Beliefs and Practices of CUT During the 1980's

"Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven, having the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand.   He laid hold of the dragon, that serpent of old, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years;   and he cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal on him, so that he should deceive the nations no more till the thousand years were finished. But after these things he must be released for a little while (Rev. 20:1-3).

This verse, like many others in the Bible, is open to interpretation and is one of the most controversial chapters in Revelation. One can believe in a literal interpretation or a non-literal one. A few Christian denominations understand this verse from a literal perspective in that after Jesus' Second Coming Satan will be bound for a thousand years (they are called millennialists or premillennialists). They believe that a Great Tribulation will occur before Jesus returns to establish His kingdom for a literal period of a thousand years in which He will reign physically from Jerusalem. Justin Martyr (100 - 165 A.D.) had this viewpoint.

Most Protestant denominations, Catholics and  Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches generally embrace the belief that a thousand years is figurative and not to be taken literally, (they are called amillennialists) and that the tension on earth between the righteous and the wicked will be resolved only by Christ’s return at the end of time. St. Augustine held this belief. The premise is that since Jesus' first coming we have been in that "thousand year" period and therefore Satan will be let loose at some time ahead (or is loosed right now in this age). In either case, whether Jesus' reign will be on earth for a thousand years at some time in the future where Satan will then be bound, or Jesus is presently reigning in heaven through His Church on earth and these thousand years are being presently enacted, Satan and the rest of the fallen angels will not be cast into the Lake of Sacred Fire and final judgment until the end of the "thousand year" period and after Satan will be loosed for a while.

Amillenialist With a Different Ending
The Summit Lighthouse held the amillennialists interpretation believing we were in the period where Satan was bound but with a different twist. "Jesus" through Elizabeth said, "We are determined to warn and to instruct you, to assemble you together that you might understand the wiles of Serpent and the attempt of Satan who is yet behind bars to implement his seed on earth in this momentum of destructivity" (Jesus, PoW Vol. 23, No. 49, Dec. 1980).

What follows this millennium period in this Bible verse is the release of Satan for a time and then his final judgment and being cast into the Lake of Sacred Fire along with the False Prophet and Beast, where they will be tormented forever. After this final judgment, there will herald in the "new age", where God creates a new heaven and new earth where there is no curse or sin. 

This was not the belief of the Summit Lighthouse. In 1982 "Jesus" through Elizabeth Clare Prophet, announced the final judgment of Satan.

Blessed ones, thou who art the noble of the light ennobled by Christ in ye all, O rise in this moment of our oneness. For it is the hour when we worship together as of old, even the Lord God Almighty! And we offer praise and thanksgiving that the hour of his judgment is come, both in heaven and on earth. Therefore, I announce to you that the Word has gone forth on Wednesday past, in the very triumph and the hour of the twenty-seventh, for the remanding to the Court of the Sacred Fire of the one you have known for so long as Satan. (Jesus Christ, PoW Vol. 25, No. 16, April 18, 1982)

The Ascended Masters taught that the final judgment in the Sacred Fire results in the annihilation of the soul and individuality. The energy and consciousness given to the individual lifewave is returned to the Central Sun and repolarized to once again give birth to the new creation that goes forth in a new age. There is no "forever" torment in the Lake of Fire.

Where is Jesus' Second Coming that is to precede Satan's judgment? The Church taught that there will not be any Second Coming as Christians tend to believe, but the Second Coming has occurred and recurs as Jesus has come repeatedly in the hearts of those who have made themselves worthy, and their bodies a temple of God.

Judgment of Lucifer
While Satan was sent to his second death, long before this dictation was given, Lucifer was supposedly sent to his second death as well, and referenced in this same Pearl of Wisdom (PoW): "On April 26, 1975, Lucifer was sentenced to the second death. Alpha announced his final judgment on July 5, 1975." There is only one reference in the Bible to Lucifer, in Isaiah 14:12. Lucifer means "light bearer” or “light bringer”. It also is the Latin name for Morning Star (i.e., the planet Venus), the brightest object in the sky other than the sun and the moon and the last star seen in the morning (the Morning Star). The Bible also uses the "Morning Star" as a symbol for Jesus Christ.

