Coronavirus Pandemic Unpopular Facts


Part II


“Why you fool, it's the educated reader who CAN be gulled. All our difficulty comes with the others. When did you meet a workman who believes the papers? He takes it for granted that they're all propaganda and skips the leading articles. He buys his paper for the football results and the little paragraphs about girls falling out of windows and corpses found in Mayfair flats. He is our problem. We have to recondition him. But the educated public, the people who read the high-brow weeklies, don't need reconditioning. They're all right already. They'll believe anything.”
― C.S. Lewis, That Hideous Strength


This is part II of Coronavirus Pandemic Unpopular Facts. Part I is here. In this part I will discuss:

  • Is science Infallible?
  • January 2022, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson's panel discussion with a group of world-renowned doctors
    • Four Pillars of Pandemic Response
  • Mishandling of the COVID-19 Pandemic
    • Ventilator use on COVID-19 patients
    • Dr. Atlas expose on mishandling within the cornovirus task force
    • PCR tests are inaccurate
    • Unnecessary lockdowns
    • Lack of at home treatment recommendations
    • Introduction of Face Masks

Due to the vast amount of information left to share I will provide the following into part III:

  • Is the COVID "Vaccine" Effective?
    • Natural Immunity
    • Does the vaccine protect you?
    • Are the COVID-19 emergency use vaccines gene therapy?
  • Early At Home Treatment
  • Vaccine adverse reactions
  • Medical records of COVID Hospital and Death reporting skewed

Is Science Infallible?
The reason this is titled "Unpopular Facts" is this information is censored, as covered in Part I. And by a large proportion of society, it is labeled "conspiracy theories". We are told, "believe science". As also mentioned in Part I, science is never infallible. As new facts are uncovered previous conclusions can become obsolete, hence we went from "we (the earth) are the center of the universe" to "we (and all other planets) revolve around the sun".

"Mainstream education teaches us that 99% of DNA links is indicative of where we came from, but we share approximately 65 percent of our DNA with a Banana, what does that mean?"

I was taught in school that Darwin's evolution was a fact. While belief in Darwin's evolution continues in the minds of many scientists the people remain divided, and scientists are speaking out.

"According to the scientists, many of whom are tenured at the world’s leading universities, Darwin’s theory of evolution should no longer be taught in schools to impressionable students as though it is scientific fact."

And coming forward, they have created this document, A Scientific Dissent From Darwinism,1 which is signed by over 500 of the world’s top scientists. And in this article with the document link, the author stated this very important question.

"At the end of the day we simply have to ask ourselves, why is it becoming more and more difficult to question things? Many people live in a state of fear and feel worried about how they will be perceived these days for taking a particular view, be it on human evolution, vaccines, whichever…"

How Many Scientists Reject Darwinism Evolution?2 contains a list of scientists who believe in Divine Creation and many others who cannot be named for fear of reprisal and harm to their careers.

In 1979, Science Digest reported that “scientists who utterly reject evolution may be one of our fastest-growing controversial minorities,” and stated that, “Many of the scientists supporting this position hold impressive credentials in science”.3

The Discovery Institute published “A Scientific Dissent from Darwinism” first printed in The Bullentin.4 On the front page is the following quotation from David Berlinski, Ph.D., Philosophy, Princeton University: “Darwin’s theory of evolution is the great white elephant of contemporary thought. It is large, almost completely useless, and the object of superstitious awe.”

So much for Darwin's theory of evolution and "believe science!"

Senator Ron Johnson's Panel Discussion
On January 24, 2022, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) held a five-hour panel discussion5 with a group of world-renowned doctors and medical experts, as well as testimonies from nurses and injured vaccine recipients. This panel provided a different perspective on the global pandemic response than what has been presented in the news. The discussion covers the current state of knowledge of early and hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy and safety, what went wrong as well as what went right, what should be done now, and what needs to be addressed long term.

The discussion is long but well worth listening to. I also provide a link to a shorter discussion with highlights of important points to pique your interest.

Many Tweets responded on Sen. Ron Johnson’s Twitter account proclaiming the panel amounted to misinformation, as well as news article after news article mocking Johnson saying it was just a re-election strategy for him to win votes. The usual accusations that the information was perpetuating falsehoods about vaccines, unproven cures with a lot of pseudo-science and conspiracy theories were deliberately mocking in an attempt to to put down not only Johnson, but all the panel and the doctors who put their reputations and jobs on the line to bring a different perspective.

