Becoming an Ascended Master Messenger

After Elizabeth Clare Prophet's retirement the community of the Summit Lighthouse, especially connected with the Ranch headquarters or living nearby, became very fragmented. Around 2002 there were already a few people claiming to take dictations from the ascended masters, one or two claimed they were messengers.

Many New "Messengers"
Former CUT minister Monroe Shearer and his wife Caroline founded The Temple of The Presence (TOP) in 1995. Monroe was asked to leave the Summit in 1981. Carolyn remained in CUT for several years after that. The two began taking dictations from the ascended masters in 1995, claiming El Morya, who sponsored the Summit Lighthouse through Mark Prophet, had bestowed that mantle upon them. Elizabeth Prophet denied they were messengers.

According to Sean Prophet's website, Monroe was hired by his parents to do some remodeling and painting. Mark Prophet took a liking to Monroe, who was about nineteen at the time. Mark wanted to make him a minister and managed to get a religious exemption for him so he wouldn't be drafted for the Vietnam war. Monroe eventually became Vice President of the church. Sean confirms what I heard as rumors over the years after Monroe was disciplined. Sean said he "he chafed at playing second fiddle to my mom while at CUT." I heard that Monroe did not believe that Elizabeth received the judgment calls from Jesus or did not believe in judgment calls and hence, she was not a true messenger.

From my understanding, Monroe and Mark got along very well but after Mark passed on in 1973, and Elizabeth took the helm, Monroe was causing problems because of his "dislike" or "discomfort" with Elizabeth as his guru and messenger. I mentioned in my article on CUT beliefs that it was in 1978 that "Jesus" released a "judgment call" through Elizabeth that we were to give regularly for the judgment of the fallen ones and black magicians. Then In 1983 "Jesus" through Elizabeth released the "dweller-on-the-threshold" call, another significant judgment call for the judgment of the not-self in yourself or others. Monroe did not agree with these judgment calls. It was my understanding he and his wife do not have any judgment calls they give through their organization.

Marsha Covington (later calling herself Dr. Dawn Covington) was another messenger, mostly for Saint Germain. She was a former Summit University teacher (TA) and one of Mother's (ECP's) research and lecture writers. She founded New Wisdom University in 2003. David Lewis and Marsha joined together in 2001 for a few months to present the master's teachings but differences arose between them and they went their separate ways. Marsha claimed in 2001 that "Saint Germain" asked her to start a new Aquarian movement and David Lewis was to "act as amanuensis/messenger-in-training so that the entire Brotherhood may now address their chelas in the physical."

David Lewis was the former Keeper of the Flame manager for Church Universal & Triumphant (CUT). After separating from Marsha, he continued taking dictations and eventually founded the Heart's Center in 2005. He applied through CUT to officially become a messenger, but after a year stepped back from that process. It takes years and many steps for one to get approved as a valid messengership and the likelihood of any of the church governance approving a new messenger is about nil. David also founded the Meru University. He claimed a master appeared before him, which began his messengership. I do not know presently what he does through his organization, but in the early years of 2000 he was giving daily dictations.

David drew quite a few local keepers of the flame to his organization and some high profile members of the church. His teachings focus a lot on becoming the Buddha. I listened to one dictation in his early years where he was shouting, and found that his vibration did not in any way compare to Elizabeth's performance or sense of holiness I felt during her dictations. Yet he is well liked and believed to be a true messenger by many Summit students, as well as did Monroe and Carolyn Shearer get accepted by many previous Summit students. Some of my friends from the Summit joined TOP, surprising me very much.

Monroe claims they are the only authorized messengers. Where have we heard that statement before? But unless you have been in an organization where your messenger is leader while another one comes along to claim that spot you cannot have the comeasurement to understand why you cannot easily accept new messengers, especially when the old messenger is still active. After Mother's retirement it was easier to rationalize new dispensations appearing, and of course, my husband and I became part of that paradigm so that we did not speak out invalidating the other claims, except if I was directed from within to say something.