Thus this verse is said to have a dual meaning. One meaning is that the words are an allusion to the king of Babylon’s prideful self-image and he as the fallen "morning star". The second meaning has to do with the fall of a being called Lucifer, or to some Christians, Satan's fall, because they believe Lucifer is Satan. No mortal king would claim that his throne was above that of God or that he was like the Most High, leading to the second meaning whereby the power behind the evil Babylonian king has to do with this fallen "star" being Lucifer, or as some Bible interpretations use "Son of the Morning" or "Morning Star".

The connection to this Lucifer being Satan was from Pope Gregory the Great (540-604 AD) who was the first person to apply that passage of scripture to Satan and thus to equate Lucifer with Satan. It was in John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” (1667) in which Lucifer is used as another name for Satan as well and when the idea became more popular.

The word "Satan" means "adversary"—primarily to God first and then God's creation second. The word "devil" means "accuser, slanderer," and to Christians, when the word "devil" is capitalized it means one and the same being: Satan. One way to relate the Lucifer/Satan connection by Christians is to see that after Lucifer became corrupt and fell, his name changed from Lucifer (“morning star”) to Satan (“adversary”).

Another Christian interpretation that Lucifer is Satan comes from Ezekiel 28:11-19. The pattern of this passage would seem to fit that of the Isaiah 14 with another king. Just as the Babylonian king is compared with Lucifer's fall, there is a dual prophecy, comparing the pride of the king of Tyre to the pride of Satan. The king is being rebuked for his insatiable pride and greed. Just as in Isaiah 14, these verses describe more than a mere human king as they contain references to being "in Eden", or being an "anointed cherub" and on "the holy mountain of God.”

Ezekiel’s prophecy of Tyre’s total destruction was fulfilled. Just as Satan's pride led to his fall, the city of Tyre fell through the people and the king's pride. The belief is that the one who is behind the evil king of Tyre is Satan's power and the same for the Babylonian king. The far prophecy in this passage is about Satan's final end which will occur with his final judgment.

Not only is Satan believed to be Lucifer by some Christian scholars, but the Serpent fallen angel as well. This connection comes from two verses in Revelation.

"And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world" (Rev. 12:9).

 "And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years" (Rev. 20:2).

CUT did not believe this Christian viewpoint. The Ascended Masters taught that there were three separate fallen angels, the Serpent, Satan, and Lucifer who was also called the Devil. Although their facts don't always remain the same from organization to organization through their messengers, beginning with Blavatsky and all the ascended master activities following. When these "masters" release books and teachings and thousands of dictations, and those dictations do not originate from God truth, there are bound to be errors between the movements. (More on that in a moment.) In the following quote "Sanat Kumara" through Elizabeth Prophet said,

"Whereas Satan is known as the original Murderer using the murder of the lightbearers to thwart the divine plan of God in the earth, Serpent, who is also “called the Devil and Satan,” is the Archdeceiver, the original Liar and the father of lies whose philosophy of deception, based on fear and doubt, is his modus operandi in his warfare against the true Christs and the true prophets. Serpent is the Wicked One whose seed, along with Satan's, is sown as tares among the good wheat of the Christic seed....Serpent is the cohort of Satan and Lucifer." (Sanat Kumara, PoW Vol. 22, No. 45, Nov. 1979)

CUT Focus on Judgments
It was in 1978 that the Summit Lighthouse "Jesus" released a "judgment call" that students were to give regularly for the judgment of the fallen ones and black magicians. Then In 1983 students received another judgment call to give also delivered by "Jesus". This one was for the judgment of the not-self, or what the Summit called the "dweller-on-the-threshold". In order to become the "Christ" one must slay this dweller, an absolute requirement on the path to the ascension.

In The Theosophical Glossary, H. P. Blavatsky defined dweller on the threshold as “a term invented by Bulwer Lytton in Zanoni;...‘Dweller’ is an occult term used by students for long ages past, and refers to certain maleficent astral Doubles of defunct persons.” Astral Double refers to “the ethereal counterpart or shadow of man or animal.” This dweller was believed to be totally evil and if you did not slay it you would embody it—which would be a terrible occurrence.

The Summit defines the "dweller" as the anti-self, the not-self, the synthetic self, and the antithesis of the Real Self. It is the alter ego that is the enemy of God. "The dweller appears to the soul on the threshold of conscious awareness where it knocks to gain entrance into the 'legitimate' realm of self-acknowledged selfhood. The dweller would enter to become the master of the house. But it is Christ and only Christ whose knock you must answer–him only must you bid enter...When the sleeping serpent of the dweller is awakened by the presence of Christ, the soul must make the freewill decision to slay it, by the power of the I AM Presence."

