The Awakening to Wisdom

This article is a continuation of The Division of Truth. I won't repeat in this article what has already been shared, but continue with the story of why the two ascended master group and messengers divided and where wisdom fits in this separation, and why wisdom is the highlighted topic. What was it that divided Adam and Eve from unity with God? Supposedly, Eve was after greater wisdom as the Serpent told her she could have if she ate of forbidden tree's fruit. For Adam, the same or he would not have joined her. Interestingly, what actually is being said in the following verse most people might not see:

So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate, and she also gave some to her husband who was with her, and he ate. (Gen. 3:1-7)

The verse reads that Adam was with her, which implies that he heard the whole of the conversation between the serpent and his wife, Eve, but not only did he not intervene to stop her but ate of the fruit as well. Whether the story is a myth, allegory or factual, it is meant to convey that the feminine side of us desires to be wise and through reasoning and thought we can convince ourselves of anything that it is right to do with enough cunning input from within or without.

I have previously painted the picture of my sense of not having wisdom and the belief that men, especially those around me, generally have greater wisdom than women do. In the New Age or Ascended Master movements many joined to find greater truth and hence, wisdom, to understand the mysteries of God. Still, many came because they believed they already had this greater wisdom and they wanted a place and time to share with those of like mind. Who could appreciate or give recognition to their wisdom but those who believe they are already in the place of the highest wisdom on the planet?

I came into the Teachings already having inner wisdom without knowing that I did. I knew what to do and I did it, regardless of my youth, because I mostly relied on God to act through me even as a child, not on my parents, and that only grew stronger as I gained more and more autonomy. This was highly unusual but I did not know this. I have heard those who tell their stories that they saw or conversed with angels from childhood and thought everyone else did the same. It is not something you can be cognizant about as a child. Therefore, when I came into the Teachings I easily set aside my inner knowing in deference to the "Masters" who obviously knew more than I did, after all, they were in heaven and I am behind the veil in the earth.

This knowing is not something you can own. Today, I understand this knowing as God. This knowing is also wisdom. God gives you the wisdom to make the right decisions that not only benefit you personally but the all. How great is that? I once read, “Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.” I laughed when I first read that. Experience, practice, and internalizing truth help on this path to becoming one with God's wisdom. We can know this wisdom yet wisdom goes beyond knowledge. We can gain all kinds of knowledge and that can be good, and some of us have a better brain to retain that knowledge and regurgitate it at any given moment. Others have trouble remembering what they ate for lunch the day before. Wisdom, on the other hand, takes discernment, judgment, assessment, and courage, and then the ability to take action and move your energies in the right direction—towards Love.

Therefore, I had wisdom and did not know it. I subconsciously had negative patterns of belief that governed me above my inner knowing—and I allowed it. Most of those came from the world that I accepted and internalized as truth without consciously being aware I was doing so, as most of us do. Until we see these negative patterns for what they are, a lie, we are controlled by them. Maturity and wisdom are necessary to transcend the negativity in the world. To do so you have to have God, as God is the true source of wisdom and our true Reality. While I was experiencing these subconscious negative beliefs, I most certainly would have drawn the fulfillment of them into my world.

Challenging the Lie
As the months unfolded, this negative belief pattern was not only personally visible to me, it became a community focus, for, in truth, I was spearheading the exposure and healing of something that has remained hidden, but not, in the psyche of all on this planet. We can see all around us the failure of marriages and relationships between men and women and yet have not thought beyond what we see to really look at the core issue. The community around me was galvanized to stand and defend truth and expose the lie. They challenged the serpent and the lie constantly. I was spiritually directed to encourage the people around me to speak out what they spiritually understood as we continually experienced this put-down of our wisdom from those who were projecting and implying that other people were less than they were. They received the direction to write, speak out, and challenge what they knew in their hearts was not true and expose the lies with their wisdom and understanding and God's truth. Moreover, they did. It was miraculous to see. Even people who were very shy or rarely wrote emails would send off to Kim such astounding words of wisdom and sometimes even engage with him when he answered back, which was rare for him, that you could not help stand in awe at what God was doing through us.