Another woman who lived in Bozeman, MT if not at the time, eventually moving there, was a healer in the community. Debra McFadden claimed she was at the Chico Hot Springs (just east of Emigrant, MT) when a master contacted her asking her to be a messenger. I never heard any of her dictations, but she became popular enough with some affluent former Keepers that she could afford to buy a house in Bozeman within a few short years. One man who was well known in Glastonbury had prostate cancer. He told me one day that he had about 50 healing sessions with Debra! I was taken aback, because I believed a healer should be able to help their client in a few sessions, and if no progress is made the client should move on. Debra was more of a psychic in her healing practice and that can be very tantalizing to some souls who love to hear about their past lives, or the "masters" present at their session doing "this or that" energy work on them.

I met up with several of Debra's clients who were very enamored with her, but with little discernment themselves. One of the affluent women that supported Debra and eventually my husband and I also stated to me that a woman who joined our organization who was in a coma had ascended at inner levels and would soon die. I believed otherwise because El Morya told me something different. He said that she would come out of the coma and live. This woman had a ruptured appendix and had gone into a coma, although I don't remember the details why. It was six months into the comatose state that the affluent woman told me of this woman's supposedly inner ascension and that she would soon die. Although a year after entering the comatose state she did awaken one day, with some memory loss but otherwise well and very much alive, proving this woman's discernment and source of information or contact with ascended masters was not true.

Destiny in New York
Debra never started an organization so she did not become as well known as David Lewis and Monroe and Carolyn Shearer. Some of these channelers of the "masters" were messengers at the time my husband Kim and I became messengers, a few started after we supposedly received our annointing. As mentioned in my previous article on communication experiences it was in December 2002 that I became a messenger. Kim was already writing for his Jesus when the Great Divine Director asked me if I wanted to have Kim as a joint messenger with me, and if so, I was to ask him. We went to a concert that evening and I asked him while we waited for the performance to begin, and he said yes, he would become a messenger with me. Whether he believed in my communication or the reality of my being a messenger not was never discussed by us.

I was immediately sent to New York by the master, but first I was to write all my friends announcing my messengership and to write the church headquarters. One of the main purposes for the trip, I was told, was to get off the radar after my announcement. I was not asking to be a messenger for the church, nor did I want to be. I wrote only because I was instructed to do so. This trip was my first major assignment as a messenger. I was to go first to this couple's house in Connecticut I had been friends with for years and work with the wife teaching her some healing techniques, and then travel on to New York City and do some spiritual work there. The direction was to plan to be gone about a whole month. Yet very little worked out as planned, and my direction from the "master" on what to do in New York was very strange to begin with. Yet I later had confirmation that something spiritual was happening during my trip, at least I felt something spiritual.

Before I left for my East Coast trip in the summer of 2002 that I talked about in part one of my communication experiences, the Maha Chohan told me my husband would love to live in New York, especially the city. It seemed somehow our destiny was to go to New York after our five years living in Utah and after learning a new spiritual path and being outside of the church and from the view of living and working side-by-side with those of the Mormon faith. I was born in New York and I don't know if that was part of the reason I was sent, but later it appeared my husband was to contact some ancient source of energy that even went back to the mythical land of "Atlantis." More on New York in a moment.

The first thing that happened after I began my month-long trip was my lady friend in Connecticut took issue with the "master's" direction through me. I related to her what I received, and I don't blame her for reacting, I was somehow placed in the role of being a "button pusher", and she did react violently. She asked me to leave her house at once! If I thought my messengership was going to be anything peaceful I had a lot to learn, as it was anything but peaceful for seven years, and I later understood why.

Previously, in the fall of 2002, the Great Divine Director asked me to write to the heaven and relate my goal on what I could do on earth that would assist the onward movement of God Being. At the time I thought I would be a healer and wrote that I would do anything that God so willed to serve and help people heal their souls. I immediately received back a coded message from the Father representative "Alpha" in the Great Central Sun, with something about forming a religious organization in New York where the one becomes the three. This organization would incorporate all the truths given to man found in the major religions of the world, as well as in science and philosophy, based on the love for God with the understanding that all knowledge comes from the One Source, God.  It was a powerful message to me, but I had no idea how I would do any such thing.

