Discovering I Had A Mission

Mount Hood, Oregon

Over the years of my involvement with the ascended master teachings there was no doubt I was receiving a lot of direction from what I believed were masters from the higher realms in Spirit. Since I began releasing the teachings here that I no longer believed in the ascension, ascended masters, the Christ Self and I AM Presence early in 2018, there have been only two people who contacted me who had extreme reactions to this truth. One man who lives in Cuba and was part of our organization had many valid arguments. Eventually, we agreed to disagree and go our separate ways. Yet, surprisingly, most who contacted me were in agreement or had already come to their own realization that this was a false spiritual path.

I share these articles and history here because I felt a great responsibility to pass on what I had experienced, not only as a devout student of these "masters" for twenty-three years, but as a messenger of them for another twelve more years after having received the "mantle" of messenger. Four more years went by after ending my official messengership where I was not a messenger or student of any organization and those years helped to a great degree in how I separated out from the lie of the individual Christ self and I AM Presence and other false teachings we were taught.

What I have shared so far is what I came to understand about the organization I was in and what I learned over the years of being a part of that organization, as well as what later came into my hands that gave the true picture of what was going on behind the scenes that the general population and students were not aware of—unless they knew someone who was more in the know and closer to the heart of these organizations and their messengers.

Then there are the years after the messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet's retirement, where I had a more intimate view and experience of what goes on in the life of a messenger. What was astounding about being a messenger was that I felt I had little qualifications to be a teacher and leader, especially compared to Elizabeth Clare Prophet and previous messengers before her. The only qualification I knew I had that was not that common was the ability to hear (clairaudience). Yet two of my friends had been hearing the "masters" for many years. One friend was part of my study group in Florida in the 1980s. When I became a messenger both women would have nothing to do with me anymore. One friend wrote she was already a messenger, meaning she didn't need me to lead her, which was true, yet she never went on to form an organization and become a teacher herself.

Health Kinesiology
It would be many years later before I started receiving words alone outside of my healing sessions, yet when I did they were speaking to me in a different way than when I hear. Gradually, over the years, the listening part diminished and the taking words through kinesiology (muscle testing) increased. I believe the purpose was to transition into the messengership and role I was to play whereby I had to interpret the words through my own consciousness, and thus the times Jesus and the Holy Spirit were telepathically communicating with me were also diminished. The result was that I would have to "wing it" on my own. God was not going to tell me what was real or not, and most especially whether my husband Kim's new teachings were real or not.

I do believe without a doubt that no messenger of the ascended masters was using muscle-testing to get words or had the healing training I did. Kinesiology practices do not incorporate what I was doing. Muscle-testing did not become vogue until the early 1980s. I took my training in 1995 after learning about it through the Church, but prior to that I had taken a couple of Biokinesiology classes, Touch for Health and took the Foot Zone Therapy course, and found all of the practices amazingly helpful. Yet when I heard about Health Kinesiology (HK) I instantly knew this was the kinesiology course I needed to get certified in. It was like all the other training was preparatory for these classes I would take. I would take one more course in healing before I became a messenger after I received direction to get hypnotherapy training. Then I became a certified hypnotherapist.

The relationship between muscles and organs and healing became systematized in the 1960s after Dr. George Goodheart noticed that there seemed to be this correlation between certain organs in the body and certain muscle groups. When a certain organ in the body was not functioning correctly, a certain group of muscles in the body also would not function correctly and would be weak when it was tested for strength. Goodheart developed a system called Applied Kinesiology. Shortly after his discovery a Dr. Johnston, a dentist, began noticing relationships between the teeth and organ malfunction. Dr. Johnston discovered that when patients had problems associated with a certain tooth, they also had problems with a certain organ. Following their discoveries came a chiropractor, John Thi, who developed Touch For Health. After these courses were released kinesiology used in healing practices took off.

Communication Challenges
As mentioned in a previous article, after Prophet's retirement there were a handful of students who claimed they were sponsored messengers, and a few of them created their own organizations. Still, the percentage who claimed to hear the masters or became messengers is less than one percent of the students of ascended master organizations. So I was singled out for some character trait (or past life karma) that I had. Previously I mentioned my extraordinary shyness and fear of speaking, and I also have symptoms of dyslexia (word blindness) although I was never diagnosed having it as a child because public schools will not diagnose it. Most students get by through implementing extraordinary ways to make up for their inabilities to read and learn. Some students develop self-esteem issues and some of them drop out of school early. Ultimately, this carries with it communication or reading issues and the label of being dumb.

