Genesis: Why Two Different Creation Stories

Part II

When I began this work on writing Genesis 1 and 2 differences I developed a peculiar body symptom. When I began to read and study on the first chapters of Genesis my body exhibited a particular reaction. I begin to feel a weight in my chest and a need to cough as if to allow something released from me or to allow the breath to enter my lungs, especially my right lung. Many people familiar with my past teachings on "body symptoms" understand that what I am saying I have experienced is similar or equivalent to what psychics call clairsentience, sometimes called 'clear sensing' or 'clear feeling'. Yet it is not so much sensing as physically feeling sensations in my body. I feel I should share this with you before I continue in presenting a higher understanding on God's creation story begun in Part 1, as it relates to what I believe is spiritual guidance towards my goal to gain a higher understanding of God's word. In this information and scientific age where we are bombarded by so much information and facts so many people are taken from their faith in the Bible.

I don't consider myself a psychic (nor ever will) in the way we understand psychic mediums today who communicate with the dead or other spirit entities. My goal is to commune spiritually only with God and use my intuitive faculties if God so chooses to communicate with me in that fashion. The clair senses are claimed by psychics or mediums as an intuitive form of spiritual attunement although their "spiritual" communication is with spirits, not God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Even in the ascended master teachings, the masters were not considered spirits but "ascended" beings in heaven. Most likely they were spirits from other dimensions we do not yet understand.

The most common clair senses are clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), claircognizance (clear knowing), and clairsentience (clear physical feeling). They supposedly correspond with the five senses. Many people have these extrasensory perceptions but may not realize it. I have experienced this sense of 'clear knowing' and I have shared some of those experiences herein. I do believe many people have this sense but don't realize it. I also had clairaudience where I clearly heard different entities from what I believed was the heavenly realm speaking to me. I did not hear voices as with the mental illness of schizophrenia. One day I asked heaven to signal me on my ear to get my attention if there was something heaven or my guardian angel wanted to communicate to me. This worked well as I was in control and could choose to stop what I was doing and listen or not. I would pray and make calls that I believed would stop astral impostors from attempting to communicate with me and trusted only the ascended masters, angels or Christ would remain after the body signal.

I called my physical feelings 'body symptoms' because that's what they were, physical feelings of various intensities of pain or sensations. For example, many people have experienced chills running up and down their body confirming something they heard or experienced. Recently I experienced this with my daughter. I made a statement and both of us received chills simultaneously. To me this was confirming a truth one or both of us needed to affirm or become consciously aware of.

Body Symptoms
I have actively experienced body symptoms for almost twenty years and shortly after I realized what they were I incorporated classes on them with the other classes I taught. I felt most spiritual people should attune to this form of higher spiritual communication and learn to listen and respond to what heaven may be trying to communicate to you. Body symptoms can be painful and I have had some of those that I thought were caused by something I ate or did to myself, not realizing they were not a physical cause. As I matured spiritually and started becoming aware of the Holy Spirit I began to recognize that the Holy Spirit often talked to me through my body.

For example, if you receive a jab of pain on the instep of your foot it might be a message to you that you are in step with some decision or that you are out of step, and usually connected to what you are thinking or doing at that particular moment. Sometimes I would experience a delibating pain that I had no choice but to stop what I was doing and wait until the pain subsided. Then the process would begin to try to discern what the pain was telling me. Because the body is so complex there can be a myriad of body symptoms but usually only one explanation for a particular feeling and place on the body. The jabbing on my inner ear signaled me that heaven wished to communicate something to me. It has taken me some time to understand the different messages my body can relate to me and there are still a few that I have been perplexed about and cannot interpret what the particular symptom means.

The body symptom I have been receiving for weeks immediately began again today as I started writing this part II on the Genesis creation stories. I knew I was receiving this symptom when studying but I have ignored it thinking it was opposition to my writing the articles. I have since changed my mind and believe it is a God symptom related to something connected with creation. Then I went to bed and could not sleep for hours as my body kept having symptoms of heaviness over my heart and soul chakra. I had been contemplating who Adam and Eve really were. Is their story both allegorical and factual? Seemingly, no. An allegorical story is a literary device used to convey an idea through symbolic figures, imagery, or events, usually with a hidden or complex meaning. Yet my body symptom was telling me this had to do with the soul and possibly the connection of the soul with Eve's creation.