The Nation wrote that the most precise description of the "chaotic session" came from the Committee to Protect Health Care who said:

Speaking to an audience of 80,000 people who were watching online, Johnson’s panelists frequently interrupted and contradicted one another, producing a cacophony of ranting and raving about “fraudulent data,” “manipulated data,” “vaccine-enhanced diseases.”6

The following comment is another example from a doctor condemning Johnson's panel:

“Ron Johnson isn’t going to save lives, protect people or get people back safely in schools and to work by rolling out a clown car of COVID-19 conspiracy theorists who will only give people very bad and dangerous ideas,” explained Dr. Robert Freedland, a Wisconsin ophthalmologist who has sounded the alarm about the senator’s mania for misinformation. “Wisconsinites deserve to know that Sen. Johnson continues to give a megaphone to notorious COVID-19 disinformation doctors that include champions of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Trust us, the vast majority of doctors and scientists do not place any stock in these people who work on the fringe of medicine, at best, and in a fantasy world, at worst.”7

"Trust us", he said. I present here many links and facts to show that trusting his words, and others like him, rather than
saving lives many of these "facts" have been scientifically linked to untold harm and death presented by reputable scientists and distinguished doctors from around the world.

It took me a few days to get through all the discussions but it was very enlightening, and also heart-breaking, with what was shared by some from compassionate doctors and nurses and what they have been through.

The following doctors on the panel provided information on four key pillars on what should have been the pandemic response. Dr. Peter McCullough, an internist and vice-chair of Internal Medicine at Baylor University Medical Center and a professor of medicine at Texas A&M College of Medicine published one of the first pieces about early treatment of COVID-19 in the American Journal of Medicine. He explained these four key pillars.

Four Pillars of Pandemic Response

Pillar 1: Limit the spread

  • Dr. Bret Weinstein - PhD in Evolutionary Theory
  • Dr. Jay Bhattacharya - earned a doctorate from the Stanford Economics Department and an MD from Stanford Medical School. Dr. Bhattacharya is now a professor of health policy at Stanford Medical School and a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Pillar 2: Early at Home Treatment

  • Dr. Ryan Cole - Dr. Cole is a Board-Certified Pathologist trained at the Mayo Clinic, and a CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics, one of the largest independent labs in the State of Idaho. Dr. Cole has 20 years of experience in dermatopathology and a particular interest in molecular diagnostics.
  • Dr. Harvey Risch - Renowned Yale epidemiologist, Professor of Epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine. Dr. Risch received his MD degree from the University of California San Diego and PhD, in mathematical modeling of infectious epidemics.
  • Dr. George Fareed - Medical director and family medicine specialist at Pioneers Medical Center in Imperial Valley, California
  • Dr. Pierre Kory, M.P.A., MD, is a pulmonary and critical care specialist and he's the president of Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC Alliance).
  • Dr. Richard Urso - is an emergency medicine physician.
  • Dr. Mary Bowden, Ears, nose and throat physician, did 80,000 covid tests and kept 2,000 people out of the hospital and none have died. Sees a lot of high-risk patients with co-morbidities.

Pillar 3: Hospital Treatment

  • Dr. Paul Marik - is a critical care doctor who has practiced for 35 years in the ICU and whose 500 peer-reviewed articles have been cited in over 48,000 other peer-reviewed publications.
  • Dr. Aaron Kheriaty - is a psychiatrist and ethicist who served as a professor at the University of California-Irvine School of Medicine and the director of the Medical Ethics Program at UCI Health. He describes how the foundational principles of medical ethics have been systematically violated during the COVID-19 pandemic and the grave consequences this has had on doctors, nurses, other health care providers, patients, and the nation's health care system.

Pillar 4: Vaccines

  • Dr. Robert Malone - Original “inventor” of mRNA and DNA vaccine platform.
  • Dr. David Wiseman - a PhD Research scientist with a background in pharmacy, pharmacology and experimental pathology. He was one of the top 66 research scientists at Johnson & Johnson where he headed up a research program overseeing preclinical and clinical research as well as submissions to the FDA. 