Then a few weeks later the Great Divine Director came to me again and asked me to pray to meet with him and some other spiritual overseers of mankind, as they had a need I could help them with. He didn’t explain further and I made the prayer to meet in spirit while my body slept that evening. The following morning the Great Divine Director came to me and asked me if I wanted to know what I had answered at that heavenly meeting. After affirming that I did want to know he said, “You said you would be the judgment.” I didn't inquire further what that meant and gave it no further thought until it occurred to me after becoming a messenger what that really meant. It would have been at that spiritual meeting that I had agreed to be a messenger for the ascended masters—and a guru. And it was being a guru that seemed to be the contentious energy that riled people.

So it was after three days with my friends I was asked to leave their house by the wife. The husband was a gracious host and we had a wonderful time working together on a spiritual goal and he was fine with our visit thus far. After he helped calm down his wife they arranged for me to stay with another woman in the church I had never met before who lived in Rhode Island. I had worked with one of her daughters in Montana, but she had many more children, twelve all total!

The wife of the couple in Connecticut had previously planned on driving me to New York to check out the area where to move to in New York, and thankfully she carried out that plan and surprisingly we had a good trip. She apologized for her behavior after she knew I was leaving, and we were fine the rest of our time together.

I felt drawn to look at the Hudson Valley area where the Great Divine Director had pointed the way to where we were to live next. We drove almost as far up the Valley as where my husband and I eventually bought a home, and then up into the Catskill Mountains where there are several Buddhist retreats. We visited the small town of Woodstock (near where the 1969 famous Woodstock rock concert was held) and I picked up a real estate guide book in town where I also found a potential place to buy for this new "organization" I was later to found.

While staying with the lovely elderly couple in Rhode Island I visited another friend who lived nearby who had been helping arrange people to receive divine direction readings from the Great Divine Director through me the previous year. We had a nice week together and although I thought everything went well when I returned to Utah she wrote me a surprising email. She said I didn’t meet up with her “image” of what a messenger should look like. I was too anorexic looking (I had always had a very thin frame) and also she was upset with me because I said I didn’t like cats! I guess in her book all messengers should like cats!

That friendship was one of the many friendships I had and suddenly and unexpectedly lost during my messengership years. Our separation steps began before I left for New York when the Great Divine Director led me to a hairdresser for a haircut and permanent. It was divinely arranged because not only did I later shock my friend in Rhode Island with my new over-permed frizzy curls, but I met my daughter's friend she had been trying to get me to meet for weeks, the hairdresser! We had a wonderful time talking for hours while she did my hair and I knew something was special about this hairdresser.

Yet my new look upset my Rhode Island friend because she had never met me, and only saw my real estate photo where I looked almost completely different and very professional in comparison to this "new" look and where my picture made me appear more rounded than I really was. Yet while we were together I had a very unusual spiritual experience. Just before I left Rhode Island and completed the last part of my trip to go to New York City to do some spiritual work there, I met through my friend this woman who ran a spiritual group. She had a large smoky crystal quartz in her meditation and meeting room. I was drawn to that crystal like a magnet even though the room was filled with many other crystals and statues of angels. I asked her if I could touch it and she said yes. She called herself an energy worker, one who helps the planet by raising the energies and contacting higher vibrations. I had never met anyone like her before or since. She told my friend to touch my shoulder and then she touched my friend's shoulder and when I touched that crystal I felt such a huge amount of energy soar up my arm into my body that I started tingling all over. Then after we left there God spoke to me and told me to carry this “energy” light to New York, and what it was composed of and its purpose. I was to anchor that light as the judgment on the property that I had found to buy.

I don’t know how that extraordinary amount of light got in that crystal, or maybe it was due to the energy worker's manipulation of energy, but it came up my arm, not down from the energy worker. It could have been collecting in the crystal for years from the spiritual work the people did who gathered in that sanctuary, as crystals are known for carrying light. Anyway, the timing was impeccable, as I was on my way to New York the next day from Rhode Island and I had also arranged an appointment to view the property to buy.

The energy was so much to carry that I felt like I was a wound-up toy. I couldn’t stop talking or sit still. I found myself in the New York subway and when I leaned my body on a central pillar I could feel the light energy leaving my body and going into that pillar and I heard in my inner ear, “Get off that pillar!” For some reason, walking and sitting didn’t dissipate the energy, but that pillar somehow drew the light energy right out of me. My friend's husband from Connecticut picked me up and we went to view the property together and after that visit I felt no more of the intensity of that light.