Almost half of all Christians believe Adam and Eve to be real factual figures and the first man and woman God created. Many well known spiritual and philosophical figures believe otherwise concluding that this story is an allegory, such as the Jewish philosopher Philo, Clement of Alexandria, and Origen, the greatest Christian scholar of the early 3rd century. However, some believe Saint Augustine, (354 AD-430 AD), is one of the most influential figures affecting the history of Western Christianity, and he believed Adam and Eve were the first humans created and had much to say about what he believed was their sin. For some fifteen years Augustine embarked on his work, “The Literal Meaning of Genesis,” that aimed at discussing “the scriptures according to their proper meaning of what actually happened.” He certainly wasn't the first—or the last—person to ponder whether Genesis is to be taken literally. He did come to understand that some phrases are metaphorical but he concluded,  “it does not mean that the whole passage is to be taken in a figurative sense” but that “the writer of the book allowed readers to decide for themselves.”

In St. Augustine's Confessions he expressed that a few times he had profound spiritual experiences. One time in an intense moment of grief over his sinful nature he heard a child's voice singing repeatedly, “Take up and read; Take up and read.“ And so he interpreted it as a message from God and randomly opened up a Bible to Romans 13:13-14 and instantly after reading what caught his eye all the darkness of his doubt vanished from the light he said he felt in his heart.

Yes, God can speak to us in many ways. While trying to sleep I instead found myself contemplating the different beliefs about the Garden of Eden and I began to notice that my chakras focused in on the heart and soul chakra. I have been able to feel my chakras (spiritual centers) communicate to me since I began my healing practice with Health Kinesiology in the 1990s. Sometimes when I would try to discern an understanding of something I would feel my spiritual centers responding. My chakras would often communicate to me what was going on with the client. The symptoms that night seemed to be telling me that Eve, whether she was a real woman or not, is connected with the heart and soul. I will go more into this when I come to the story of Adam and Eve.

Light Centers
What I wanted to relate here is that when I study the creation story I believe God is there speaking to me as he can to any of us, if we have an ear to hear or are in profound need and call out to Him. Sometimes God gives me words and sometimes speaking to me through my body symptoms. When I fail to have faith in words God always speaks to me through my light centers (what some call chakras). Whether the chakras are really spiritual centers of light that we cannot see but feel or a figment of our imagination, Light has always spoken to me as a feeling in my physical temple. I have not yet seen spiritual light manifest in the physical with seeing an angel, Mary or Jesus appearing to me in their spiritual bodies full of light. That seems to not be my destiny. What I have experienced predominantly is the light through physical sensations. Sometimes the light has been so tangible that I have been 100% sure it is an act of God and no dark forces could have manifested it.

One physical body symptom that God has not clarified for me how to always interpret it is coughing. That night I was coughing several times. It begins with a pressure in my lung or throat and I have no choice but to cough to stop the pressure. When the cough comes in my throat it literally forces me to stop talking. I have had experiences where I dial a person's phone number and as soon as they say hello I go into a coughing spasm and cannot speak. Sometimes I come in proximity to a land area, lake or object that will create the same coughing spasm and I will cough continuously for minutes until either it abates on its own or I can try to stop it with swallowing water. There is usually some darkness or dark energies involved connected with the object or land/water. Sometimes I will have a little cough as if to get my attention that whatever I was about to consume, do or experience is not good and I know to stop and change my intention. Thus I know that coughing involves darkness but I am not 100% sure that dark forces cannot cause the coughing spasms as well.

With the heart chakra pressure experienced when connecting with these studies on creation, I know God is there. There is a story in the Bible of two followers of Jesus who met the resurrected Jesus on the road but did not recognize him until much later when he broke bread with them. Then they exclaimed to one another, “Did not our heart burn within us while He talked with us on the road, and while He opened the Scriptures to us?” (Luke 24:32) I first felt that heart burning when I was praying to Archangel Michael almost thirty years ago. I asked Archangel Michael, "What is that feeling?" We know the sacred heart of Jesus and Mary is light and sometimes light is felt as fire. At times when Jesus is communing with me, my entire upper torso becomes heated and my skin is literally hot to the touch. To me, that is Jesus confirming that it is really Him and He is transferring His light to me. I cannot say for sure the reason why but it is comforting (while physically very uncomfortable) to experience the spiritual light and connection with Jesus.