Johnson summarized during his 2022 panel discussion how the official recommendations goalposts kept shifting. While this may not be so unusual in a new crisis, hands were being tied to effectively treat this disease and children suffered needlessly in having to wear masks all day at school. Thousands have suffered - and continue to suffer - from adverse vaccine reactions and many more have died from those reactions.

“Public health officials pursued a one-size-fits-all response that relied heavily on creating a state of fear to ensure compliance,” Johnson said, noting that Covid was discovered more than two full years ago. “They also kept moving the goalposts. For example, we went from a two-week shutdown to flatten the curve to zero Covid, from masks weren’t necessary to a single mask wasn’t adequate, from a vaccine that would prevent infection to a vaccine that would reduce the severity of the disease. And as goalposts were moving, different viewpoints were being crushed.”

These above panel doctors are referenced throughout the rest of this part II and into part III with their opinions, real-life experiences in treating COVID patients, their recommendations as well as experiences in being ostracized, condemned and sometimes even fired from their positions for their stance to comply with the original Hippocratic oath "First to do no harm". Today the oath is modified to say "to apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures [that] are required, avoiding those twin traps of overtreatment and therapeutic nihilism". If one uses "therapeutic nihilism" they may treat using many "cures" that do more harm than good. Rather, they should instead hold to the practice of encouraging the body to heal itself.

What many of these doctors revealed was a punitive hospital environment where they had to watch their patients die as their hands were tied. They were not allowed to treat their patients as doctors but forced to use the protocol for COVID treatment only, a protocol established without "valid" scientific proof to back up the harmful effects of the prescribed treatment of Remdesivir, an antiviral drug, on COVID patients. At the same time, their autonomy as physicians was removed where they were being prohibited from prescribing harmless and inexpensive off-label previously approved drugs. More about that will be explained below.

The panel also discussed censorship from Big Tech and the mainstream media, the pandemic response effect on children, and vaccine mandate impact on worker shortage. Invitations were extended to Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Dr. Rochelle Walensky, and others, but were declined.

One important point was addressed between Dr. McCullough, Dr. Kheriaty and others in which he described the way in which Big Pharma has captured the FDA and CDC. The doctors elaborated on the revolving door between Big Pharma and these agencies, whereby ultimately the agenda of pharmaceutical companies is put first. Dr. Kheriaty and Dr. Cole then went on to explain how doctors who attempt to heal patients are threatened to comply with the agencies’ guidelines under the fear that they will lose their licenses. But who owns the Big Pharma?8

Mishandling Pandemic Response

Whether you are on the side of "trust the science" or the doubters that this pandemic was handled in a most unethical manner, it is good to review the facts and see what did go wrong and what could be better done, if not now but for the future. Some things we can't change except through prayer, like what decisions our governments make for us. Still, we can make the decisions for our personal health care and agree or disagree to go along with the system. Unfortunately for many, they felt that "going along" was the only choice or they risked losing their jobs and income or lost the ability to move and socialize. Some also felt they were doing their job by taking the jab and being "responsible" citizens and showing their care for others.

Dr. Paul Marik, M.D. at the Johnson hearing said in referring to the 850,000 Americans who have died of Covid, “These have been unnecessary, needless deaths.”9 Dr. Marik was highly critical of the very expensive and “toxic” new drug remdesivir that was the official drug given for hospitalized Covid patients. He asked, “The question is why? Why have cheap, safe, and effective drugs been ignored for the treatment of Covid-19 which could have saved maybe 500,000 lives?”

We'll get more into that in a later section. I cite in this article a lot of studies done to prove or disapprove the use of vaccines, certain drugs, who is dying of COVID, the vaccines, and why, etc. What we need to remember is research costs money and many of those entities who fund the research have an ulterior motive for doing so, such as Big Pharma trying to get their new vaccines or drugs approved. Funding comes with strings attached. These entities are government institutions, billionaires, universities, and corporations, whose billions of dollars are needed for scientific research to continue.

"Henry H. Bauer, chemistry professor and former dean of arts and sciences at Virginia Tech published a paper in 2004 in which he describes how science is actually practiced in the last decades of the 20th and into the 21 century. The costs of research keep on increasing, forcing the creation of “knowledge monopolies” and “cooperating specialists” that discourage any dissent. This new modus operandi leads to a scientific consensus that lacks creativity, genuine innovation, and disinterested truth-seeking."