As we met up with ungodly energies that were coming from people who were supposed to be God's elite in love and wisdom I was not consciously aware of why all this was happening until one day, a few months after our separation, I experienced such a deep sorrow. It seemed to go back in time to the beginning of the separation of man and women from their true wisdom within. We were holding a prayer vigil via the Internet for Kim whereupon afterward we shared some ideas together. One man started challenging me on what appeared to be my attachment to my husband and feelings of inferiority. It escalated into touching upon this unknown feeling of inadequacy and lack of wisdom. Unbeknownst to all in attendance, I turned off my microphone and cried my heart out. It was not my sorrow; it was much, much greater than me. It was as if all the pain of the women in the world was coming through me. That night was an awakening that we were up against something greater than a marriage breakup between two people with different belief systems in what Christ taught and who Jesus really is.

We were led to some great things through the inner guidance I received; yet I still had a lot of false guidance, especially personal to myself that I needed to address. I was like a child with an open door to the unseen world and did not know how or why the darkness would walk through that door that I had designated for only God's word. Although I would come to greater wisdom in time in what I was meeting up with, the process would take a long time. First I had to experience physically over and over again receiving accusations that were hurled my way from not only my husband but the community that galvanized around him supporting his every word and action. Then I had to face that I had accepted the lie within my consciousness and that Being truly was God's plan for us. After all, I had the School of Being—and taught that philosophy—and this was what I was indirectly accused of falsely teaching because it went against the Conscious You system. Those who supported my husband, I learned, had their own agendas. Some had hated me since the beginning but kept it hidden in their minds, although some displayed it towards me on occasion and then quickly hid it again. After all, I was Kim's wife still.

Facebook Encounter
Yet after Kim openly started stating his objections to me it was like a vigilante came out against me, not only supported by my husband but encouraged to the point that three years after our separation and a year after our divorce he suddenly unblocked me from his website Facebook page. Why would he have done that? I was still publicly challenging his Conscious You that he was teaching as God's truth. Whether I had the absolute truth or not I had enough moral integrity to recognize where Kim's truth was not God's truth.

I believe Kim wanted his followers to have an outlet of public communication with me so that he and they could shred my reputation into pieces and make me look like not only a fool but also worse. At one point Kim compared me to the psychopath mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik. Some of the individuals who attempted to rip me apart were very serpentine. One man with his cruel and malicious remarks tried to engage me in communication with him. I believed it was best not to engage him directly knowing it was Kim's intention that we dialog so as to embroil me in a serpentine conversation where only the serpent could win. There were many people on those threads who spewed forth hateful energies, including our daughter, and used this opportunity to vilify me, writing things about my past that were untrue.

This outright hatred reminded me of the Scriptures where Jesus said it was not His time to stand before the Pharisees and be killed while teaching at a public festival, He said, "The world cannot hate you, but it hates me because I testify that its works are evil" (John 7:7). We, as a group were hated and most especially me, because I was the leader encouraging all to speak out against the evil we witnessed.

I encourage all to read or reread John 7, as it is a very moving account of what Jesus was up against and how profoundly He spoke and how moved people were to witness the wisdom coming through Him.

Apparently, Jesus claimed the Pharisees who challenged him had not the same father as He did, but of the devil. He said to those who were trying to kill him,

"You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies" (John 8:44).

The temptation of Eve certainly qualifies as being in the beginning, as it is the first recorded event involving Eve after her creation. The serpent also lied to Eve when he said, "You shall not surely die" and the serpent’s efforts resulted in the penalty of death falling on not only Adam and Eve, but overall through the whole human race. Therefore, Jesus’ term of ‘"murderer" could also apply to the serpent that tempted Eve. This does not say that the serpent was actually the devil or Satan, but that through his mouth came the words of the Antichrist, as the Pharisees were also likewise doing. These fallen angels were also once of God, yet once they crossed the line to raise themselves above God there was no longer any place in heaven for them. They made their choice.

In our community, in our little way, we were moved and shocked that people of God could be so angry with other people of God when we did not agree with their truth and challenged it. Were those who believed in this Conscious You, with their "new" Jesus and Mary, really loving people of God?  Matthew Henry, an eighteenth-century Bible commentator succinctly expressed what we came to know as the Conscious You truth in his comment on the serpent's temptation to Eve:

"He [Satan] is the great promoter of falsehood of every kind. He is a liar, all his temptations are carried on by his calling evil good, and good evil, and promising freedom in sin."