In 1984, Elizabeth released another dictation about the judgment, this one from "Mother Mary". It was called "The Right Hand of the Cosmic Virgin judgment". This call, too, was for the judgment of the fallen angels and to return to them their hatred and lust. Then in 1985 the Summit Lighthouse "Archangel Michael" announced the judgment of Peshu Alga. The Summit Lighthouse believed that Peshu Alga was the first rebel against God and was the Accuser of the Brethren in Rev. 12:10.

The story given was that when Peshu Alga’s son died, he cursed God for allowing his death, rejected all consolation, and swore eternal vengeance against the Almighty. Thus the Summit believed his rebellion was the first sin ever committed against God. Lucifer (tempted through his own pride and ambition) was traduced by Peshu Alga and followed Peshu Alga's rebellion, thus causing the fall of many other angels under him. Supposedly, evil is a creation of the carnal mind and in the devil (the deified energy veil) that originated with Peshu Alga and then became personified in Lucifer. Therefore this energy veil, devil, or evil, had its beginnings with Peshu Alga.

Again, the issue here is that there is no Scripture support of such a being as Peshu Alga. It is a creation of the Summit Lighthouse, supposedly a new revelation, or hidden mystery, i.e. occult knowledge, revealed by their Ascended Masters. Peshu Alga, we were told, was not a native of this planet. He descended by spacecraft and was part of the Sumerian central triad of Anu, Enki, and Enlil. Elizabeth also claimed her father was the embodiment of Peshu Alga and he was the Serpent in the Garden. Another dictation revealed that Peshu Alga's twin flame went to the second death centuries ago, and was more vicious even than Peshu Alga himself.

I mentioned in an earlier article on the Summit that I had attended a conference in Pennsylvania in 1980, Planet Earth: The Future Is to the Gods, where I describe some of the story of Enki and Enlil the Nephilim gods who were around during the flood of Noah, as told by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. I had just joined the Teachings and this was my first conference and introduction to a group who believed in ancient astronauts. Zecharia Sitchin (1920-2010) made these Nephilim gods known in his book, The Twelfth Planet (1976). Sitchin concludes, from his study of ancient Sumerian texts, that the Nephilim were an extraterrestrial race who “fell” to earth (landed) in spacecraft 450,000 years ago.

Elizabeth believed Sitchin's books essential reading such that it eventially became required reading. In an El Morya dictation, PoW Vol. 25, No. 7, it is stated in a footnote: "Required reading and listening for all chelas of Sanat Kumara on the subject of Nephilim: Mark L. Prophet, The Soulless One; Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Planet Earth: The Future Is to the Gods, cassette album A8056; Zecharia Sitchin, The 12th Planet and The Stairway to Heaven.

Having read The Twelfth Planet, I concluded that almost half of that book is not factual, gleaned from my inner promptings. Decades later I researched how he came to his conclusions, and other researchers also concluded they were not correct. Sitchin spent much of his life studying and translating the Sumerian cuneiform writing on clay tablets. I later learned he was self-taught and came to many of his conclusions based on false translations or assumptions. Decades ago not many people who could read the Sumerian language outside of a few specialists, and his work was accepted as not only interesting but factual. Since the 1970s the Sumerian language has become more available to the layman with the publication of modern dictionaries from the “lexical lists” of this dead language. With this dictionary, one can learn that Sitchin's translations had not only many errors, but that he jumped to conclusions without basis, such as the planet Nibiru cycles through our solar system every 3600 years. Nothing in the Sumerian texts validate such a claim. 

I also tried to read The Soulless One, a collection of dictations by the Great Divine Director through Mark Prophet. It was supposed to be a book on the cloning of a counterfeit creation, but I could find nothing in it about extraterrestrials, or anything the preview described the book was about. It contained a substantial amount of esoteric words that to me did not clarify in ordinary language what this cloning and robot creation was all about. Although I tried to read it, I could make no sense of it and gave up.

The conference I attended in Pennsylvania in 1980—that came out on cassette and was part of the required studies on the Nephilim—presented these aliens arriving in spacecraft, creating their slave race to mine gold and other minerals for their planet, and how the brothers Enki and Enlil were constant rivals with each other. I believed that those stories could be true because of my studies into UFO abductions, which I had studied just before I found the Teachings in 1979, although I could not believe the existence of this planet Nibiru, which many today call "planet X".