That was published in 2004 and today we are clearly seeing the negative effects of "strings attached" if we take the time to look.

Ventilator use on COVID-19 patients
WebMD had an article on the ventilator use dangers in COVID hospital patients with surprising facts about its dangers. Modern doctors are observing what had been proven almost 200 years ago: Mechanical ventilation is a dangerous and damaging practice. Yet, this ventilator use has continued in hospitals throughout the pandemic.

Researchers in Wuhan reported that, of 37 critically ill Covid-19 patients who were put on mechanical ventilators, 30 died within a month.10 Another study was done in the U.S. of patients in Seattle, only one of the seven patients older than 70 who were put on a ventilator survived; just 36% of those younger than 70 did.11 One investigation showed a staggering 80% of COVID-19 patients in New York City who were placed on ventilators died.

While many who go on a ventilator die, those who survive likely will have ongoing breathing problems caused by either the machine or the damage done by the virus. The longer a patient stays on a ventilator the more likely they will suffer complications from the forced oxygen in their lungs.11

With this information, one lesson that needed to be shared among hospitals was to stop early ventilator intervention and use other options like high-flow nasal cannulas that sit below the nostrils and blow large volumes of warm, humidified oxygen into the nose and lungs. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is another treatment that allows the body to absorb a higher percentage of oxygen without forcing air into the lungs. 

The combination of giving the drug remdesivir and the use of ventilators for hospital patients has resulted in not only patients dying from lung failure but also from kidney failure due to the remdesivir. Remdesivir was the first FDA approved drug (October 2020) for COVID-19. I will cover more on remdesivir and the studies done in part III.

Do hospitals have a financial incentive to put patients on a ventilator and administer remdesivir? Yes!

CDC Director Robert Redfield acknowledged during a House hearing in July 2020 that COVID-19 data could be inflated because hospitals receive a monetary gain by reporting COVID-19 cases. Republican Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer of Missouri questioned Redfield during a House Oversight and Reform subcommittee hearing on coronavirus containment. He asked about the “perverse incentive” for hospitals to classify deaths as being coronavirus related when the virus didn’t cause the death. 

“As long as you have COVID in your system you get to claim it as a COVID death, which means you get more money as attending physician, hospital, whatever,” Luetkemeyer said during the hearing. “Would you like to comment on that, about the perverse incentive? Is there an effort to try and do something different?”

Redfield responded by telling the congressman, “I think you’re correct in that and we’ve seen this in other disease processes too.”

Hospitals receive payments for:

  • COVID testing for all patients
  • COVID diagnoses
  • Admitting a “COVID patient”
  • Use of remdesivir
  • Use of mechanical ventilation
  • COVID deaths

A more in-depth analysis on this incentive is in part III.

Dr. Scott Atlas' expose on the mishandling of the pandemic
Dr. Atlas was called to the Whitehouse in August 2020 to assist as Special Advisor to the President with the White House Coronavirus Task Force. He served until December 2020. Atlas has written a book A Plague Upon Our House: My Fight at the Trump White House to Stop COVID from Destroying America about his experience.12 This book is highly recommended by readers for learning how true science was ignored in favor of political and financial agendas.

Dr. Atlas explained that it is common knowledge that science has become contaminated with politics. He reiterated the fact that the process of science and finding scientific truths depends upon the free exchange of ideas. But this process has been blocked and that has become very evident during this pandemic. The information, he said, should be debated to allow the process of discovering the answer in what science can reveal and then using that evidence to state freely the results without fear of intimidation and censure. "Yet in this pandemic, he said, particularly we have seen quite the opposite on our university campuses, in scientific journals."

PCR tests are inaccurate
Dr. Atlas has done many interviews and presentations about the adverse effects of the lockdowns, school closures, the effects on children and others which can be found on the internet. He said these steps can be the direct outcome of the abuse of PCR in COVID-19 testing. After nearly two years of educating the public about the inherent flaws in the use of PCR testing errors, the information is finally coming out publicly.