Not only did the Conscious You people promote evil as good and good as evil, but also we can see it so clear and predominant in the world around us today, even more so than ten years ago when this separation began. Kim was the worst as their leader, writing outrageous stories and making up facts as well as giving dictations that were to us clearly presenting evil as good under the guise of "higher truths."

In our Facebook exchange, while I had the facts to prove his personal accusations and lies against me were false, he would ignore what I replied and go on to write another post with more lies. This went on for two weeks until one day he realized he had nothing left to accuse me and I would not engage with his followers and so he deleted every post and thread, which by that time was a lot, and banned me once again. Thankfully, I had copies of 99% of everything written. The fact that he never countered anything I wrote was astounding as well as he let this go on publicly for two weeks. It was incredible to witness and be a part of that experience.

In one email communication to the community around me, he wrote confidential information he had gleaned from past counseling with Shangra-la members who remained at my side. That was very unethical, yet he did it to prove that their sexual morality was no better than his was today. Of course, that wasn't true. These individuals sought counsel and confession as if they were going to a Catholic confession. They were not today continuing that behavior. He even went after my past but one part of my past involved him. He freely wrote in a book written after our separation (now taken off the market) that he and his first wife had sexual relations before they were married. Kim and I did not. He wrote to our community that it was because of him. He said that I was the one who wanted to have premarital sex but he was the one that stopped it! If that were the case, I would have felt highly honored that he did not feel that way about his first wife and their premarital sex but he felt our union was too holy and pure to dishonor it with premarital sex!

People of the Lie
M. Scott Peck wrote a book called, The People of the Lie: The Hope For Healing Human Evil. He was a psychiatrist and became very enlightened through his work on what evil looked like through people based on his experiences with some of the people who he worked with for years with little or no healing. Yet, they kept coming back. Peck could not help those individuals because they were resistant to being healed. Some were pathological liars. It is a great book to help you understand the evil that is in the world and that may even be in your own family units. He has many other books that are as good or better but I have only read a few.

After I went through the divorce with my first husband, I could not understand what was going on between us. I finally enlisted my mother to help me by being a witness to what my ex-husband said to me and I to him. She then could confirm whether my husband was lying to me or I was "forgetting" what was really said. For example,I would ask my ex-husband if I could do something with the children on such and such weekend and he might say, "Okay" only to later have him deny not only that he had never agreed to something but also that I had never even asked! I finally determined I would have to tape our conversations so that I could prove to him that I did say this and he did say that. I eventually bought some type of phone recording system (in the days when cell phones were not common and landlines were used) but never did catch him before I moved away. At times, I thought I was going crazy and that it was my memory that was so bad. In a past article, I shared that my husband had a photographic memory. This was not a man to forget our conversations.

After reading Peck's book, I finally understood. My ex-husband was one of these kinds of people he described in his book. He believed his lie so perfectly that I wondered in my sanity, he was that convincing. Unless you have ever confronted such a situation, it might be difficult to understand how someone can lie to your face and deny it when you know they are! More difficult still is to accept when it is family, someone you have lived with and trusted and never imagined could so blatantly lie.

I had never caught Kim in a lie to others or myself prior to his personality change, yet suddenly he was easily lying. I mentioned in a previous article Kim publicly writing on Facebook comparing me to Breivek as a psychopath. Interestingly enough, being a psychopath was never diagnosed for Breivek. He was diagnosed as either a paranoid schizophrenic or having a narcissist personality disorder. Kim expressed, while writing on his Facebook page to his daughter, that I was seeking to destroy him, lying and making things up about him. (That would have included the whole community around me as they also wrote him the same things!) Then he attempted to pull the heartstrings, "Part of me feels: 'But I was married to this woman for 20 years and loved and supported her to the best of my ability; what did I do to deserve this?' Continuing he writes, "In other words, there must be a reason she is doing this, right? And if there is a reason, there must be something to reason with."

He continues that I am being self-destructive and how he just heard an addiction expert explain how addictions can override anything else in our psyches, even the mother instinct and that addicts have lost the ability to reason about their addiction. (Not sure what addiction he was implying I was addicted to since I have no physical addictions or an addictive personality or I would have physical addictions.) Then he goes on to bring Breivik in as one "who lost all his reasoning ability and became a mass murderer and how frightening is that?" Then he ties it all together saying, "A part of me doesn't want to accept that I was married to a psychopath for twenty years and I didn't see it. Yet her actions and words are literally as self-contradictory as those of Breivik and others in that state of mind."

