are praying about, that is not their problem. They believe their intent is to go after the evil that a person is displaying and they are justified to pray in a way that is outside of Biblical teachings on what and how to pray.

What are the signs that you are being attacked by another's negative energies? There are several significant signs that, when combined, often reveal one of these kinds of attack. I have personally felt and experienced strange energies and physical pain that came out of nowhere and disappeared on their own after praying. Although some of my prayers were instantly answered, the strange incidences sometimes would reoccur, sometimes over a year's span. Since my prayers were geared to invoke the ascended masters intervention, and these masters are not real, I thus was not praying directly to God. In retrospect, I am grateful they worked at all. I always believed in the power of intention and that if my intention was to receive help from heaven, even if these "masters" were not from heaven, that my prayers did reach heaven and I was helped.

The following examples are a few of my personal experience involving psychic, mental or spiritual attacks and what were the possible causes behind them.

Anger - Psychic Attack
I don't remember being psychically attacked as a youth. My first awareness that someone's energies were attacking me was at the end of my first marriage. I explained in early articles my husband's anger with me after I had become independent of his control of me. I had joined the ascended master teachings through the Summit Lighthouse and I started to make decisions, like giving up alcohol, that my husband did not like. Towards the end of our marriage when his anger started coming out I would wake up with nightmares. So a sudden onset of nightmares may be a sign that some kind of negative energy is finding its way to you. It was easy to see it was my husband's anger, but not so easy to know at that time why. I learned why as I discovered more about myself and what I learned from that experience.

I knew a Middle Eastern man who was in the Summit Lighthouse for many years. At one time we lived in the same area and he was always friendly and smiling and I thought he was a wonderful person. He attributes Mother Mary as the spiritual intercessor who helped him escape imprisonment and immigrate to the United States. After my husband and I became messengers for the ascended masters he invited my husband to officiate as his son's wedding. Since we were both messengers I thought it strange that he did not ask me to participate in his son's wedding. Later when my husband began creating rosaries, this man started a rosary group over the internet. He wanted to form a radio show but I discouraged that as I was inwardly guided that it was not the right time. Eventually, the women who joined the rosary group began to express concerns with the way they were treated, as second-class citizens who were not allowed to take any leadership roles at the services, which disturbed them enough that several women came to me separately and asked me to join a session to witness for myself.

Years previously I had an encounter with him one day that opened my eyes. I received an email from this man sending me a copy of a judgment call he had done on another woman who claimed to be a messenger. At the end of the prayer he included my name. He was making the judgment call on me for being a false messenger. Immediately after reading it I began to hurt in my solar plexus area. After 15 minutes I realized the pain was not going away and it must be related to this email and his judgment call against me. So I prayed and sent the energies back to him (something I do not believe is appropriate today) yet I still continued to hurt. I had deleted his email and then felt the prompting to delete it from the delete box and then finally the pain stopped.

I called him and explained what happened and asked him what he meant by sending it to me. I honestly don't remember what he said but we continued to be friends afterward and I forgave him. Yet I always kept it in the back of mind to be on guard as he must have been carrying this cultural hatred of women which shows in the way his culture treats women. After the rosary incident, I tried to express to him what he may be unconsiously displaying to and around these women but he did not agree. I asked my husband to intervene and much against his desire to avoid conflicts at all costs, he wrote him a letter publicly because the matter was brought up publicly.

I don't know if anything changed as my husband and I separated the following month. He and his Middle Eastern friend are both followers of my husband today and continue their animosity towards me and I assume women in general. The other Middle Eastern student bragged to my husband one day that he had had intimate relationships with over three hundred women. He believed he was God's gift to women.

Dark Cloud
Another sign of a psychic attack is to feel that you are enveloped in a dark cloud or a dark cloud is over you. I had that experience with a son-in-law. I invited my eldest daughter to help with my school and horses in Virginia. She was newly married but her husband traveled putting in pipelines and he was away a lot. He had taken a school bus and converted it into a home for them so they could be together while he traveled. It was a big bus that he painted all black. There were no real cooking or bathroom facilities in it so I invited him to use our home, but for some reason he immediately took a dislike to my husband and me, which he shared with my son who was staying with me at the time. He would not come in and share meals with us but he soon left to work for a month in another state and we never got to find out why.