Trusting and Faith—or Ego-controlled
Many people came to the Church and the Teachings because they were dissatisfied with their own churches. Many believed in reincarnation, and the idea of saints in heaven who could communicate with earthly beings. The Catholic Church has many saints, and one of the requirements for canonization to sainthood requires two miracles connected with praying to that deceased person who was venerated in their lifetime for living like a saint. It is not a far stretch to have those canonized saints intervening in our lives, not just with answering our prayers but even communicating to us through extrasensory perception.

The many gods of Hindus, for example, Shiva, Vishnu, Lakshmi, and Ganesh, also are prayed to for favors, blessings, and miracles. The Church accepted Kuan Yin, a Bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism tradition, as the "goddess of mercy" who we could pray to for intercession. The Summit taught that the Ascended Masters were the "...great saints and sages East and West who have gone before to show us the way." The Teachings incorporated a blend of Eastern and Western religions, combining concepts from Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Gnosticism, Kabbalah, and Hinduism. We had in-depth lectures on Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Padma Sambhava, the Tibetans and Kuan Yin, along with the Hindu Vedas and the Bible.

Therefore, someone looking for a universal truth from all religions, and had any doubts that the Bible was free of being tampered with by prior scribes, or by the powers that be in Roman Catholicism that resulted in the Bible not carrying the totality of the Word of God, would be highly attracted to a church that did acknowledge that as a fact. And for that church to claim to teach hidden mysteries of the Bible and other non-canonical books, like the Book of Enoch, as carrying truth but denied to the people of God, that church would seem to be a "higher" or more truthful wisdom source on God Reality.

There is a problem that arises in placing your trust in one or two people deemed to be intermediaries between heaven and earth. If you believe ascended masters are real and do speak through a few selected individuals (messengers) with the true Word of God, can you possibly pick and choose what you believe as truth that these messengers claim is at least 95% accurate and the highest truths from spiritual beings? Therefore if you are indeed a man or woman of faith, you must live in faith. Faith means that you trust God to be leading your life because you have placed that trust in God's reality whether taught through the Christian Bible, the Hindu Vedas, the Jewish Torah or the teachings of Buddha and the Buddhist Sutras or the teachings of the ascended masters. One cannot be true to their religion if they pick and choose what to believe and discard what they don't like through these holy texts and their spiritual leaders. That would be akin to creating a new religion from an ego-based viewpoint.

Although some Ascended Master students did pick and choose what they would believe through the teachings, we were taught to "put on the shelf" those concepts we could not incorporate as truth within our consciousness, instead of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Then at some later date, when we were supposedly more highly refined and edified in the Teachings, those concepts would be more palatable because we were wiser and not as controlled by our human ego, the carnal mind and the dweller-on-the-threshold. Then we could take those teachings off the shelf because we more enlightened students who finally realized those concepts were right.

Either you accept and believe all their truth (or temporarily put those concepts on the shelf) or you indeed are not a dedicated student of these ascended "saints". A master is not going to lie. Therefore, whatever the master says you must accept as truth. How could you not when the source was supposed to be direct from God? To be disobedient to the Master's direction and their messengers could also mean you were embodying your dweller and were ego controlled. For staff, especially permanent staff, it was a genuine threat and could mean they were close to their second death from lifetimes of this same disobedience and willful ignorance.

Consequently, the path of the ascended masters can become not only a trap, if the source is not of God, but can lead one away from God by teaching just one or two concepts that are anti-Christ, because you can't choose to discard what you think may be false teachings or you run the risk of condemnation from others or even discipline by the Messenger. Likewise, trusting a messenger of God on faith just because they say they are, and having to believe that everything they say is right and correct, can also become a trap and lead one away from God and Christ. The Ballard's dictations were not shy about making claims that their messengers, the Ballards, had never lied and everything they said was true.

During the 1980's the Messenger, Elizabeth, released the macrobiotic diet as the ideal diet, and for a time it became the only food available for staff. Yet after a year of the men on staff trying to work outside in the harsh Montana winters on this diet, the diet was finally modified adding chicken, although eating meat was not at all a part of the macrobiotic diet. The fact that there are many different body types on the planet, with differences between men and women, children and the elderly, types of employment and energy needs, it is impossible to require everyone to conform to one type of diet. Yet Elizabeth emphatically believed the macrobiotic diet was the absolute best for spiritual people. Before that diet she had endorsed the raw foods diet. Although the staff had no choice but to eat what they were served, having little income to buy their food, those close to the Messenger said she ate many other foods outside of macrobiotics.