Eve, Adam and the Fruit
Returning to the body symptom in my chest during these studies I believe that these symptoms are showing the importance of this work. What I do not yet fully comprehend is why the coughing every few minutes, as if my body is releasing something which may or may not be personal to me. With all my articles written so far this is the only subject that had caused this symptom as well as giving me the indication of the spiritual importance of this work. To say this work only began a few weeks ago is not factual. I have been contemplating this article for over five months with the publishing of "Eve, Adam and the Fruit". Yet this goes back much further than these past months. Over ten years ago I first received a connection to Adam and Eve to what was outplaying in my life with my separation and divorce and the breakup of our spiritual community into separate groups. As I mentioned in a previous article, a few months before our separation I was given the inner direction to only serve apples at one conference meal. I also captured and released a large snake during that conference that had climbed up our veranda to go after some bird eggs. Then the night before my husband left me he was out taking a walk with his new girlfriend when they came across a snake and killed it.

It appeared to be more than a coincidence that I was directed to have the group partake of the "apple" as the forbidden fruit and the snake appeared as well. A few weeks after our separation I was given copies of an unpublished dictation on Eve from a Russian student. I had been in Russia to put on a conference that both my husband and I were meant to put on together. We had to make a choice who would go and somehow it ended up in my lap and I put on the conference alone. On the airplane, I experienced excruciating pain in my ear. Yes, it could have been caused by air pressure differences except it wasn't that type of pain. It was a throbbing that spread down into my neck and the pain completely stopped before landing. It was a body symptom that I knew was connected with Eve. A few months after that I began writing a series of articles on Adam and Eve referencing a connection to my ex-husband's Conscious You teachings and the Fall. While those articles carry much truth they are also written in the context of the ascended masters and the Garden as a mystery school composed of advanced souls under the guidance of Lord Maitreya.

Jesus' work for the redemption of man literally hangs on the story of Adam and the first sin of man. To say this story is central and a key to the entire Bible and the history of Jesus' divine intervention with mankind is no understatement. To make the story just an allegory seems preposterous. Yet there is much more to the story than Eve with an apple, a tree, and a talking snake. Snakes don't talk and trees don't bear fruits of knowledge. To take the story as literal truth also seems preposterous. And so I continue with this Bible study—yet not alone. God is with me and I pray He will enlighten us with further insights into what the underlying message is in Genesis two.

The Third Day of Creation
Continuing with the third day of creation where I left off in part one, God had just separated the seas from the land and "saw that it was good." in Gen.1:11 God commands vegetation, trees, and seed-bearing plants to come forth. This is the food provided for many of the animals and man. The interesting part is that if you believe science and that the earth is billions of years old, when God created all the different seed and fruit-bearing plants and trees, notice that we do not have today all of the same vegetation from the beginning of earth's existence. It appears that nature has continued to produce after God's initial command. Note the words "Let the earth bring forth vegetation..." Maybe there is some logic to the belief in "Mother Nature". It appears God set up the right conditions and then He commanded His creation to produce the vegetation with the only stipulation that everything produces "after its own kind". Heaven states, "And it was so" meaning the template in heaven was created and creation (nature) produced it because in Gen.1:12 "the earth" produced them. And creation responds back, "And God saw that it was good."

As described in part one, creation is in two realms the natural and supernatural and God's word works differently in each realm. Within the supernatural realm, God's word works instantly and heaven declares "and it was so". Not so in the natural realm consisting of Earth, Atmosphere, and Cosmos. There is resistance from the darkness to His will "on earth as it is in heaven". The natural realm also contains two of the three heavens described in Scripture. The first heaven is assumed to be the air or atmosphere where the birds fly (Gen. 1:8-9). The second heaven is outer space or the cosmos where the stars and planets are (Gen. 22:17). The third heaven is the abode of the angels and where God dwells (2 Corinthians 12:2).

After the earth brought forth vegetation (Gen. 1:12-13) God stated again "that it was good" followed by the announcing of the third day. While the realms were all created beginning in verse Gen.1:1, the Earth is the realm that just responded to God's command to bring forth vegetation. In this next verse, Gen. 1:14-15, the second realm is being commanded, the Cosmos. God creates the sun and moon to divide the day and night and to give light to the earth.

This passage creates difficulties for many because the plants are created before the sun is made and plants need photosynthesis to grow. God also created light on the first day to separate the night from day. This light could be different from what eventually forms the sun and its light. In the future Jerusalem Rev. 22:5 states that there will be no need of the sun for light. "And there shall be no night there: They shall need no lamp nor light of the sun, for the Lord God gives them light. And they shall reign forever and ever."