I had no trouble reading and loved to, although I was taught to read with the "Look-Say" method and never learned phonetics. With that method, you learn to read by memorization. Yet I did have great difficulty understanding what I read, which is a sign of dyslexia unless it was novels. I learned best by hands-on experience, observation, and visual aids. Dyslexics carry strong character traits that can be to either extreme with too much or too little of something. For example, I was too quiet, too sensitive to noise with extended hearing ability (hearing many things most people don't, not only from Spirit but from external surroundings), had difficulty remembering names or instructions, poor spelling skills, poor recall of conversations, excellent long-term memory, difficulty learning higher math, keen-sighted and observant, high pain threshold, perfectionist in many areas and having a strong sense of justice, in part due to a strong emotional sensitivity and empathy for others.

I did not learn of dyslexia until after I started having children of my own. One son dropped out of school because of his learning difficulties, even after being privately tutored for years to help him read. He was never diagnosed with dyslexia. Out of six children, three were highly intelligent, with one even skipping a grade, and three carried dyslexia symptoms. All three with the dyslexia symptoms have extraordinary talents, especially the son who dropped out of school. He tested in the genius range for visual-spatial perception and is very successful in his career and talents. Still, none of the three were tested as they all did well in school except the son who dropped out.

What I carried in my psychology was not necessarily low self-esteem, but a very clear understanding and belief I was not blessed with a "normal" brain, especially in the area of language and understanding concepts through words, while lacking good memory skills connected with words and conversations. Thus I knew I was not wise because those who have wisdom, I believed, are smart and remember and understand words and language. Thus, in my opinion, I was definitely not ascended master messenger material. While on the other hand, my husband Kim was. He was not only wise but very articulate. And I had formed a strong belief early on in our marriage that he was the most Christ-like man I had ever personally knew. So I easily allowed him to be the star messenger while I did all the work serving our organizational needs and the people who became a part of our group.

A Different Messenger
Yet there was a reason I was chosen to be a messenger and it had not to do with having wisdom. It would all unfold in time. And after all was done I would discover my purpose for coming into the false teachings and why I had to marry Kim. All the prior and present messengers appeared to have some form of clairaudience or ability to take dictations. I did not quite fit into the mold. I tried taking my first dictations through "listening" within as I had for years in taking private messages for myself or sometimes others. Yet when I tried to take a dictation there was great difficulty. I believe that was a form of protection as it kept me from being overtaken by these false spirits. I was not possessed when taking a message. Rather I was picking up communication telepathically from both heaven and the lower spirit realms. I did not hear words per se, I wrote down thoughts. The Summit defined spirit communication as psychic communication and was strictly forbidden. I did not have back and forth conversations with these spirits or heaven when taking a dictation. I just continued to pray all through taking down the words. Yet because I was involved in a false teachings and used their prayers and calls the false communication could still enter my mind. Yet all was in divine order as I needed to be in these teachings, and be a messenger.

Consequently, because of this difficulty in not being able to mesh with these "masters" and have them speak through me I easily stepped back from taking dictations publicly and Kim became the one who did so. I continued to take messages and deliver them over forums or sometimes publish one on my website, but only two future times did I give a public dictation, and both were from the Great Divine Director (GDD). One was in Lourdes, France and the other in Russia, both in 2009. They were both short and precipitated because I was receiving opposition from Monique in Lourdes and with the Russians because they expected Kim to give them lots of dictations, but I ended up going alone after our separation.

This Great Divine Director is a master the I AM Movement created. The Summit Lighthouse also carried forward the belief that there was this same being who was above St. Germain and Jesus in hierarchy. He was a teacher to both of them. Early on in my communication with these "masters" I was told I was the twin flame (the half of the divine polarity) of this GDD. Since he was heralded as such a great being I could not accept this relationship. Thus, time went on and one day the Elohim told me that if I did not accept the GDD as my twin flame he would have to move on. In other words, I would thwart the divine plan of God if I did not accept him. That I could not accept doing as who was I to stand in the way of heavenly divine direction? So I reluctantly said I would accept it. In the following years, I played down this relationship by writing publicly that we all could be twin flames of the GDD and I thus position myself as not the only twin flame of him, but merely twin to the office of divine direction.