In Paolini's book, 400 Years of Imaginary Friends, he mentions that some of the hungry men would raid Elizabeth's locked refrigerator/freezer desperate for good food. He wrote that they would find "ice cream, maple syrup, crab, lobster, prime rib, mangoes, papayas, strawberries, cake, and wonderfully prepared food." The Messenger had every right to eat what she wanted, but to these hard-working men it seemed incongruent with their forced lifestyle of living off practically rice and beans, tofu and miso soup, while the Messenger professed to be doing the same, but was not.

For those not on staff, you could choose to comply with the Masters and Messenger's direction or not. I know many individuals who did comply with this macrobiotic recommendation and did stringently adhere to the diet only to lose their good health and almost all their body fat and eventually having to return to eating properly for their body types. My husband and I chose not to adhere to the diet, but only incorporate some of the more nutritious recipes and food.

Yet it was not unusual to still be judged on how obedient one was to the Messenger's endorsements living outside of staff, depending on how close you lived to the Church's headquarters. We lived in their Glastonbury community where you often met students and staff. And it was not above staff or fellow students to report someone to the Messenger if they thought you were doing something outside the rules of the Church.

When my husband and I met in Montana in 1989 and decided to get married, there was a considerable amount of opposition. At the time we met my husband was married and not yet separated from his wife. However, before we dated he separated from his wife. Our employer let the Messenger know that my future husband was "breaking up his family to marry me" although that was not the case. His wife also had the same employer and was good friends with our employer's wife. The Messenger then sent my future husband a recommendation for him not to divorce and to work on his marriage instead. He never told me exactly what the message was, but regardless, he did not heed it. We married and remained married for twenty years before he eventually left me for another woman, an occurrence common today because divorces are so easy to get, and some people have the mentality of "the grass is greener on the other side" in regards to marriage partners.

I did not seek out that relationship, my future husband did. He had a vision that I was the woman he had been looking for all his life and approached me one day with the news, and that he had already contemplated leaving his marriage. I, likewise, had my confirmation that I should open the door to this relationship because my heart area would burn when I had contact with him. This was a sign to me that I believed came from the Holy Spirit and was given to me because I did not know this man or had any desire to know him, and I did not "fall in love" with him. I opened myself to a relationship with him strictly on the inner confirmation I received that this was the "right" direction to take, trusting that God was leading me through the Holy Spirit. And I do not doubt to this day that we were brought together for a cause that possibly had more to do with balancing lives, healing and revealing states of consciousness outside of God, than for true love. Although I do believe I learned to love him over the years, and saw him as a friend, I also learned many things about certain states of consciousness he revealed to me, and that needed to come out.

In this recommendation from the Messenger, again, I have no doubt she was doing what she felt right to say and do, but her recommendation was not the will of God for either of us, nor am I aware of how she obtained this advice and whether it was from "El Morya" where she usually said her direction came from. Yet I knew many in the Church who absolutely would not marry, or make important decisions without first writing her and seeking her advise because she was the Messenger of the "'saints", and they trusted her to know more than they could. For those on staff, they had no choice but to put their trust in her and the ascended masters, as it was a necessity to survive in that environment to remain on staff.

Once becoming part of permanent staff you were subject to seemingly countless rules, with obedience to the Messenger as priority number one. You could not date, marry, take vacations or even visit dying relatives or attend funerals or weddings without her permission. While control of five hundred permanent staff is a job unto itself, Elizabeth did maintain almost complete control of their lives, as well as continuing to write and publish books and control all aspects of the Church, along with the board, who were composed of Elizabeth's family for most of the years she was a messenger. Later, when her children left the Church, other trusted staff members were assigned to the church board.

The Endorsement of Other Ascended Master Messengers
Besides the recommendations that Elizabeth advised her followers over the years that was not the best recommendations, she led the entire Church membership to focus on death, destruction and evil in the form of invoking the judgment on fallen angels and what would befall mankind in many types of cataclysmic activities for following the fallen angels and taking on the evils of the world. Likewise, her dictations increasingly referenced the "judgment" of mankind that was to come through certain cataclysmic forms, or a third world war, or a Soviet nuclear strike.