Narcissist Disorder
I will explain about the Conscious You and the mirroring technique. This talking about addiction that addicts have, right after talking about me, and then following with linking me with Breivik as someone to be afraid of that I might commit a mass murder like this psychopath (who is not but really a narcissist) is the use of mirroring and projecting technique. I would liken it to the technique the Serpent would have used on Eve to get her to do something she normally would not do. It is mental and emotional manipulation. I have also spoken previously that this daughter he is talking to is a narcissist. Her own siblings knew this. They were the ones who pointed it out to me after she attempted to destroy my friendships, reputation and me. What I came to realize later was that Kim also had these narcissist tendencies—and not one but almost all of them.

Narcissists tend to have a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and lack of empathy as indicated by five or more of the following:

  • Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (Believes his relationship with Jesus is above others)
  • Is preoccupied with fantasies of wealth, power, fame, and public praise or ideal love (the perfect partner or being a bestselling author)
  • Exaggerated feelings of self-importance (He is the one who is going to restore Jesus' real teachings)
  • Believes he or she is “special” and can only be understood by similarly special, high-status people (Kim's top 10% of mankind are the only ones spiritual enough to understand his teachings)
  • Requires excessive admiration (needs constant praise and admiration from women)
  • Cynical attitudes toward those who act unselfishly or express idealistic beliefs (they are stuck in mental boxes)
  • Inability to see their own flaws or admit when they are wrong (projects all blame on others that they are doing to him what he is doing to them)
  • Lacks empathy (neglected his biological children)
  • Is envious of others or believes others are envious of him/her (projects others are tearing him down out of jealousy)
  • Shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes ("Could you see Guru Ma giving a dictation in this place?" Lourdes, France April 2009)

When I began writing about the observation of narcissism on my website many years ago I noticed that that article had hundreds of hits a day! I eventually had to take that article offline because it was drawing different people to the website who had no interest in what I was writing outside of that article. What I came to understand was how many people were desperate to find out anything they could on narcissism and how little is understood about this disorder by ordinary people. I knew nothing about it until my explorations into it after learning that was what our daughter appeared to have. Although Breivik was diagnosed as a narcissist and cold-bloodedly killed 77 people, these people are not ordinarily dangerous like a psychopath is. The harm they most often can do to individuals is the mental and emotional harm, especially to people who have a heart and tend to see the good in people. Unfortunately, psychiatrists do not believe there is a cure for narcissism disorder, only treatments.

While I already had carried the subconscious belief that I (as a woman) was inferior to the man (and my husband) Kim played right in with that belief in attempting to play up how inferior I was to him after he left. Immediately after he left I also started receiving a connection with Eve, something that I had never entertained in thought, word or deed. A seed was planted in my outer awareness that what was outplaying in our lives was something that had to do with Eve's succumbing to the lie. Then, I had that inner catharsis experience for the pain of women in the world, with several other phenomenal experiences that had to do with inner hearing and knowing, wisdom and the opposition to God Reality, all with other community members with me, that not only I saw this connection but many in the community did as well.

The Serpent
Interestingly enough, during the last conference Kim and I put on together, two months before our separation, we were directed to only eat apples. I was not only perplexed at why this connection to eating of the forbidden fruit, but uncomfortable making our conference guests eat only apples for dinner. I decided to serve barley with the meal as well to lighten the burden and assist on another level. Barley is supposed to help with a type of negative energy called 'imperil.' Helena Roerich (1879-1957) was a Russian theosophist, (married to the well-known artist Nicholas Roerich), who channeled one of Helena Blavatsky's masters, El Morya, long before the I AM Movement was born. She was a prolific writer and teacher and the first to spiritually define imperil.

We became aware of 'imperil' through the Summit Lighthouse with more teachings from their El Morya on the subject. The Summit equates imperil with irritability. Helena Roerich was the first to define imperil as “the poison resulting from irritability” that attracts danger and is “deposited against the walls of the nerve channels and then spreads throughout the organism.” These deposits are painful and contribute to the decomposition of matter, including our bodies. This imperil affects everyone daily but especially those who choose the path of service, particularly the service helping humanity heal and the service of ministering to the needs of suffering souls. The Summit taught that consuming barley was one of the main antidotes to this poison.