My daughter remained to help with the school but she had changed. I could no longer communicate with her anymore. She could not follow directions and in the end, she was partly responsible for one of the foals born that we found dead the next morning. After her husband returned they both decided to suddenly leave and were packed and gone in one day. I had been working in the garden and praying as the energies were so bad and stifling and I did not know what to do, especially when you can't communicate with people. Then I heard them drive away without saying goodbye. But what happened next was very profound.

I felt this dark cloud lift off me and leave with them and I realized it was my son-in-law with his hatred of us, that for all practical purposes seemed unprecipitated because we barely had exchanged a word. I attributed it to his demons that were around him and that he could not take the light and spiritual focus we had made on the property. Within a few months, my daughter separated out from him after he became abusive towards her. What I received was a psychic attack that involved demons or dark spirits and it hung over me like a dark cloud.

Physical Pain
After my husband and I separated our spiritual community was divided. Half sided with my husband and his new partner and the other half stayed with me because they did not agree with what my husband did was done in a godly manner or what he was beginning to teach was true. Emails were flying back and forth between community members and emails from our community were challenging my husband's new belief and his adultery. His followers sent to us anger and "unconditional love" emails which was not love at all. When does anger and God's love mix?

My estranged husband was angry with everyone who had stayed by my side. He was mocking to them and me, accusing us of many untrue things. Most of his energies were directed at me because I was leading the community in pointing out his actions and new teachings as ungodly. What followed was months of strange body symptoms. I had this pain in my chest area that came and went, especially upon sitting up. I thought maybe it was a gall bladder attack or from my pancreas area, but researching the symptoms I could not find it was anything anyone had had before. Eventually, it left, but not after I had an attack one night of our conference. I was sitting in my chair when suddenly the pain was so intense I could not move. If I did the pain worsened, so I sat in one position for an hour until it abated enough to move.

At the time I didn't attribute it to a psychic attack thinking it was just some odd body symptom. I couldn't say it was my husband, as it could have been his girlfriend or any of the community or a combination of all their energies, but it was a psychic attack. These attacks continued for two years. My husband did not get what he wanted from our assets and when the divorce was final he got nothing, so the anger or resentment towards me could have continued after our divorce for that reason.

One extraordinary difficult symptom had to do with my eyes. By evening one eye could not stay open very well and in the morning neither would open! I would struggle each morning to get them open. It was as if some force was pushing against them that my physical muscles could not resist. After months of this almost daily symptom, I finally determined that the cause did not stem from something physical in me but was an attack against me. I uncovered that it came from my ex-husband and his wife. So I experimented. Each morning I would make a prayer to stop the attack from my husband and one eye would open. I would then pray for the attack to stop from his wife and the other eye would open. After several days of this experiment, I knew I was not making a mountain out of a molehill. There was an attack on my person that manifested in trying to stop me from seeing. So I began prayer sessions for protection for my eyes and from this attack and it never happened again.

Several months after my husband and my separation I became depressed. I have had no history of depression in my past so I was not aware of how long I was in it and when it started. I did realize by Christmas and New Year that I had lost weight and there was no joy in me. Music, that normally lifted me to ecstatic states at times, had absolutely no positive effect on me. Nothing did. I did not know what to do. My eldest son had been staying with us when my husband left and it was a godsend he was with me those months. He is a computer whiz and mechanic and jack of all trades so I was blessed with his presence. But he had to move on and left for a great job and career that he still has today. I asked the community if anyone wanted to come to live with me and two individuals said they did. They made plans and within a few months one moved in and then the other soon followed. They were with me through the divorce proceedings and became good friends. We continue to live together today after moving to separate residents and states for a while and then coming back together again.

What I came to realize was that this depression was an accumulated psychic attack from all the group that stayed with my husband and their hatred towards me. I do not know why they hated me (while sometimes ending their hateful notes with "I love you unconditionally"). These energies for weeks or months on end can end up making you feel morose, sad, hopeless, listless and like life isn't worth living at all. Again, at the time I thought it was just me and my change of circumstances and the responsibility of running the school and farm and the horses by myself.

Then two years later we had a big Facebook exchange when my ex-husband invited me to post on his community Facebook page. His objective was not stemming from friendliness but to bring me to my knees as his followers attacked me. While they did attack over and over again, I did not entangle myself with them but kept my attention on pointing out what my husband had done and what was the truth. He, in turn, stated lies about our past and accused me of many things including being a psychopath. Thus I spent weeks clearing up his accusations and lies in my replies. Then one day he blocked me after he realized his minions were not able to affect me. Yet that experience revealed the character of these people and my ex-husband. They harbored a lot of anger and were ruthless in their quest to destroy my reputation through ridiculing and scoffing of me.