At the pandemic’s outset, regulations prohibited labs outside the federal government from developing a test for COVID-19.13 Only a CDC lab was authorized to do so. Even though officials knew the CDC’s diagnostic kit was flawed — it had a 33 percent failure rate — it was approved for general use on February 6, 2020.14 According to Atlas the problem was not just with the testing method:

“Fragments of dead virus hang around and can generate a positive test for many weeks or months, even though one is not generally contagious after two weeks. Moreover, PCR is extremely sensitive. It detects minute quantities of viruses that do not transmit infection…. Even the New York Times wrote in August that 90 percent or more of positive PCR tests falsely implied that someone was contagious. Sadly, during my entire time at the White House, this crucial fact would never even be addressed by anyone other than me at the Task Force meetings, let alone because for any public recommendation, even after I distributed data proving this critical point.”15

The creator of the PCR test Kary Mullis said that the PCR test is not an accurate way to test for a virus years ago, long before the first outbreak of Covid-19. According to CDC’s Rochelle Walensky, PCR tests often produce a large number of false positives. Noting that these unreliable tests can stay positive for up to 12 weeks after infection, Walensky warned “we would have people in isolation for a very long time if we were relying on PCRs.”

It was only recently that I uncovered the extent of this issue after some research. My personal experience validated PCR inaccuracy. My granddaughter was very sick for two weeks in early 2021. She was tested three times and each test came back negative for COVID, although her step-mother and step-sisters were sick with COVID in the same household. While false negatives are bad enough and can contribute to the spread of the disease, false positives are worse for society.

According to a Johns Hopkins study,16 this so-called gold standard RT-PCR test (different from a PCR test) can have a false negative up to 20 to 66 percent of the time in even symptomatic patients depending upon the test’s timing. False negatives can be up to 100 percent on day one of exposure (asymptomatic) and down to 20 percent on day 8 of exposure (day 3 of symptoms) and then starts going up again. Statistics tell us that the false-negative rate goes up even higher as the prevalence of disease goes up, as is the case with COVID right now.

In a statement released on December 14, 2020, the World Health Organization finally owned up to what 100,000’s of doctors and medical professionals have been saying for months: the PCR test used to diagnose COVID-19 is a hit-and-miss process with way too many false positives.17 Fauci and the FDA admitted in January 2021 that the PCR tests are inaccurate both for false positives and false negatives. Yet the CDC just started phasing out these tests in late 2021 and early 2022 for the Multiplex Assay PCR test,18 which is created to test for multiple viruses not just the COVID.

While all hospitalized children are now being tested for SARS-CoV-2, nearly half of those who test positive for the virus never develop symptoms of COVID-19, according to Stanford Medical. Yet these hospitalizations are counted as COVID-19 related. Stanford pediatrics published a paper showing more than half of pediatrics hospitalizations for COVID had zero symptoms of COVID.19

Unnecessary Lockdowns
Dr. Atlas tried to lead the Taskforce focus on the protection of nursing homes relating that the medical, social, and economic disruptions of the lockdowns would cost more years of life than the coronavirus. While he was on the White House coronavirus task force, Bill Gates derided him as “this Stanford guy with no background” promoting “crackpot theories.”20 (Atlas was a health-policy analyst at Stanford’s Hoover Institution.) Nearly 100 members of Stanford’s faculty signed a letter denouncing his “falsehoods and misrepresentations of science,” and an editorial in the Stanford Daily urged the university to sever its ties to Hoover.21

False COVID positives have many problems for societies. Atlas said, "the lockdowns were a sinful, unconscionable, heinous mistake" that did far more harm than good. Unfortunately, the most vulnerable in the U.S. and the poorest countries of the world bore the brunt of the lockdowns. Students from disadvantaged families suffered the most from school closures. Forced closures of small businesses caused bankruptcies, and children everywhere spent a year wearing masks as fearmongering adults blamed children for spreading the disease. Suicides in the youth began a spiked increase beginning in 2020.

Suspected suicide attempts accounted for about 50% of the total calls to poison control centers among children aged 10–12 in 2000 ― a figure that ballooned to 80% in 2020, the researchers found.

Both the number of calls and the proportion related to suicide attempts increased among children aged 10–12, Sheridan says. By 2020, the researchers found, poison control centers were fielding 4.5 times as many suicide-related calls among kids of this age group as they had in 2000. This jump was the largest such increase for any age group in the study, he says.