I personally believed that the GDD was not one ascended master, but a title that was applicable to other masters, especially the "El Morya" master I worked with. I also believed that El Morya was other masters, though this was not taught by the Summit. There was a deliberate blurring of boundaries in my kinesiology work (I later coined IK) and I thus formed ideas about these masters that no one else did. This was because no one else in the world was doing what I was doing. I was using IK to communicate with heaven. I did not choose to do so, heaven chose to do so with me. Consequently, this left room for the real Jesus to come through giving me heavenly direction occasionally through this one I called the GDD. This allowed me to keep on track with my divine mission.

I was led to take directions through words without my seeking it. I already had the telepathy where I heard directions. It happened the first year I began using my HK training and working on clients. I worked full time doing healing sessions after my five levels of training were completed. The basis of HK is to bring balance to the energy system of the body. Anything that blocks or stresses the individual body systems can be identified and unblocked through clearing the meridians. Rather than using acupuncture, it runs along the same lines as Touch for Health, where the meridians that are blocked are identified and cleared.

One day I was helping a client when I received through muscle-testing words that practically formed a full sentence. HK has lots of word lists that are used in the various chemical, emotional or energy sections that help identify the areas needed to clear. I was amazed that the words I received were from a higher intelligence, and not just body feedback. This door was open for me because I stopped using the client's muscles and only used my fingers. I made this decision after realizing how much time I wasted balancing the client whenever they came upon some stressful emotions or thoughts brought up through our sessions. Consequently, their accuracy in muscle feedback was negatively affected and I chose to become the main muscle system being used in order to avoid this having to balance them. This is only allowed in HK when you are being a surrogate on a temporary basis. I was a surrogate for every session. And it worked perfectly to uncover what was going on with the client's issues.

Thus, what I developed was communication with another source outside the physical through my muscle testing. I often questioned, "How was this accomplished?" While I was never given exactly the how, I did reason that it was my Christ self that was the mediator between me and the client. Other kinesiology methods believe that the answers come forth via the subconscious mind. Now, today, I don't believe we have a "Christ" self. There is only one Christ and that is Jesus. I believe that spirits "masters" can control your muscle-testing, as well as the real Jesus can. Just like demons and the Devil can take over a body and cause eyes to roll back in the head, some to walk up walls and others to contort into impossible positions, it makes sense that spirits or Spirit can control our body through muscle testing.

When I first began HK I had easily accepted that my Higher Self, or Christ self-controlled my muscle-testing and thus no dark forces could because the Summit Lighthouse taught that we have this Higher Self. We were also given many, many calls, decrees, affirmations and such to protect us. I used them constantly around my healing work to protect my work and my clients, and to stop any demonic or spirit influences. Little did I know that my calls were not as effective as I believed because they were calling to this Higher Self, false spirits and such. I am sure to some degree my prayers reached heaven, and I do know that I have been spiritually protected and guided all my life. Adversity and wrong paths have all been part of the mission. It may not make sense to some but it clearly was understood by the community who formed around me and what I knew and taught.

Jesus carrying the cross - Grotto, Portland, OR

Jesus carrying the cross - Grotto, Portland, OR

Our Relationship to Jesus
The Summit taught that the Christ is universal and Jesus became the Christ and everyone else can become the Christ through right thought, word, and deed. It not only sounded reasonable to me, but it was also widely accepted by all the ascended master students and many other New Age followers, yet it is unbiblical. The idea that we all are God incarnate, one through our I AM Presence as individual sparks of I AM THAT I AM, also made sense. This too is unbiblical and a creation of the Ballards and their I AM Movement based on of Baird T. Spalding's books with his message of Great Masters. Spalding's books are believed by ascended master students to be based on real experiences he witnessed on an expedition to Tibet. He relates from these "masters" that everyone has a "TRUE" self, and the feats that Jesus and other eastern masters did we can do as well through oneness with this "TRUE" self. The Ballards took this idea of Spaldings and morphed it into the I AM and an individual Christ self as this true self.

This belief system puts the power of healing and salvation into our own hands rather than through the blood of Jesus Christ. Not only is Jesus not the only Son of God in this system, He is not the only Christ. He is one of many ascended master Christs who became like Jesus and ascended into heaven. Thereby, the position of the only begotten Son of God is Christ, not Jesus. Thus, Jesus is not God incarnate as Christianity teaches, although we were taught that most everyone can be God incarnate through their I AM Presence.