I was led earlier, during one of that conference sessions, to encourage each of the participants to share grievances they had with one another. Although all attending in person seemed to handle this exercise fine, it upset the Netherlands leader, Monique, so much that she dropped permanently her group who was attending via the broadcast. Monique was the individual I mentioned in a previous article who attended my first School of Being class and then later openly opposing me during the class as well. There definitely was plenty of opportunity for this 'imperil' to be present at our conference after Monique dropped our broadcast and possibly from other attendant's who had not the courage to openly express their feelings.

Then, during lunch at the last conference we held together, a large snake climbed up our second story porch railing, apparently to get to a bird's nest at the top of the porch post. What was unusual was I was the one who went out, caught it, and took it away. In our marital separation, I lost access to the picture someone took of me holding this snake. It was about four feet long and apparently not a venomous one. The play on Eve and the serpent, with the handling of this snake, and then with the direction to eat only apples, was just the beginning of the connection to Adam and Eve's fall that was apparently going to unfold in a way that God was trying to tell us something or have us outplay something without any script. Yet, some in group were becoming aware that there was something important happening connected with this separation. One big connection, outside of the loss of wisdom that was revealed, was this "Conscious You" that came through my husband from his Mother Mary.

Division within Shangra-la
After our initial separation in July, two camps had formed: those who supported the new Kim and his Conscious You teachings and those who supported me and the traditional ascended master teachings, as well as my teachings I received on Being. Ours was to be no ordinary separation and divorce. Each side believed they needed to support their beliefs and the messenger behind their beliefs. The main difference between the two groups that formed was that the group around me did not hate Kim. For many, they actually still adored him. They wrote him letters through the email stating their objections to what he had done and was doing and what they believed to be false teachings coming through him, yet always ending on the note that they still cared for him and hoped he would one day see the Light of Truth. Although at the beginning he might have read a few of these letters, he stated at his deposition for the divorce a year later that he trashed the majority of them without reading them.

While we were together, I had arranged every conference venue, accommodations, and meals unless it was in a foreign country, and then I worked together with the local person on all details instead of leaving them to make all the decisions. I also communicated with many people through our forums. Thus, it was no surprise that after our separation those individuals I had worked with personally did not join my husband and his teachings but stayed with Shangra-la and my teachings. I believe it was not out of just loyalty, but because of the trust they developed from getting to know me personally, and that I always espoused honor and integrity in all that I taught and did. 

Many had Kim on a pedestal, but not with me. To them, I was just an ordinary person who helped their "lord" bring forth the word of God through his dictations. Yet, their "lord" fell off his pedestal when he condoned moving in with his girlfriend and living as man and wife while still married to me. Then he turned on anyone who stood by my side and condemned his behavior as morally unacceptable. Still, that was only part of the issue with him. They also did not believe in his Conscious You as the replacement for the soul (and Christ) and that Kim had raised up as superior to the heart. While they initially had believed the lie he presented because he was supposedly infallible, when he fell, they gradually realized something they had not seen before, the evil inherent in the Conscious You. They saw the subtlety and the insidiousness of this Conscious You.

The Conscious You Hidden
The way of the Conscious You is not your typical ego manifestation. It is of the mind. A much more sophisticated creation of the mind that comes directly out of the serpentine logic. Because it is a sophisticated creation that can be hidden under the guise of spirituality it has remained virtually untouched since its beginning, which I believe could go all the way back to Adam and Eve. Thus, its philosophies are part of many spiritual circles appearing as God Reality. It is not a typical psychology class subject, nor can one find techniques to help people heal the Conscious You in them.  In fact, religious men incorporate some facets of it into their philosophies, such as promoting unconditional love, rejecting women in priesthood teaching "the Catholic Church, with her male-only priesthood, is what He (God) wants" or that there is no hell, thereby raising the Conscious You and its projections and ideas to the status of infallible truth. Kim appears to be the first person to put an identity on what this consciousness is.