We can assume many things for this order of creation, yet all will remain assumptions whatever we choose to believe. God could be showing us His light is greater than even the sun's which for early man it was seen as the giver of life. This verse also marks the beginning of time, "and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years". For the young creationists, this could pose a problem for making the days 24 hours and beginning before this fourth day of creation. Yet, they reason, time began when God created light and that the sun was already created but not visible on the earth yet. Still, these words appear to specifically declare these objects were established for the purpose of tracking time beginning on day four. "And it was so."

One more point on why these days are not likely to be literal 24 hour days. The words used to announce the creation day are, "there was evening and there was morning, a __ day". Where in this day are the daylight hours between evening and morning? The words literally describe after dark (evening) and dawn only. Yet, if we look at the words figuratively they could correspond to the night part of God's creation before He brings in His light and order, in what is described as the beginning of God's day. Then, when God speaks heaven instantly responds and creation eventually mirrors what is in heaven. That is when the appearance of dawn arrives after God has brought His light in to dispel the darkness with whatever He has just commanded. The dawn appears in creation foreshadowing what will come in the role of the Christ, the Logos, the Word, God the Son, who has yet to be made in creation (He already IS in God but not yet manifest in form). When we have faith in Him and the Word our darkness is dispelled and dawn appears in our lives. Still, even with faith we spiritually waffle back and forth between darkness and light never quite reaching the fullness of the solar day. That will come in the New Jerusalem where the Father and the Lamb reside and there will no longer be any sea but the river of life, clear as crystal, that will water the tree of life because there will be no more sin and no more judgment.

The Fourth Day of Creation
God does not create the sun, moon and the stars on day four. The Hebrew word used is 'asah, translated as "made" meaning bringing forth as from a pre-existing material. The Hebrew word bara' is translated as "created" and used for the first days and thus in some way the sun was created in the beginning but not manifest until the fourth day. From the fourth day on it is noted that these are days of filling in creation. In the first three days, God is separating: light from darkness; sea from sky; and sea from dry land. On day four God is filling the skies with the sun, moon and stars and continues the filling on the rest of the creation days.

In Moore's Early Genesis he eloquently explains his understanding in what these verses mean in the supernatural sense. There is no room to share his ideas here but if his words below spark an interest I highly recommend his book. He states on the light of the sun:

The sun is said to be "made". It is a pattern or copy of the true light. God's Word, which God spoke into the creation on the first day. It's role is to give light on the earth. The physical illumination that the sun provides is a copy of the true illumination which God's Word provides in the realm above. The sun is made (not created) to "rule the day". That is, wherever the light is, wherever the good is, in that place the Word of God rules. And I mean the "Word" in the living sense. Just as the sun is the ultimate power source of life on earth, so the Logos of God, the Second Person of the Trinity, is the power source of life eternal. The Son of God is made (not created) to rule the eternal day of heaven.

Moore concludes that there is a double-meaning to these verses, and I have to agree. The sun brings physical light to the earth but what does the sun actually represent spiritually? The sun in the sky is a foreshadowing of the living Word of the Logos of God, the light of the world (John 8:12). So gloriously bright is the illumination of the Christ that the light of the sun itself is but a pale shadow of it. Although we have this light in part from the sun, we live in darkness as explained above with "the evening and the morning" as day. It is Christ that lights our way spiritually out of this dark night.

Amazingly, what guides us through the night is the moon which spiritually represents the written law of God. And where do we find God's laws? God's word is found throughout the Bible, as well as written in our hearts (Jer. 31:33, Rom. 2:15). The moon is a reflection of the sun's light. When God abides with His people in the New Jerusalem the sun shall rule the day and there will be no more night.

God also made the stars on this day to bring their light in this darkness. Stars correspond to angels in the Scriptures. In Gen. 2:1 "hosts" also refer to angels (Deut. 4:19). It could be angels were created on this day or they were set into positions from heaven to the lower realms to assist God's creation and what was to be God's crowning glory, the creation of man, made in His image. This was the end of the fourth day (Gen. 1:16-19).