...The CDC earlier reported a sharp rise in suicide attempts among youth during the early months of the pandemic, especially among girls aged 12–17 years. During February 21–March 20, 2021, suspected suicide attempt ED visits were 50.6% higher among girls aged 12–17 years than during the same period in 2019.22

Children's mental health has been ailing since 2000, believed to be due to the rise in social media. Unfortunately for our family, I can attest to these statistics. We are now experiencing this fact touching our family. My 15-year-old granddaughter has become a part of these statistics. She is in the hospital right now for suicidal thoughts and receiving treatment. A sweet child who has not one nasty bone in her body and who is a victim of the onslaught against the innocent who does not know how to speak out and defend themselves against bullying and ostracization they often receive through social media. And coupled with the mask-wearing and school shutdowns, her traumas have increased to the point of severe depression.

According to U.S. Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy, facts have shown an alarming number of young people struggled with feelings of helplessness, depression, and thoughts of suicide even before the pandemic but since the beginning of the pandemic there has been an alarming increase in mental disorders. The Surgeon General said:

"COVID-19 has shown significant impacts on the development, emotional and behavioral health and social and economic wellbeing of children across America, further exacerbating already existing inequities...The COVID-19 pandemic further altered their experiences at home, school, and in the community, and the effect on their mental health has been devastating...But the long-term effects of lockdown, contact restrictions, and online schooling on the "Corona generation" will probably only be seen in a few years...The future wellbeing of our country depends on how we support and invest in the next generation."23

Atlas early on said there was no “science” to support these lockdowns but were driven by a media campaign of fear that overstated the bad news and refused to acknowledge the good. Another negative result of hospital monetary incentives was the exaggerated fatality rates because reports failed to distinguish patients who died with COVID-19 from patients who died from COVID-19. Atlas said that two-thirds of COVID-19 deaths occurred in individuals with six or more co-morbidities. Most reports I have found state that many of the COVID deaths had two to four co-morbidities.

Science showed that the overwhelming majority of Americans were not at serious risk, according to the facts Atlas presented to the task team, and for those who were, vaccines were progressing at “warp speed.” With the Delta variant, public health officials and the media have been accused of misleading the public about relative risk. It soon became clear that the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions bore the brunt of the virus, while even the early studies showed there were no children hospitalized because of COVID. The children were hospitalized “with” COVID and not “from” COVID.24  The vast majority of people who contracted the virus were either asymptomatic or had relatively mild symptoms or were falsely tested positive, although that correlation might be an elephant in the room. The risk of death is small for those with no underlying condition regardless of age, Atlas said.

While the newspapers were not sharing any good news about the virus neither was Dr. Fauci. Atlas believes it was because good news threatened the lockdown mandates. Task Force members affirmatively declined to “take it upon themselves to know the data and to say it truthfully.” Instead, they intentionally instilled fear in the American public to force compliance with the lockdowns.

Atlas knows because he was in the room when Fauci admitted it in a late-August Task Force meeting. “Americans” Fauci insisted, “were not yet afraid enough,” as if fear were the policy goal. When he pressed Fauci to make sure he hadn’t misunderstood, Fauci doubled down, saying, “Yes, they need to be more afraid.”  Atlas was incredulous.25 

Lack of at-home treatment recommendations
“I am really tired of watching the U.S. health system’s failed response,” Dr. Kory of the Johnson panel said.

Things like not testing the vaccinated, things like not recommending vitamin D, not checking vitamin D levels, some of the things [that are] so fundamental and basic about medicine. I’m calling attention to the corruption. These innumerable failed policies are literally written by the pharmaceutical companies. Every single policy serves the pharmaceutical companies. Outside the United States, look around the world, there have been numerous successes.