There are many heartless people on the planet. They are in gangs, in terrorist groups, in regimes with dictators, and men locked up in prisons for carrying out horrendous crimes. However, you would not expect to find these types of people where there are teachings on how to love and serve God as your life’s work. These people are there though. They are all around the planet. They are in the Catholic Church, in Buddhist sects, in New Age groups and they were in Shangra-la. But they are always well hidden, for they have learned how to blend in with people, only allowing you to experience some of their Conscious You energies in rare glimpses.

Perfect wisdom is not of the mind or thinking. Perfect wisdom comes through the balanced heart in love and the right use of power. Christ love would never abandon you to the lion's den if you refused to believe the dangers of a lion but would enter with you to help protect and support you, even giving up their life for you. After taking the steps to move away from true Christ love, there is no longer any plumb line of knowing what is right and wrong through Christ wisdom. In order to never feel wrong for the invariable mistakes that are going to happen through sinful behavior, the Conscious You promotes the idea that there is no judgment of yourself or others by God in whether your actions are right or wrong. This includes ethical relativism yet goes far beyond societies views of right and wrong to that God does not see us doing right and wrong. This does not sound like what Jesus taught.

Challenging the Real Jesus and Mary
However incredible that might sound that my husband appeared to love and support the "real" Jesus, it could not be so. For, on the contrary, it appeared that the goal was not to support the Jesus that many Christians know through their churches, from the Gospels, and intimately, as Jesus speaks to them in their hearts, but to create a Jesus and path that is new, a Jesus that is extremely attractive to many New Agers and anti-Christians. This Jesus was more human and very much less God. He sinned, was disobedient to his physical parents. His mother fared no better. She could not always handle this child. She was not a virgin before conceiving Jesus. Thus he was conceived like any other child.

This was the "real" Jesus and Mary. Hence, his website title including the words "real" Jesus, thereby implying all the other Christian churches, denominations beliefs, and even the Bible is not from the real Jesus. If you can't get rid of Jesus and His miracles and righteous examples, the Conscious You can certainly try to make his miracles irrelevant and something everyone can do and that He was not really a perfect human being but actually had flaws and sinned, even marrying and living like a normal man on earth after his ascension.

Let's not only break down the Christian Jesus Christ and His Mother but the Holy Family and even the Bible. Kim's "Mother Mary" said through him, "I challenge the authority of the Christian scriptures, at least, the Old Testament...It is not the word of God in an infallible form. It is a document that has been created over a very long period of time and it is very strongly influenced by the culture and the mindset of the people for whom this document was aimed....The Old Testament was given to people a very long time ago." (Master Mother Mary, through Kim Michaels, September 21, 2015) In essence, he/she is saying that because people were different thousands of years ago anything from that era is not the true word of God or have any relevance to today, as if God's moral fabric of being can change with the ages.

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Do not be carried away by all kinds of strange teachings, for it is good that the heart be established by grace, not by food, through which those who were so occupied were not benefited" (Hebrew 13:8-9).

In the New Testament, 2 Timothy 3:16 states that “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God.” Now, the creation of the New Testament was not yet, as these are Paul's words. However, Jesus also spoke of the future word in John 16:12-15 that would become the New Testament and the Spirit would reveal the truth Jesus already had given, yet could not be understood in full until more was revealed and unfolded in Jesus death and resurrection. Jesus often quoted the Old Testament and could have refuted its teachings if they were not holy since it appears He was quick to point out the flaws in the Jewish customs and spiritual practices as sometimes less than holy.

Yet, in times past there were covenants made between God and man.  There were conditions. The conditions were obedience to those covenants. God's love was his mercy in action blessing his creation and giving them opportunity after opportunity for redemption. However, there is a New Covenant through Jesus' death and resurrection. This does not make the moral precepts obsolete as in the Ten Commandments but only the ceremonial laws preceding the coming of Christ. The Old Testament is filled with prophecy fulfilled and moral and spiritual concepts that are still applicable today although written in the context of their times.

While there is no right and wrong for the Conscious You individual in relation to itself, there is everything wrong with anyone outside the “sameness” of their "higher oneness". As long as you believe and accept every concept the Conscious You promotes as the highest truth you are pure and thus in a state of "pure awareness". However, you are immediately labeled as someone caught in dualistic and confrontational behavior and outside of "higher oneness" and "pure awareness" if you challenge the Conscious You belief system. Yet rarely are you told those things outright. These fallen states of consciousness and mental boxes are merely implied, and additionally with the use of rhetorical questions and mocking statements. The reasoning is that to state openly these accusations about or to another person could lead the Conscious You individual to believe it cannot then promote itself as the highest peace and oneness with "pure awareness". The "purity" label is very important here in order to maintain its exclusivity to this "higher oneness", and thus the highest state of consciousness possible and the top elite of the world.