Fifth Day of Creation
On the fifth day, God creates sea creatures and the fowl of the air (Gen. 1:20-21). In this verse God does not say "and it was so". The explanation is that there are no sea creatures in heaven, nor fowls in the air. As mentioned above, in the New Jerusalem, which will come "down from heaven" there is no sea or ocean with deep-sea creatures. Within the BIble the waters carry judgment in the earth. If you are on the wrong side of morality the waters can kill. If you are on the right side of morality the waters bring safety as it did for the parting of the Red Sea. There are no birds in heaven because they fly between earth and the lowest heaven. Both realms are not in the third heaven thus there is no corresponding place in the third heaven.

Thus there is no "it is so" because there is no template in heaven the earth is to copy. One confirmation that this is different from the other days is that God creates here, He does not make. God made on the second, fourth and six day. On the first day there is no "it is so" or "God saw that it was good" because God spoke, "Let there be light" and there was light and no other action was necessary for God or creation and thus no made or created. On the third day God separated the waters and commanded the earth to bring forth vegetation, He did not make or create them on earth, only the template in heaven. Earth brought forth vegetation. Yet on this fifth day God created the sea creatures and fowls of the earth only on earth.

The Sixth Day of Creation
On the sixth day, God creates land creatures, first the animals after their kind and then man. In Gen. 1:24-25 God calls forth the animals and heaven responds "it was so". Then God made the animals on earth that were created in the third heaven and the earth responds, "And God saw that it was good." In Gen. 1:26-27, the capstone of creation comes forth, the creation of man. The Hebrew word used here is a'dam and means mankind or the human race. God (Elohim) is plural and thus the us. We don't know who the "us" is but God/Elohim is saying they will create mankind after their image and in their likeness.

Looking at Scripture for the understanding of who or what is the image of God, 2 Cor. 4:4 says the glory of Christ is the image of God, and in Colossians 1:15 and in Hebrews 1:3 we learn that the Messiah is the true image of the invisible God.  Scripture says that “God is spirit” (John 4:24) and therefore exists without a body, so we know that our bodies are not the image, it is our spirit. Note that only mankind is made in the image of God, distinct from any other creature. Mankind differs from all other creatures because of their rational structure — their capacity for deliberation and free decision-making. This freedom gives the human centeredness and completeness which thereby gives them the possibility for self-actualization and participation in a sacred relationship with their creator.

Some church fathers have presented the thought that “image” refers to the ability to reason while “likeness” refers to a person’s correspondence to God in spiritual attributes. As a consequence of human sin, the “likeness” has been lost but the “image”, which distinguishes a person from the rest of creation remains unaltered. Other theologians see no difference between image and likeness.

I have studied many possible meanings for Gen. 1:26-27, too numerous to count. Why? I just knew that somewhere in the creation stories there had to be an explanation for who was the mankind on earth that Adam and Eve’s oldest son, Cain, feared would attack him when God drove him away from his farmland (Gen. 4:13-15). Furthermore, Cain went to live in a land called Nod—a land already with a name and, therefore, presumably an inhabited land (Gen. 4:16). He may have found his wife in Nod (Gen. 4:16). Cain later built a city called Enoch, after his son (Gen. 4:17). Who were the inhabitants of Enoch that he could build a city? Were they only Cain’s descendants?

A few scholars at various times throughout history have proposed the concept of a pre-Adamic race. Calvinist theologian Isaac de La Peyrère (1596-1676) proposed that God created the Gentiles on the sixth day when He said, “Let us make man in our image” (Genesis 1:26). Peyrere argued that the Biblical Adam was of pre-Adamite stock, and was the father of only the Jews. Cain’s wife and the inhabitants of Cain’s city, as well as the Gentiles, were of other pre-Adamite stock and were not descended from the Biblical Adam. 

One of the major pre-Adamic works in the nineteenth century was by Alexander Winchell entitled Pre-Adamites; or a Demonstration of the Existence of Men before Adam.1 Winchell was Professor of Geology and Palaeontology and one of the leading scientists of his day. He claimed that his ideas were supported both by the Bible and by the latest scientific evidence. He claimed to be a creationist. He held that the human family had a single origin, that the Biblical Adam was a late descendant from black pre-Adamite stock, and that the Adamites (white and Caucasian) had developed to a more advanced position than had the dark-skinned races. Winchell argued that the Biblical story of creation only applied to one group of humans, and not all humans, and thus that the Bible told only the story of one creation. Thus all humans were not fundamentally related. 

Winchell's book is filled with fascinating facts about the Bible, history and the evolution of man. His theories and conclusions are his and have offended Christians and their belief that Adam was the first man created by God. He also presents many facts that present some races as inferior humans.