Dr. Kory went on to say that the successful treatment of COVID-19 using ivermectin and other therapies is being actively suppressed. Few, for instance, have heard about the astonishing success in Uttar Pradesh, India, which embraced large-scale prophylactic and therapeutic use of ivermectin for COVID-19 patients, close contacts of patients and health care workers.26

Uttar Pradesh, India's most populous state with a population of 230 million, had a COVID-19 positivity rate of almost zero after the home treatment kits were delivered, marking a major public health achievement that Kory believes should be a model for the world. By September 2021, 67 of the 75 districts had not one active case of COVID-19, with .0007% eradicating COVID from their borders. Dr. John Campbell explains in detail what happened in his video of September 2021.27 What were in those home kits? Tylenol, Vitamin C, Multivitamin, Zinc, Vitamin D3, Ivermectin 12 mg [10 tablets], Doxycycline 100 mg [10 tablets]. Even the World Health Organization praised Uttar Pradesh for their excellent public health measures, which included sending people out to villages to conduct rapid COVID-19 tests and, if positive, treat patients and close contacts with ivermectin.

WHO, however, did not mention ivermectin as part of Uttar Pradesh’s success story. And, as par to course, Uttar Pradesh's success story has been suppressed and "debunked".

Studies have found that Vitamin D deficiency is associated with a higher risk of COVID-19 hospitalization. Not only does vitamin D support the immune system, but it disrupts the coronavirus from binding to the ACE2 receptor which can cause a host of problems, like high blood pressure, inflammation, and oxidative stress, and lead to acute respiratory distress syndrome and organ failure. Thus, vitamin D recommendations have become part of the front-line doctors' protocol for preventing COVID infections or assisting the body in the early stages of the disease.

One study done found that one high dose of Vitamin D during hospitalization did not reduce the time of hospital stay. Yet, can one dose turn around someone's immune system at the height of severe illness? From samples in populations, it has been estimated that 25% of US and Australian populations, as well as nearly 40% of Canadian and European populations, are below the level of vitamin D deficiency. These deficiency rates are largely attributed to the rising prevalence of obesity and sedentary indoor lifestyles, as well as sunscreen use and sun avoidance from fears of skin cancer.

The CDC's advice for people who test COVID positive is to:

Isolate at home
get rest
stay hydrated
wear a face mask
take over-the-counter medicines, such as acetaminophen
get medical help if you have trouble breathing

There is not even a recommendation for taking vitamin C, a known immune support vitamin. Doctors who support vaccinations for everyone, and believe everything the CDC, WHO, NIH, and the AMA recommends are not about to tell their patients to take vitamins, especially if they are in the back pocket of Big Pharma. Doctors have minimal training in nutrition. They learn how to dispense drugs, not vitamins. Yet, a few have dared to step out of this hallowed circle created by the American Medical Association (AMA), and risk their careers during this pandemic, and have recommended supplements as well as a few repurposed drugs that work on viruses.

I highly recommend Eustace Mullin's book, "Murder by Injection: The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America ".28 It is a thorough disclosure on how the medical monopoly began, and the rise of such organizations as the AMA and the American Cancer Society, whose aim is not to cure cancer! 

Wise and valid recommendations for healing and preventing COVID are presented in part III.

Sometime in 2021, some videos came to light that involved a meeting in October 2019 that was held at the Milken Institute with Dr. Anthony Fauci, HHS officials, and Senior Vice President of the Rockefeller Foundation Dr. Rick Bright. The Milken Institute is generously funded by the Rockefellers and Wall Street.

“Why do we not blow the system up”, disrupting the bureaucratic process, establishing “an entity of excitement,” said Dr. Bright intimated that a new virus from China could be used to enforce a universal vaccine.  “We could use the RNA sequence from that”.

The panel discussion focused on what they perceived as the need for a universal flu vaccine. By "universal" they mean a vaccine that works on all viruses, not like the traditional vaccines that need to introduce an inactivated version of the pathogen or parts from it into the body in order to activate the immune system. They discuss the need to speed up a universal flu vaccine release that would treat all variations. The conundrum was that the old way of producing vaccines was not sufficient for their purposes and takes too long to approve because of extensive testing that needs to be done for approval and that they needed some kind of global event, even suggesting some kind of novel avian virus might come out of China where many people were dying so as to be able to roll out a new mRNA vaccine to be tested on the public. Several agreed that the annual flu virus was not scary enough to create an event that would convince people to get a universal vaccine.

Dr. Fauci said, “So we really do have a problem of how the world perceives influenza, and it’s gonna be difficult to change that, unless you do it from within and say, ‘I don’t care what your perception is, we’re gonna address the problem.’ In a disruptive way and in an iterative way, because you do need both,” Fauci said.