My relationship with Jesus, before finding the ascended master teachings, was not as strong as my relationship to God. Everything I did in my spiritual life was around God. I sacrificed for God. I served and loved for God. So when I found the Teachings I easily formed a relationship with Jesus greater than I had in my Christian church, yet based on this New Age belief of Jesus. Likewise, we had no veneration to the Mother of God or Mother Mary in my church. So I had no relationship with Mary until joining the Summit Lighthouse and the giving of the church's New Age Rosaries. Somehow, through my early training, I never internalized the belief that Jesus was God incarnate. As mentioned in previous articles the question of whether Jesus was God or not was a great controversy in the early Church. I believe I was shielded from this Christian concept so I would be open to joining the ascended master teachings in order to complete my mission in this life.

Yes, I had and have a mission that only I can do because I have the karma behind me of my previous life. There is only one me as there is only one of each of everyone else. What we have done in the past molds us into who we are and what contributions and lessons we have in life. This does not nullify Jesus' work on the cross. It modifies us into individual souls that are part of God's creation. We are His offspring. I believe God experiences life and Being through us. He suffers with us as we suffer and He grows and loves and is more through us. So my belief is very strong that we do not die but are eternal beings and expressions of God. Yet we are not God. There is only one God, our Father and Creator. Christianity teaches that Jesus is God the Creator. Whether we accept all the dogma of our faith, I believe the important part of living is to form a deeper relationship with God (which includes Jesus and the Holy Spirit) and hence to live as God with all His attributes that we can muster in one life.

All of my past in this life was building my character for the role and outplaying of what I experienced after Kim and I became messengers. My past marriages, my childhood years, my Christian upbringing, all were a necessary part of who I became. What I realized about the spiritual path from my past experiences would then strengthen me to fulfill the trial that was to come. I knew of this trial before I came into embodiment. It is believed that we have some kind of life review and then develop a life plan for our subsequent life before reembodying. The goal is to refine the wrong choices that move us away from God and into Satan's grip. If we do not reembody we carry in our soul ties to Satan. Of course God can "clean us up" so to speak and heal anything. Yet that is not His purpose in creating us. It was a mistake to fall for Satan's lies. Yet we did; and why is yet to be discovered. There are many theories and if God so wants me to discuss on that at some future time I will. There is no purpose for falling, dying, and have God instantly heal us in heaven, for where is the growth in that? Coming back to the fullness of God by our own free will is the greatest gift we can give God. We can only do it here where we began our separation from God.

I had to address my fall of long ago that had adverse effects upon not only my own lifestream and soul but to the many. Before I came into embodiment I reviewed what positive contribution I could make to help others from my prior mistakes. I knew there would be a lot of future suffering and that realization was allowed to carry forward in my consciousness after birth. Consequently, I easily accepted any suffering I experienced over my life and I never held a grudge or was angry with any abusers I crossed paths with. I easily forgave the aggressor and hatred I received, yet it never ceased to astound me that people could act that way, especially those who professed to love us. I knew my life's work would include a lot of untrue accusations.

There is a lot of conversations and outplaying of events today about the Catholic Church's involvement with sexual abuse. One cardinal recently came out and blamed homosexuality in the Church as the cause. Rather than being lauded for his truthful statement he was condemned and mocked. One newspaper editor wrote it was "shameful of the Catholic Church to...defame homosexuals. Disgraceful." Comments from some Catholics, however, stated otherwise. They were direct and put the blame where it lies: with homosexuals who have found a place in the church ministry and for the hierarchy in the Church that is largely made up of homosexuals who then move the priests around to avoid exposure.

Thus we know that those who speak out the truth are often condemned, and in past history even tortured or killed for speaking or promoting a truth of God or that science later proves is true. Some in the past history of the Church were falsely imprisoned, such as Galileo for his advocating the Copernican theory, which holds that the Earth revolves around the Sun. He was brought before the Inquisition and sentenced to life imprisonment, which was lightened to house arrest after agreeing to plead guilty.

I am not saying I had the absolute truth. We can only present what we believe. Yet sometimes we do present a higher truth that others cannot or will not accept and they consequently will condemn the messenger. I often presented to others what I received and they were not true statements. They were thoughts and ideas I was meant to convey to provoke others and bring out some hidden state of mind. Was that ever effective! I do not know if heaven controlled those events entirely, but I can see no benefit of the Devil exposing the evil in someone. So I do believe those moments were God inspired. I do not condone telling lies. I did not believe they were lies but words I was meant to interpret as I did and say as given to me. At the time I believed they were ascended masters giving me direction. Some of the comments I revealed have no way of being proven or disproven, such as I was this or that person in a past life. I know I was accused by several that I was this or that person, and likewise, they had no proof that their statements were true either.