Spiritual Attacks
When I moved to Montana and the Summit Lighthouse headquarters and married my third husband, many spiritual attacks began to occur. Generally, students who join the New Age movements think independently from others. Many students of the Summit Lighthouse were strong-willed, independent, prideful and believed they were superior to others in knowledge, wisdom, love, and spirituality. If anyone appeared to go against the accepted "norm" that permeated the community they would be quickly judged and the right hand would be raised to do judgment calls on those individuals.

I do have the traits of being strong-willed and independent, but I never saw myself as superior in knowledge or wisdom over other students. I never felt prideful and I knew I had issues with love, as I worked on my loving abilities many a year with the healing tools I learned. I found that I was often the brunt of rumors and accusations that were unfounded. They were based on jealousy and pride. So I determined that the best way to protect myself from these psychic attacks was to pray every morning for God Elohim to reveal to me what was being sent out so that I could pray for them and myself.

This worked miraculously. I would learn of someone's criticism or lies about me from others in unexpected ways. Rumors would filter to me by friends, neighbors, even people I rarely talked with. Thus I felt extremely blessed and protected. Most of the community problems came from my healing practice and what people experienced at my sessions. So when I moved from Montana and no longer practiced I gave up my morning prayer for the exposure of these criticisms. I did not learn my lesson that being in the public eye once again when I became a messenger for the ascended masters would need my prayers and protection more than ever. I ignorantly believed that all these people were loving and kind and would rarely engage in criticism. Consequently, I had to experience many more attacks.

One type of spiritual attack I experienced did not directly involve anyone I knew. I had arranged a rendezvous with my daughter in another state to give her a ride back home. I drove to Oregon and waited at the assigned place for hours, which happened to be at Klamath Lake. In the interim, I decided to pray. I felt directed to pray for people trapped in a particular energy and ask for God's intervention. I must have been praying for an hour and then my daughter arrived and we left. I was driving back when I began to feel dizzy. I turned the driving over to my daughter and sat in the back seat of the car the rest of the way home. I could not lay down, nor could I sit up. I had a severe attack of vertigo, something I had never had in my life. I could only lean my forehead on the back of the seat before me. It took hours to get home and I was extremely nauseated.

I was better the next day but at the time I did not realize it was an attack. I put the pieces of the puzzle together later, realizing it was a lash-back to my prayers. I was in the heart of Klamath country and the Klamath Tribes which includes the Klamaths, the Modocs, and the Yahooskin. Reading their recent history is tragic. Their land was taken from them in an act of Congress in 1954. Prior to that time they were the wealthiest tribe in the U.S. because of the timber they owned and sold. Their religion was a guardian-spirit theme with a great interest in animal spirits and the use of shamans. Christianity began to mix with their belief system and some Shaker Cult influence that had migrated to the area. I never sought to identify where exactly the lash-back came from as it was after the fact, but I highly disturbed some forces that came in the form of their prayers and belief system.

One more example of a spiritual attack occurred while living with a group of people who all believed the same spiritual beliefs. One woman carried hidden anger inside her, but it was not revealed all the years I knew her until I lived with her. She had been carrying a deep-seated anger against one of her relatives that she had apparently never addressed for healing but since we talked about it I thought bringing it up would allow her the opportunity to heal and pray about it. One day I began to experience back pain which I thought was just from some wrong position I had done to myself. Again, I did not pray for relief as I kept thinking it was my fault. Yet I was also aware of energies in the house that I was not comfortable with. So I began to seclude myself more and more away from the rest of the household and this seemed to only exasperate the situation and the energies. I knew from prior experiences that back pain can be criticism or condemnation towards you and so I directly confronted the group one day and asked who was having a problem with me? O course I believed I knew who it was from but it helps to allow people to explore their own thoughts and feelings and admit what they are doing.

I got the inner prompting that it was time to separate from the group. The energies culminated in a foot injury when on the day of my leaving I slipped on the last step going down the stairs while carrying a box and twisted my foot. Rather than sprain it, I believe I broke something. I had an airline flight that day so I left with my swollen foot forced in a shoe. The first week home I could not stand up straight for the back pain, and moving at all was difficult between the foot and the back. A few days later, another spiritual student admitted that he was sending me energies because he had not wanted me to come home for reasons I won't go into detail here. Two women I had been living with were harboring negative thoughts and feelings towards me. One was jealous of her husband's attention around me, as we had a friendship that went back several years, and the other thought I made her feel inferior. These attacks along with the man who added his negativity to the incident took a toll on me that kept me incapacitated for weeks.