The Conscious You individual can confidently state there is no right and wrong justifying it this following way. As long as you eventually remember everything is unreal in matter and choose to return to pure awareness after the end of your life it does not matter what one does in this sphere, since the entire matter sphere is believed to be unreal. Consequently, there also can be no God laws to govern you. Although these individuals might identify somewhat with being a Christian, they do not identify and support traditional Christian concepts.

Creating New Laws and Doctrine
Another false promotion of the Conscious You is meant to take you away from the truth and put your attention on self. Kim's "Mother Mary" states "the greatest danger to life on this planet is war." Then a new law of God is promoted, "The law of God is self-transcendence." Where in the Bible is this law taught? Where in the Bible is war taught as the greatest danger to life? What does the Bible teach about these ideas?

The Old Testament carries the greatest teachings on war, yet the Conscious You individual has the confirmed teaching from the "Mother of God" that the Old Testament is not the true word of God and was largely a product of the mindset of the people in that age. Therefore, it is not applicable at all to the people of this age. One of the Ten Commandments states, "Thou shalt not kill." The command, which God gave to Moses, literally says, "You shall do no murder." What happened in the Old Testament? God declared war on the people of evil several times. Defending your nation is not the same as murdering someone. Then there is the story in Revelation where there is a war in heaven and Archangel Michael cast out the rebellious angels. Although this is not a physical war that involves killing, the idea is presented that war is sometimes necessary to protect something sacred. In addition, capital punishment is not murdering someone. The sin of having sex with animals, common among the Canaanite nations, was given consequences as a command by God. In Exodus 22:19 and Leviticus 20:15 we read that the transgressor should be put to death.

I would counter this lie that "the greatest danger on this planet is war" and state that one of the greatest dangers to the people on this planet is to not stand up against evil and allow it to run rampant upon this planet. Where would Nazism or communism be today if Hitler was not stopped, or nations did not defend their right to make their own free will choices and protect their people? So, what is this Conscious You really trying to promote here? Could it be pacifism? While we are called to live in peace, as much as possible in our personal lives, pacifism at a national level can be catastrophic. Mass murder always ensues when unchecked. Hitler and the Nazi regime were bent on exterminating all races and people they believed were inferior, and who were consequently contaminating the pure races. He not only attempted to eliminate the Jews he went after Gypsies, Poles, homosexuals, certain religious groups and people with disabilities.

The Islamic State group (ISIS) rejects peace as a matter of principle and it hungers for genocide. They present their philosophy rigidly. They insist that they will not—cannot—waver from governing precepts that were embedded in Islam by the Prophet Muhammad and his earliest followers. They are the extreme in the religion of Islam and they believe they follow the interpreted words of Muhammad to kill their enemies of Islam and help bring on the apocalypse. They openly claim they hate all who do not subscribe to their perverse ideology which not only includes all Christians, but Jews, Hindus, Shiites, Kurds, Shabaks, Sufis, and others, with the majority of the group’s victims being Muslims living in or near the so-called Islamic State. What would have happened if nations and Islamic fighters did not join together to take back the cities they took over and controlled?

Thus a major tenet of the Conscious You philosophy is never to confront anyone directly, in reality, meaning, "You better not confront me! I am my own law." They project onto anyone who opposes their Conscious You philosophy that the other's confrontations are created from their dualistic fallen mindset outside of the oneness of nonattachment. They cite Bible verses such as Matthew 7:5 to make their case, "You hypocrite! First remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother's eye." The point is that no one is sin free and thereby no one has ever the right to point out any observations of evil in another or even point out issues to help the sinner.