Creation of "The Man"
In Early Genesis, Moore presents the most plausible understanding of Genesis one and the patterns (that many others have noted and attempted to describe what they mean) that support the creation of other mankind at the time of the creation of Adam. In Gen. 1:27 the Hebrew word ha-adam is transcribed "man". "And God created ha-adam in His image". All Bible translations translate here the word "ha-adam" as either man, human beings, mankind, humans, and humankind. Moore notes that elsewhere in the Bible it is translated as "the man".

Rather than God repeating Himself three times in this verse, if the pattern noted above for the previous days with creation in the third heaven and earth responding after God or nature creates is applied, we see a slightly different pattern. First, it is possible that these words denote a triplet creation.


Third Heaven/Creation: God created (The) Man in His own image.

Lower Realm/Earth responds: In the image of God He created him (Hebrew o-tow)

...male and female He created them (Hebrew o-tam).

There are no filler words of God or Nature creating between this creation of man and God's blessing. The "it was so" response from heaven is immediately followed by "and God saw that it was very good" response on earth (Gen. 1:30-31). This could mean that all of creation was completed and ready for man before man was created and heaven and earth were now together moving in one accord. There is nothing earth needed to do once God created Man in His own image in Heaven because God created the man on earth. Moore also notes that "He created them" does not state "in His image" only the man and him.

In verse 26 God states "Let us make man in our image" meaning make mankind. Then the first step, God "created (The) Man" the Son of God who would later incarnate as man. The Son or Logos already existed in God, the future incarnate Word/Christ was what was created as "The Man". The Man, the corporate body of Christ and His Church, is the created part. Meditating on this concept opens the mind to the Bible as a complete story with one great plan: redeem mankind who was "made", to Christ, the one and only image of God. This has yet to happen in matter but is fully manifest already in heaven, done all in the Creation week. The Bible tells us it will happen. Yet, we know not all will be a part of this Kingdom of God. What is playing out is each member of mankind are making their choice for God or the Devil through their free will choices.

Origen stated that those who just interpreted the Scripture literally were misunderstanding Scripture. His theory was that there are three various meanings in Scriptures: the literal, the moral and spiritual meanings. Origen goes on to explain that the Holy Scripture has its body, soul, and spirit, the literal or historical meaning is its body, the moral is its soul, and the allegorical or spiritual meaning is its spirit.

I believe Moore has looked at Scripture in this way. His understanding is that when the earth realm responds "In the image of God He created him" this is where God the Son formed man, Adam. Now, the "male and female He created them" is understood differently depending on one's viewpoint. For Adam, it refers to Eve. In the context of Christ, it refers to "the Bride without spot or wrinkle". With regards to mankind it refers to the human race created as "male and female". All of mankind is given free will to choose the guiding light of Christ or the lies of Satan. Mankind has the potential to be the image of God when they move from unbelief to faith.

To recap, from the view of heaven "The Man" created in God's image is Christ and the Church united as one. This is God's plan from the beginning. From earth's perspective Adam is the image, but more or less a shadow of Christ (Rom. 5:14). We see that Adam, through the result of sinning, marred the image of God and he became the likeness, with the potential to be rehabilitated through Christ and His blood. From Adam springs the line of Messiah. The mankind made (not created) can conform to the image of God through Christ and His Church. Adam was a large part of the means to begin the process of helping mankind to come into His Church.

From our view on earth, if we interpret Scripture as just presented, mankind, human beings (a'dam) were created male and female. The man Adam (ha'adam) was formed from clay. "The Man" in heaven who is the second or "last" Adam (1 Cor. 15:45) is yet to come.

Finishing with Gen. 1:30 "And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good." This is the end of Genesis one and the first creation story. In the last part III coming next, the story of Adam, Eve's creation, and their fall is told in light of this premise of a triplet creation as understood in verse 1:27. They are not two different creation stories, rather, they are two stories telling creation from two perspectives, God and man. With the help of the original Hebrew words, other verses in Scripture and the Holy Spirit, we can resolve our sense of either "science is right" and the Bible is just "a collection of fables, myths, and history recorded by man" or the Bible is truly the inerrant word of God. 

Part III


1Winchell, A., Preadamites; or a Demonstration of the Existence of Men before Adam, S.C. Griggs and Company, Chicago, 1880.