What I do remember from my youth was night after night of going to bed and fantasizing about my life. I so looked forward to those fantasies. They were almost required preparatory work. I would make up a story about being accused of some wrongdoing and how I suffered the injustice, and if I did not fall asleep before I finished, I would end the story with my being redeemed. After I found the Phyllis Whitney and Mary Stewart books and other similar fictional mystery writers with heroines I gave up my nightly fictionalizing. I relied on those books, sometimes at the rate of one book a night. Stewart's books were mysteries with a little romance and had her heroines often relying on their wits, their knowledge of their opponent’s personality, and what skills they had to overcome their adversaries.

I continued reading, eventually virtually hooked on romantic novels, when I received intuitively that I was a martyr. The idea struck me strongly. I did not want to act or envelop myself in those energies. I soon put together the idea that the books were contributing to this martyrdom consciousness and I gave them up cold turkey. Strangely enough, upon doing so I began living the real martyrdom. I married Kim and I was set on the path of my destiny. Although all my previous relationships were important to this destiny, they were adjuncts to build my awareness of my inner strengths and what I believed was real, and then to stand up to the opposition to those truths.

Introducing the Conscious You
My relationship with Kim would be tested day after day throughout the years to remain true to my beliefs, while yet having to support this man I believed was above me in wisdom and many other talents. What a challenge! Yet I was not consciously aware that this was outplaying during our marriage. In retrospect, I knew, looking back to my previous relationships, that I had not stood up to my higher ideals and consequently had allowed these men to break down those inner convictions. With Kim I never thought it was still ongoing because he was above all those past relationships. His ideals and beliefs were supposed to be the same as mine. We both were following the teachings of the masters, and how much can you deviate from what we believed were those higher truths? Yet this was not to be the case.

Later, after we separated, Kim publicly revealed that he had had an inner vision back in the early years of our marriage where he was taken to what the masters called the "Great Central Sun", which is supposed to be the seat of the highest God representatives, Alpha and Omega. There, he said, he received the vision of some of the inner mysteries of God and who we really were. He also said he received a "pearl of great price" that was held by angels on a cloth so they would not touch it, and then they dumped into his heart.

Learning this vision on a public forum was a huge surprise to me. How could this man I lived with and trusted with our inner thoughts and beliefs together have kept hidden from his wife this deep mystery that was to form a great part of who he became, which was separate from the traditional ascended master teachings presented to us through other messengers? Obviously, he did not want to share it. Maybe he wanted to keep it as his own private revelation and become the founder of a new belief system. He offered that it was too great to share with others because it placed him in an important position of the receiver of a great gift and he did not know what to do with that. I knew he often believed that he was going to bring something great to earth that would change humanity forever. When he started his Ask Real Jesus website of question and answers with "Jesus", his private conversations with his "Jesus" revealed that this belief was so. He was going to do something no one else had ever done bringing out some great truth to mankind.

History is replete with those who have contributed something great to the advancement of societies. Yet my husband believed he was the brother of Jesus and had served him in his last life and that Jesus was in his world today to support him with his mission. I could not dispute that. If it was so it would happen and if not it would prove so at some later time. I felt that with his talents he could very well bring forth some new revelation. Yet when this "new revelation" began to appear I rebelled. It first came forth in his Master Keys to Abundant Life a book he said was dictated by Mother Mary. I spoke out. I told him the teachings on the Conscious You (CY) that filled this book were not true. He ignored me and published it as it was and his book became a great hit with his followers. The idea of a Conscious You, it appeared, was very well accepted.

Yet the idea of this new "you" went contrary to what I knew in my heart. I was given in 2004 the name of the first book I wrote, The Way, Know that I AM You. I had chosen the name, "The Way". The GDD gave me to add: "Know that I Am You". I put capital "AM" because that was supposed to be our real you, the I AM. Although today I do not believe that, this was not necessarily what the GDD (Jesus) was giving me, although I was meant to interpret it that way. The purpose was to have the differentiation between the other "you" that Kim would soon reveal publicly and the "you" that I stood behind. The "you" I stood for was no truer than the "you" Kim would introduce. Yet it gave me the strength to later oppose this other "you", which revealed an ungodly self, in my book.