While the previous Ascended Master organizations were acknowledged as sponsored organizations by the Summit, not all the previous Ascended Master concepts from other movements were incorporated into the Summit, nor would the dictations necessarily agree with prior Ascended Master dictations. The Prophets believed that Geraldine Innocente (Bridge to Freedom) and the Ballards (I AM Movement) were true messengers, but not necessarily that they were perfect messengers and gave sound advice. For example, Edna Ballard did not allow blacks into her meetings. Whether that was her prejudice or from her "masters" is not clear. She also would not allow her dictations to be translated into any other language. The Summit did not follow either of those tenants.

The Ascended Masters through the Prophets also stated they worked through prior messengers. The Goddess of Liberty through the Prophet's said:

As we inspired the leadership of Abraham, Noah, Moses, and other great patriarchs, as we spoke through Zarathustra, Apollonius of Tyana, and Jesus, as we released holy wisdom to Socrates, Plato, and Emerson, so did we come through Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky in Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine. We have also released our instruction through other adherents of divine truth, both metaphysical and occult, until the occult law was set aside and the pure passion of the flames of liberty and truth was unleashed in the early 1930s. (PoW Vol. 11, No. 26, June 1968)

The "we" is the ascended masters. The "truth" that was unleashed in the early 1930's is referencing the "I AM" Movement through Guy and Edna Ballard. At one point the Ballard's masters claimed that all the black magicians were taken from the earth (March 1939, Goddess of Light) through the student's many months of decree work. Yet the Summit claimed that Adolf Hitler was a black magician, born 1889, and who apparently was still on the earth while the Ballard's masters said otherwise.

There are many more examples of teachings that came through the prior ascended master organizations—and Blavatsky—teachings not accepted by the Summit or information given in one dictation through a messenger that would later be contradicted by another messenger's dictation. Not only were the teachings sometimes contradicted through different messengers, even the Summit dictations could contradict themselves.

The Summit Lighthouse emphatically supported Guy and Edna Ballard's sponsorship and that they were truly the reembodiment of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. Yet Elizabeth only recommended reading the first three books of the I AM Discourses because the subsequent releases were not pure.

The Summit did not accept Alice Bailey as a sponsored messenger, although they believed she was initially, but lost that sponsorship early on. The Prophet's knew of Geraldine Innocente's suicide and hinted that she had also been sexually involved with women in her group, although they never confirmed it they received confirmation from Above or the Akashic Records that it was true. They also believed her dictations before her suicide was getting further away from reality.

Supposedly, Mary Baker Eddy was sponsored by Jesus the Christ, the Ascended Master Hilarion, and Mother Mary, according to the Summit Lighthouse "El Morya". Yet Elizabeth wrote in her memoirs that Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy taught that matter is not real, and Elizabeth later discovered that Eddy's belief was wrong, matter is real, and this shook her to the core, for it was one of Mary Baker Eddy's foundational beliefs within Christian Science. Elizabeth later went on to teach that while Spirit and Matter are one and the totality of God's wholeness, when we examine matter and conceive that it is solid we are actually seeing Spirit coalesced in form. Matter is not dense, but is energy in motion and one could say "matter is real" and "matter is not real" depending on what one is referencing. Yet this was not understood by Christian Science followers, only that "matter is not real" and thereby that premise separated her followers from God Reality and truth.

Perfection Syndrome
Yet does truth change? One thing we know for sure is that God's truth does not change. God's laws that created the universe and govern its appearance do not change, only are perception and comprehension of those laws. If it appears to change then it is not from the source of God, but from man, demons, or spirits. Elizabeth's seer and companion, Harry, shared on Sean Prophet's website that one of his jobs on staff was to edit Elizabeth's lectures and dictations and correct any words, pronunciations, or factual errors. He would cut out, splice and tape together words to correct these lectures and dictations with Elizabeth's approval, so that everything released was perfect, or appeared that in their original release they were perfect.

This "perfection" also appeared in many more aspects of Elizabeth's messengership. Those who knew her very well, her family and close friends, like Harry, saw the differences in her appearances to the public, to staff and to family, such as teaching and enforcing a particular diet asa mandatory, or sex outside of marriage prohibited, and then not following her own tenants. Not that it is so unusual for people to wear masks in public and in private are more of their real selves, but depending on our psychological conditions, the masks worn may reveal how serious these psychological and perfection issues are. Do we want to appear in public as something we know within we are not? That is a choice, but for a messenger of God to wear masks such as being a seer when they are not, means they do not believe others will accept them in their imperfect roles without their masks. It means they do not trust God and that God's will is being done through them unless they wear their masks.