Mental Attacks
Mental attacks appeared with symptoms in my physical body. Three separate instanaces I had severe pain in my neck and ear area that normally would be referred to as an earache. I had no ear infections. The pain would usually last for a few hours and then be gone but while in the attack the pain was intense. Twice I had spiritual help with people praying for me. The third time after making many many calls, prayers, and pleas and asking the community to pray for the answer to help with my pain, the pain still continued without abate. I could not determine what was the cause but I knew it was not my ear or an infection. I believe that sometimes I could not receive the healing of my afflictions because I had not understood the cause because as soon as I would determine the source I was free of pain. Yet when the pain is so severe you can't think or pray for yourself very easily.

After my second attack, I created a prayer that the community and I worked on together to handle this kind of mental attack. It appeared it was not from just one source but could have been exasperated by many and was connected to anti-Being and the hatred of divine direction. I taught that listening to God was very important and to always keep an ear attuned to divine direction. This could be the reason my ear received the attack. My husband did not like the fact that I followed divine direction from within and did not go to him for what I needed, as well as ask him for spiritual advice. I believed that I did not need to go to other people for advice when I could ask God to give me wisdom and understanding. There is obviously a balance as some people are offended when you appear not to need them in the way they want to be needed. My husband apparently wanted a woman that was not so self-sufficient.

At least one of these mental attacks were not just his but an accumulation of many, including my youngest daughter who sided with her father when he left and who had hatred of the mother, which she admitted she had felt towards me in her past. I explained this in a prior article, but in the end, our relationship ended when she left with her father. Both her and her father are mental people, thinking and writing books and always using a lot of words. So all these mental thoughts can easily find their way to who they are thinking about. And since those thoughts are not good it is a lot of negative energies sent out that can reach the victim.

Bladder infection symptoms
For a year or more I would occasionally get this feeling that I was about to come down with a bladder infection. The symptom is constantly feeling the need to go to the bathroom. When I recognized it coming I would immediately get a drink of cranberry juice and it would go away. Not once did it actually culminate into a bladder infection because it was not an infection at all, but a body symptom from negative mental thoughts sent my way.

Cystitis is primarily a female problem. I believe this was caused by negative thoughts about women. I determined that it came from my ex-husband. Although when I got the symptoms I was already divorced, I believe he had not let go of our past and what had occurred with our divorce. In our relationship he did not like to make decisions. He liked to think and think and then eventually come to some conclusion on something. I worked entirely different in decision making. I knew what was the right decision. Therefore I would make instant decisions. I had this most of my life, knowing what to do without having to think about it. I believe since he thought men were superior to women in wisdom my making instant decisions would be akin to having my own wisdom and not in need of his. Why these energies he was sending after our divorce? He still felt I had accused him of being wrong in his decision making and he felt to some degree paralyzed to make serious decisions on his future. So I was the target as to the cause for his sense of feeling paralyzed.

Protecting Yourself from Psychic, Mental and Spiritual Attacks
You can see from my examples that negative thoughts and feelings can affect others. The choice is ours to not engage in negativity and hurt others and incur negative karmic debt. The choice is also ours to avoid these attacks altogether. You can see from my examples that most of the time I was not aware they were attacks but believed it was something that was occurring due to my own thoughts and feelings. Yet some of the physical symptoms were odd enough that I had to question why they were happening. None of these symptoms took me to a doctor because I don't usually see doctors. And, as it turned out, none of them needed a doctor. And if I had of gone I might have been labeled a hypochondriac!

What I did learn, without a doubt, is that other people's energies can influence our own energies and forcefield in a negative way. The objective would be to live in this world free of these negative attacks. Because I had so much time in leadership positions and had a very public divorce that involved hundreds of people, there was a greater possibility of being on the receiving side of negative attacks.

Today, when I get that energy on my back I immediately know it is not of the light and I make a prayer and it is lifted from me within fifteen minutes. I usually can trace it to something or someone as the energies on me happen pretty quickly after contact with something involving dark energies. On rare occasions, I might miss identifying an attack thinking it is based on an organic cause. If I have a pain that lasts for more than a day or two I usually do a lot a research into the pain symptoms to see if they match up to some organic disease or injury and I usually find that a few people have similar symptoms that they have been from doctor to doctor with no relief. Some have even had invasive operations like their gall bladder taken out and the symptoms still remain. So I have found that the best course of action is prayer and time.