It was a large mansion, but way above our affordability at a half million dollars, but I believed anything was possible with God. Later I discovered, after three visits and arranging a mortgage, that the masters did not want me to purchase the property, but the goal was to get me there for carrying this light. The woman who owned the house ran a poodle business from it, with poodles housed on at least two floors. Needless to say, the house smelled of dogs and I wondered how we could ever live there! Yet I had another unexpected result of visiting her home.

She called her poodle business Shangri-la and there was a sign posted with that name in her yard. I realized that that was the name of my new organization, except I would change the spelling to Shangra-la giving honor to Alpha replacing the "i" with an "a". My friend took me to an attorney to help get the incorporation papers drawn up in New York and thus began the non-profit organization of The Shangra-la Mission in January, 2003.

Returning to Utah and Move to New York for Being
Upon returning to Utah I discovered that while I was gone my husband had formed a relationship with another woman, Lynn Monds, a member of the Summit, who wanted him to join her and her new group. I knew that was not God's will for us, as I had just formed the Shangra-la Mission and I felt this was not right. I began joining their conversations together and somehow managed to separate them. Later it proved that Lynn was very manipulative as I witnessed her trying to control the dictations that came through us and change what the masters supposedly had said. Kim eventually saw what he needed to see about her and he moved on.

While Kim was continuing to work on his website and receive answers from his Jesus, I did nothing. I was actually very surprised. Here I was made a messenger and I was doing nothing that I believed messengers should do. And suddenly, my communication with the masters had changed. I was flying in and out of Kennedy airport in New York and on one trip I had a long layover. While there I kept hearing "beloved" and then no more. When I returned to Utah I no longer heard the masters except on rare occasions. Consequently, no explanation was ever given why their communication with me suddenly stopped. I also was not taking any dictations. I later realized the "beloved" words I kept receiving was in a way saying, "You are beloved regardless of appearances." The appearances were that I was bereft of any communication and I had to wonder had I done something wrong?

Thus nothing major happened over the next six months except the direction fulfilled that it was time to move to New York. The Great Divine Director had previously given me the direction to put the house on the market in April and how much to list it for. We had an offer in one week for a thousand less than our asking price. Then we would have move to New York without knowing where we were going or what we would find and how long it would take to find a place. Yet my husband was as ready amd willing to leave Utah as I was, so we were onboard together in the move under my direction from the master.

Upon crossing the borderline into New York I heard the words from several masters in the line of, "Here you will be." I had no idea what that meant at the time, but later the teachings would come through me on Being, and being your God flame. It was to be my main goal in teaching, to help people to be—after I first learned Being myself. It was also possible that the many "beloveds" I received at the airport was in the context of "be love". The word "beloved" thus had another purpose and meaning. Why New York as the place of Being I never discovered, but in Being you know what to do versus being told. Listening to the masters explaining this or that or giving direction was to be left behind (except for rare occasions) so that I could Be who I was, a daughter of God. I will talk more about this in relationship to the reality of the "masters" and inner communication in a later article.

In the beginning of our messengership Kim was onboard with me and took up the God flame concept, but it did not take long for him to leave that behind and create a new concept, the "Conscious You", which I felt was completely wrong and went against Being. Possibly that was why Being was emphasized on my path and how I recognized this "Conscious You" philosophy as what I believed was a false teaching. Consequently, this reinforced my doubt that the "real" masters could be speaking through him, yet I kept my thoughts to myself because I believed heaven was in command. After all, they had guided me to ask him to be a messenger with me for these masters. Would they do so other than for being a legitimate messenger?

So it was that we put all our furniture in storage and rented a motel room for two weeks and started looking for houses to buy. Unfortunately, at that time it was a sellers market and several houses we were ready to put offers on we found discovered they had just been sold. The few we got offers in on would have competing offers. The last competing offer I chose not to compete as I heard God ask me if I really wanted this house. When I realized the question was important I pondered why and I found out that the train tracks ran very close to the house and the train horns were frequent not only in the day but at night. So I let that house go. Ironically, the man in competition for the house had a son my youngest daughter took up with. So it appeared that destiny was unfolding for her, and largely affected us, as well.