There is still a You in God. God said to Moses, "I AM THAT I AM" also translated "I AM WHO I AM". So we know God is I AM. Then later God said to the prophet Isaiah, "For I alone am God! I am God, and there is none like me” (Isaiah 46:9). Where did all the yous come from? From God of course. If we were created in the image and likeness of God it would stand to reason that the you He created is also the You that He Is. We are an image of the You that God Is. So the words I AM You can actually say God is You.

We were not brought together in marriage from love. Kim received a "vision" that I was the true woman of his dreams (i.e. the femme fatale type of woman). I received in my heart a strong burning in connection with Kim that revealed to me that although I knew not this man, nor loved him, in this future relationship was something more that was to come connected with him and my love for him. I went on faith that my heart was true revealing a love I yet did not know or feel. Kim quickly became disillusioned by year three of our marriage that I was not this woman he had believed he saw in his vision. By then, I had already formed an inner belief of the likeness of Kim to Christ and loved him for who I thought he was, not who he really was. Kim accused me of not loving him. In reality, that was so, I loved Christ and the image of Christ I believed made up the man I married. Kim went on to later accuse me publicly that I never saw him for who he really was. First, he said to the community in an email he sent August 2009 to those who spoke out against his actions:

So few of you have cared enough to even look for the real person behind the mental image that you needed to project. I know Jesus feels exactly the same way, for he has been turned into a non-entity by those who would not see that he is an individual being with a uniquely personal gift to offer.

About me he wrote:

Despite what she feels a need to project in her current state of mind, I gave her unconditional love and kindness over and over and over again up until the present day. Yet in all that time, SHE NEVER SAW ME. And I now know that it is for one reason only: She didn’t care to see me.

What happened to precipitate these words—after being married for twenty years—that caused Kim to suddenly turn on me and the rest of the community who stood behind me? I would never stand behind his Conscious You beliefs. And in pride he began to form the idea that these CY teachings were so superior that everyone else, including his wife and co-messenger, were caught in their egos and mental boxes for not seeing the "reality" he presented. He also found someone who agreed with everything he said who also happened to be a single, attractive, much younger woman, who followed him like he was a God.

Rather than speaking about any of this openly, he held his differences to himself about our differing beliefs. And his budding relationship was his personal secret. I never tried to stop him from teaching his CY beliefs after my initial objections to his book. Yet, I began in my life, starting with my email folders, to separate out this CY and Kim's most outspoken followers of it. I found that pride was a common denominator of these people and also what I observed coming out in my husband. I would not yet label it as evil, but I was disturbed at what I began to witness unfolding around me.

All came to a crux at the end of the summer in 2009. After I started the School of Being (SOB) when students started attending class after class. As mentioned in the previous article many of the Shangra-la students who were very devout followers of Kim donated over a hundred thousand dollars towards the down payment on the school property. Suddenly, my husband was not the center of attention. The school and my classes were, which were unique using horses, hypnotherapy and other techniques to help students heal their psychologies. I also had received the Jesus IS teachings the year before, which some of Kim's followers opposed, as they were teachings completely different from the traditional Jesus dictations Kim gave. Kim never spoke of those dictations but he must have felt he had the monopoly on everything Jesus needed to say with his Ask Jesus website. How could I suddenly present something different?

Yet after they were published on my website he asked me if he could publish those dictations in his new book, Master Keys to Personal Christhood that came out in 2008. I did not read what introduction he wrote in his book that preceded this inclusion until several years later. By then he had republished the book and taken out those dictations and any mention of me, Shangra-la or anything we had done together from all his websites. These are Kim's Jesus' words he removed:

I have also told you that my main concern for this course is that the ego will try very hard to turn it into another mental box. Thus, in my efforts to prevent this from happening, this part of the course will contain a series of discourses that I gave through my other messenger, Lorraine, as the preceding teachings were being delivered through Kim. You will see that these teachings are different in content and style, and this is precisely the point. Use them as you see fit, for the teachings will explain why they were given and why they have the form they have. Those who have ears, let them hear. Jesus via Kim Michaels

It was clear to me Kim did not include these in his book to promote these dictations as viable teachings but to use them as a means to show his readers the difference between the two messengers and how much clearer Jesus' words were through him. I found my discourses very unusual and akin to a Zen Koan, being very difficult to decode. Yet I was obedient in publishing them, and from the mission standpoint they were to play a big part in what would unfold the following year. In other words, they were very necessary, just as they were, in doing their hidden work in separating out those who would follow Kim and those who would later follow me.


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