In order to protect its false image of nonattachment the Conscious You individual must appear to always remain in peace. Thus, there is no honesty in the Conscious You as it tries to couch its jealousy, anger, fear, and resentments it cannot admit, and then hides behind rhetorical questions or using all capital letters to release these hidden feelings through the written word. The Conscious You can do this and still believe they are righteous and exemplary in their behavior because there are no standards of ethics, rules, structures or form to conversations, to the Word, or to you as a God Being. Besides, all form and structure are not real and only of temporary existence. Matter is supposedly created from images projected upon the cosmic mirror. Who is projecting the images? Mankind, who are all sinners. Thus everything that is created in this unreal world is impure and wrong. Therefore, if you have physical attachments, expectations, even a sense of responsibility, you are outside of this Conscious You "higher oneness" because you are trapped in the consciousness of duality. The duality is believing in anything of dualistic nature, especially right and wrong, evil and good, black and white.

It is true that you cannot accept and receive God’s love for you if at the heart of you there are feelings of your being impure, unworthy, and a sinner. It is clear to see through Christ wisdom that the Conscious You projects everything it does onto the other person in the attempt to feel worthy and loved by God under its own terms of right and wrong even though those terms are not accepted. It is living a lie because any standard or belief the Conscious You individual follows is based on what they believe is right. My husband wanted a divorce so he projected that it was my idea, and then he subtly positioned himself to get me in the seat of being wrong for anything and everything. Yet, he could not tell me I was wrong because of his belief of right and wrong as a dualistic concept. He did tell me I had "back and white" thinking and "either-or" mentality where either it is right or it is wrong. Since individuals who will not conform to this unspoken superiority of rightness of the Conscious You cannot be told they are wrong they have perfected the art of projecting upon others, especially projecting what they are doing themselves onto the other person. Hence, by their projecting onto you that you are projecting onto them some unreality, they are mirroring back to you what you see them doing and saying that you are the originator of that unreality, not them.

It took several months for the community we formed after Kim left to understand this technique. I began to notice that his dictations would always include some projection upon the group around me and on me because Kim knew we read his dictations. We knew particular phrases and comments were specifically intended for us to read and believe about our actions and ourselves. The "accusers of the brethren" is what we were first called. If we pointed out a lie we knew was a lie because it stated some falsehood about Jesus, his life, or went entirely contrary to Scriptures and we stated that the statement was not true, well we were first "accusers" and second, "blind" because we could not see the beam in our own eyes. We also might be accused of being "angry." We had to be angry (or we wouldn't speak out) when Kim wouldn't conform to our beliefs and ideas, and "dualistic" because we were trapped in right and wrong. It might also be put out we were "fearful or jealous" because we were not in the top ten percent of spiritual believers, which of course, were the followers of Kim Michaels.

Of course, this was done with no particular people named. We were those accusers, which his readers knew were us, and we knew he meant us. Yet at no time was the word "wrong" used to describe these accusers or that these Conscious You beliefs were right. The other technique was twisting most everything into mental concepts, and attempting to insert doubt in the purity of your motives in what you did or said. The term "mental boxes" was created to describe the particular mindset of those who would not conform to the Conscious You mentality.

Can there be a similarity with what happened with the Serpent and Eve with the words "surely you shall not die?" The Conscious You always makes your motives wrong, dualistic and unbalanced. Everything you do that is not in agreement with the Conscious You mentality is dualistic and thus by default is a product of your mental boxes. Those who cannot break out of their self-created mental boxes are just stupid.

Ultimately, the Conscious You individual tries to attain union with God through the mind and on their terms. That is not where mystics and saints have found their union with God. Note the many paintings, stained glass and prayer cards of Jesus and his mother, Mary, depicting the sacred heart of Jesus and the immaculate heart of Mary, along with the halo around their heads. Sacred Scripture does mention the heart of Mary twice.

Luke 2:19: “But Mary kept all these things, pondering them in her heart.”

Luke 2:51: “And he went down with them and came to Nazareth, and was obedient to them, and his mother kept all these things in her heart.”

What is the importance of the heart in man? Could God have given men an attribute like wisdom that is superior to women and women an attribute like compassion (connected to the heart) that is somehow superior to men? If so what would be the purpose? Alternatively, has God given man, the masculine, the greater attributes of all God qualities because he was created first in the second creation story? Are women created equal with men as in the first creation story or really secondary and thereby need to be submissive to men as in the second creation story? Is there a reason for the two creation stories? And where did this Conscious You philosophy begin and by whom?

I hope to share some insights on these questions and more in a future article.