I had a personal experience with someone who wore masks. While working in Montana our employer hired a comptroller that was not a church member, while most of the employees in the business were. He and I worked closely together, and sometimes I would even work in the evenings alone with him. He appeared kind and considerate and knowledgeable, but not prideful. I generally am a good judge of character and can sense things about people, and I felt nothing untoward about this man. One day I came to work and he was not there. I quickly discovered that over the previous days a few women got together and wrote a sexual harassment complaint against him. Rather than dealing with the issue, he simply disappeared.

I went to all the women who had joined in the complaint and asked them what happened. It became clear to me that every one of those women had the nature of being shy and quiet, a certain vibration that predators can pick up on to exploit. He was dating one of the women in the office, who ironically later became the wife of the employer. Although she had a similar vibration to these women, he did not appear to abuse her. But what surprised me was that I too had a shy and quiet nature and he did not appear to ever cross that line with me. The only difference I saw that might have stopped him was that I was married and the women who came forward were not.

Within days I had a dream about this situation, which had disturbed me that I did not see the signs of his hidden character. In the dream I went into his house and opened one of his cabinets and there I discovered drawers of masks, lots of them. There was a different mask for different people and different situations. Sometimes people do not want to show their true character because they are ashamed of who they are, or they may be devious and know their evil tendencies, but choose to hide their characteristics, rather than change themselves, to get what they want.

In Elizabeth's situation, as well as other messengers we have been looking at in these discourses, it has been revealed that their was often a motivation or drive, for becoming a messenger. While they all unequivocally stated, and appeared to believe, that they were chosen to be messengers by the ascended masters appearing to them, they each had circumstances that could suggest their motivation for being chosen may have produced a self-fulfilled illusion, or they out-and-out fabricated their visions.

Facts have been presented by others and set forth in these discourses that the Ballard's were very poor, with Guy's mining failures, and selling shares in a mining proposition, then having to hide from the law and even use a pseudo name. Then creating the idea of writing a fantastic spiritual tale so that others would believe and thereby make them special messengers of God, and even eventually to beecome rich and famous, as they had witnessed other spiritual writers and leaders of their day had done.

In Mark Prophet's case he had little to no income, was hiding from creditors, and often depending on sales to earn a living, often not a dependable and reliable income source, especially with a large family to support. He too wanted to write a fantastic story that would change the world and reveal how special of a holy man he thought he was. This is not to say he was not a holy man, but he was not shy about letting others know how special he was in comparison to them. He believed he heard and could communicate with beings from out of this world, and see them and read their past records or any historical event he wanted to.

Elizabeth grew up with Christian Science. She believed she was special, stating she grew up communicating with Jesus, and she believed she could do what Mary Baker Eddy did, build a church, and assist people through teaching higher truths. She could do what the Ballard's did and build a spiritual movement and travel the world lecturing and make America the greatest nation on earth. She believed she could do what Geraldine Innocente did and take hundreds of dictations. She believed she could be a writer and write books about the higher truths that Christianity did not know or believe or reveal to Christians, as Mary Baker Eddy did. She had her models and she was going to outperform them and be the best and most perfect messenger of the ascended masters. She was not as spiritually gifted as she thought she was—and thereby not perfect although she wanted her followers to believe she was. She was not Mark Prophet, who could read the Akashic Records or see clairvoyantly, although she claimed she had visions.

After being trained by Mark he taught her by example how to treat people under the mantle of messenger, and that treatment was authoritative and unfortunately, often cruel. I often believed the appearance of cruelty was because the student deserved it, and behind her actions was a mirror effect for the student to see themselves and their hidden negative states of consciousness, or I could not have endured someone of God treating people that way and continuing to respect them as a messenger of God.

Consequently, the truth revealed by those closest to Elizabeth divulge that she could not fulfill all the dreams she had believed about herself, and thereby she found ways to make others believe she was far superior, more spiritually gifted and more perfect than she really was. She asked her seer, Harry, one day if he saw that she had balanced 100% of her karma. He denied that she had, but she went on to reveal in her subsequent dictation from a master that she had. Accordingly, she had another level of perfection to live up to, claiming all her karma was balanced. Finally, it shows that she did not trust God's will for her and the church she created. She seemed sincere in her desires to serve God, but ultimately, she had spiritual pride, and she became overly authoritative and controlling everything and everyone around her to maintain her false perfection for herself and her church. be continued


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