One America’s Pearson Sharp gave a harsh critique of these videos linking them to the outbreak of COVID-19 or at least to the purposeful handling of the pandemic in order to follow their own agenda, which was not to protect the people and the nation.29 Every person has to decide for themselves if these videos which appear to accurately portray the future pandemic were just a coincidence or involved something more sinister.

Introduction of Face Masks
On March 2, 2020, the US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams posted on Twitter "Seriously people, STOP BUYING MASKS!" That was in response to face mask shortages as people stocked up as news of the coronavirus was spreading. "They are NOT effective in preventing the general public from catching Coronavirus, but if healthcare providers can't get them to care for sick patients, it puts them and our communities at risk!" he continued.30

Still, countries across the world implemented mandatory wearing of facemasks in public or in certain public or business areas. Today the Mayo Clinic today states, "Face masks combined with other preventive measures, such as getting vaccinated, frequent hand-washing and physical distancing, can help slow the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19."31

In October 2020 American Society for Microbiology ("ASM") published a study by a team that tested the efficacy of masks on virus transmissions using airborne transmission simulators. Their conclusion:

Airborne simulation experiments showed that cotton masks, surgical masks, and N95 masks provide some protection from the transmission of infective SARS-CoV-2 droplets/aerosols; however, medical masks (surgical masks and even N95 masks) could not completely block the transmission of virus droplets/aerosols even when sealed. 32

Doing a search via the internet you can find studies that say they confirm that masks help reduce the spread of the coronavirus by up to 70%. You can also find studies that say otherwise. It is a bit more complicated to determine how effective masks are because the virus is transported inside aerosol droplets.

In an article published June 2020, a Swiss study done by co-authored by Michael Riediker, Swiss Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health, found that through a simulated model  "the estimated infectious risk posed by a person with typical viral load who breathes normally was low, and only a few people with very high viral load posed an infection risk in a poorly ventilated closed environment."33 The implications of these findings for everyday life and the workplace are that individuals may be at risk of infection if they spend more than a few minutes in a small room with a person who is infected with COVID-19 and has a high viral load and the rate of infection may be reduced if an N95 mask worn by all parties.

The Center for Neurology and Spine published this compilation on mask effectiveness. In December 2021 they published Do masks work?34 citing more than 150 Comparative Studies and Articles on Mask Ineffectiveness and Harms. This is a very comprehensive article to use for research.

The diagram above shows the particle sizes giving a visual of how small a virus is to bacteria and shows why when there are wildfires the smoke hangs in the air so long for its small particle size and the need to wear protection. Still, the Zika virus is even smaller than the coronavirus.

On Rep. Johnson's panel Steve Kirsch, a Silicon Valley philanthropist who founded the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund displayed an awkward-looking mask that he said would be the only one 100% effective against the virus. Kirsch referenced research showing a lack of effectiveness for cloth and surgical masks, and that the highly touted N95 masks were only nominally more effective. 

“The only mask that is proven to work is the one they don’t tell you about,” Kirsch said. “This is the only mask that works. It is 150 times more effective than an N95 mask. 

Sweden's approach to face masks and shutdowns to the coronavirus pandemic has been out of step with much of the world. The government never ordered a "shutdown" and kept daycare centers and primary schools open, and for the most part over the two years, they required no mandatory mask-wearing except on public transport.

It is hard to state any conclusions on their low-level shutdown as to how much it reduced or increased cases. One reason is they did not start vaccinations until later than many countries. Today they are about 80% vaccinated. In 2021 when they had a high amount of deaths it was due to not protecting properly the elderly in nursing homes (chart on right). Note that in 1.8 million school children there is not one COVID death.

In comparison, Belgium, a similar size country, had approximately 24,000 deaths over the age of 65, Sweden had 17,000. Belgium wore masks, shut down in-class learning during 2021, and provided other methods of control.

Is mask mandates for children worth the harm it is doing to our children when a recent study showed it is only preventing one case per month? A study funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) interprets their results as proof that mask mandates work. An article describes how the results are skewed as it was knowingly set up in such a way that it would ignore thousands of positive COVID cases in mask-mandatory schools.35

I will continue with "Is the COVID-19 "Vaccine" Effective?" and testimonies of vaccine injuries and more in part III.


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