After the many failed attempts to buy a home we were getting desperate. The children had to get back in school but we had no idea which school they would attend until we found what neighborhood we would live in. Then one day I suggested we look at a house we passed by frequently on our travels that was still on the market. It was out of our price range but I realized that if it hadn't sold it was either overpriced or something was wrong with it. We were not enamored with the house but still placed an offer $40,000 less than their asking price. After several counter offers they finally accepted $20,000 less. The house was close to the Hudson River and less than sixty miles from where I had received direction to look in the Hudson Valley the year before. It turned out it was also only thirty miles from the mansion I had looked at to buy.

Our First Dictations
We rented a townhouse for a couple of months until the house closed and finally moved in our new home in July. Just prior to our move I finally received the prompting to take my first dictation. I had no words telling me to do so, it was just this sense. I announced it to my husband and friends and we all prepared with a prayer service, but then nothing happened. I tried and no words came. I simply did not know how to take a dictation! The next morning I got up and tried again, this time alone. I opened my mouth and words came. It was like I could hear the idea and then repeat what I partially heard. It was not easy. Sometimes I turned off the recorder and waited, as it appeared I was not "tuned in" enough, and when I felt "connected" again I would continue on.

Day after day this pattern continued. I would get up and do my morning decrees and during them I would be prompted by a different master to take their words, sometimes three or four dictations in a row, but all very short. Predominately, the words spoke of Being, but also some ideas that did not fit into my paradigm and made me uncomfortable to share. The words seemed very simplistic. After a month of this activity and about sixty dictations later, the purpose for taking them seemed to be fulfilled and that activity stopped. I did not know what to do with those dictations. Finally we decided to make a website and I could publish them there. It was then that we first started attracting a following, and especially after my husband started taking his first public dictations, although he already had an internet following from his website.

A few months later El Morya told me we needed to go to Montana. I told him we did not have the money to go and he said he would take care of it. I was to write an email to some Montana friends sharing a dictation from "Padma Sambhava" announcing I had received the mantle of guru. It was not long afterward that we received an invitation to come out with all travel expenses paid. It was after that trip that I stopped receiving dictations, except informal ones that I took at home and shared occasionally. Kim took all the public dictations. Again, I did not receive any words telling me what was happening and why I was not being used to give dictations. In a way I was very happy not to take spoken dictations because I found taking them excruciatingly difficult, and I agonized over them that they were inaccurate. I felt embarrassed to share the first sixty dictations, and thus after a year I easily focused on promoting Kim on my website and focused on sharing stories and lessons on Being as prompted from within to do and took most of those dictations off the website.

Kim, on the other hand, stood up and gave his first dictation like he had been doing it all his life. He needed no meditation period and no prayer work beforehand. He could take dictations in public places even with people milling about. There was no doubt that he was not making it up, yet there were signs that something was wrong. That which came forth in his first year seemed in compliance with what we had learned in the Summit, but gradually new concepts and a new belief had formed in his mind on what reality was and his dictations followed his new reality.

I was a part of this building a new reality because I supported him. I planned our conferences, answered emails, shipped his books and talked and counseled people. We were a team, but he was definitely his own man. For a few years I continued to occasionally give him a master's direction, but one day I told the masters, "No more!" I could not take being in that position where I would receive my husband's indifference or irritation that I was interfering with his work. I understood where he was coming from, yet I was directed to do so. Obviously, to me, there was a hidden reason, a reason I could not understand. Not knowing the ending from the beginning we were being led to an ending for a purpose. Yet again, like every other experience I had while being a messenger, I knew nothing of the whys and wherefores not only to what I was doing or not doing but also to what my husband was doing.

So yet, while a team, we were walking parallel paths but for a different purpose and goal. If I could summarize what happened to me over those seven years I would say that I was being used by some force outside myself, and justly so because I had surrendered my will to be used as God so liked. Thus I believed it was from God that my inner guidance led me. If we surrender our lives to God we can't be choosy about the who, what and wherefores. Yet would God choose to use me to channel false teachings and an array of "ascended masters" we believed were spiritual beings and our hierarchy, because I did believe in them? And then why did I believe and trust in these "masters" and continued to share what I received from them even when it made me uncomfortable?

Those questions and more will be covered in my continuing series on why I believe there is no reality in "ascended masters."


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