So recognizing that your mental, emotional or physical symptom is stemming from a non-organic cause and could be an attack and include demonic forces is vital to quickly end such attacks. If you don't recognize it is an attack the likelihood of praying for healing and protection is not likely to happen. Many of us believe that all our problems occur from our own actions and reactions but this is not the case. So if a symptom occurs with something out of the blue and not ordinary to yourself, it is a good idea to ask the Lord if this is an attack and to give you a sign. I usually get the knowing that enlightens me as to the cause—that is if I ask. Thus the very important first step is to ask God for help and understanding as to the cause of some symptom you may have before rushing off to the doctors.

Still, the bests course of action is to prevent these attacks to begin with. The Summit Lighthouse taught to give a "tube of light" decree that is meant as a protective forcefield of light. Unfortunately, after dozens of years of use I can clearly say that accidents and injuries continued. What I believed at the time was that things would have been worse if I had not had on my "tube of light". I also prayed to Archangel Michael for protection and gave the Summit's Archangel Michael decree. We also were taught to give violet flame decrees which are meant to transmute your daily allotment of karma and thereby protect you from any negative return of karma. It all sounded good and we all believed these decrees worked or we would not have stayed on with the ascended master teachings, as decrees were a very integral part of our lives and church services.

While Archangel Michael is a real archangel, the violet flame and the tube of light have no reality. Again, the intent might have afforded some benefits with the giving of these decrees but once you understand what is behind this movement your belief is also gone in the power of decrees.

A great prayer to Archangel Michael comes from Pope Leo XIII who either received it or created it after a vision he had during mass where he saw demonic spirits who were gathering on the Eternal City (Rome).

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil; May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; And do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls.

Another prayer is an Irish prayer usually attributed to one of Ireland’s patron saints, St. Patrick. According to tradition, St. Patrick wrote it in 433 A.D. for divine protection before successfully converting the Irish King Leoghaire and his subjects from paganism to Christianity.

As I arise today,
may the strength of God pilot me,
the power of God uphold me,
the wisdom of God guide me.
May the eye of God look before me,
the ear of God hear me,
the word of God speak for me.
May the hand of God protect me,
the way of God lie before me,
the shield of God defend me,
the host of God save me.
May Christ shield me today.
Christ with me, Christ before me,
Christ behind me,
Christ in me, Christ beneath me,
Christ above me,
Christ on my right, Christ on my left,
Christ when I lie down, Christ when I sit,
Christ when I stand,
Christ in the heart of everyone who thinks of me,
Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me,
Christ in every eye that sees me,
Christ in every ear that hears me.

There are many more similar traditional prayers you can find online. Another step to take in your life is to keep your thoughts and heart pure by not engaging in negative thoughts about others, but rather surrendering any of these thoughts immediately to God. Pay attention to when any unusual symptoms happen and who you have been around or had communication with as it will key you into a possible source. If you are aware that someone you know could be a source of attack then daily prayer specifically mentioning that individual, the healing of their negative energies and the protection of yourself from those energies is necessary until you no longer have any association with them.

I cannot overemphasize the power of using Jesus' name. Immediately upon asking that any dark forces, spirits, demons, or anything that is not of the light to leave my forcefield in Jesus' name, my symptoms stop. I simply say, "In the name of Jesus the Christ I demand all demons, spirits, ghosts, and anything of the lower planes of spirit leave my forcefield now. Be gone! in the name of Jesus Christ. You have no power in my world."

Because my attacks are generally not from evil spirits I do not call for the individuals behind them to be judged, taken to hell, etc. If we have used the above Archangel prayer already then that is all that needs to be said to deal with the evil spirits. I also try to remember to pray daily for particular souls that might be sending out negative energies, then asking Jesus and the healing angels to help them overcome their sins and to guide them to the Light.

We don't need to engage in fear or think every ill to our mind and body is caused by an attack. Balance is important in everything we do, along with daily prayer and being open to the fact that spiritual warfare is active in this world. Yet since not too much focus is placed on this phenomenon in our traditional Christian upbringing, I hope to have brought some insights to help others to recognize that it is possible to be spiritually, mentally and psychically attacked and can happen when we are around negative people.