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Finding the Ascended Masters- Part III

In the last article, I described what I believed was the Holy Spirit guiding and protecting me, sometimes with words and sometimes by an inner prompting and knowing. I left off with my attending Summit University with the Summit Lighthouse. At one point we visited the Los Angeles Teaching Center on one of our outings with SU. There they had a statue of Jesus they called the "will of God" focus. I stood before that statue and I prayed to Jesus for God's will to be done with the custody of our three boys and our unborn child. At that moment I surrendered my children to God's will and I knew that whatever happened, I would trust that it was the will of God.

I arranged with my husband to return to my marriage and live in the Bahamas after SU ended. The following months were challenging. My husband had delivered our last two children, acting as midwife, and we had two successful birthings and I hoped he could deliver our next child. I was not allowed to stay on the island after seven or eights months and I was already five months along when I got to the island. I never got very pregnant looking as I carried the babies low and did not gain much weight, so we hid how far along I was and I stayed on the island the whole pregnancy. I received no prenatal care that entire pregnancy. One afternoon in March my labor started and our daughter was born just before midnight. The labor and delivery with only my husband present went very smoothly. Our first daughter (and fourth child) was born, healthy and fine.

Before her birth my husband and I had an argument where I threatened to leave the island with the boys. My husband reacted totally out of character and arranged a kidnapping of the children, after which he took them to the Navy base (we were living off base) and took away my pass to enter the base. Being of a determined spirit I walked the two miles to the base in the middle of the night and entered via the beach thereby avoiding the need to show a pass. I found them at a friends trailer. Contrary to that incident dividing us all the more, I instantly forgave my husband and we went on together for a few more months. I admired that he had taken action because I knew I had wrongly threatened him.

Cult Association Used Against Child Custody
We decided to return to Florida to live after the baby was born and we got an apartment in West Palm Beach—near his mother again. He worked during the day and I worked in evenings, waitressing again, and thereby we had one of us with the children always. Then one night I came home from work and the Holy Spirit prompted me that something was up with my husband and I should look in his briefcase. He was already asleep, but I found it locked and quickly found the key. There on top was a court document he had filed suing for divorce and asking for custody of all four children based on my belonging to a religious cult.

I immediately woke him up and asked what this was all about. He responded by immediately calling his parents and within minutes they arrived at our apartment and took away the sleeping children while my husband physically held me thereby restraining me from stopping them. I called the police but they said there was nothing they could do as it was a domestic dispute and no law had been broken. I spent the rest of the night driving to different places I thought they might have taken the children. About 5 a.m. I finally found all their cars parked outside one of his parent's friend's house. Rather than knock on the door—knowing they would not let me enter—I climbed a tree and entered an upstairs balcony and entered the house. Our daughter was just nine months old and I was still nursing her. I found her and walked down the stairs with her in my arms. My husband, his parents, and friends were sitting around a table talking. They watched me walk by and without a word I went out the front door. They did not try to stop me.

Again, the Holy Spirit was leading me. The chances of my finding where the children were, and daring to enter someone's home without permission, thereby breaking the law, and walking out the door with our daughter without them stopping me was a miracle. God gave me the strength, ingenuity, and will to carry out those actions. This time I did not admire my husband's plan. He and his mother had devised this scheme and had it ready to implement before I discovered those divorce papers in his briefcase. Had they carried out their plan under their terms, things might have turned out differently, and I would not have gotten back our infant. God led me to have some measure of victory by taking action and preempting their plans.

I was afraid of my husband after that and would not let him near me and our daughter. The first attorney I hired was too compassionate and had not enough fire to do what needed to be done for my case. I hired another lawyer, a woman, who could work with my husband's attorney and prevent our case from going to trial. I knew the church was already accused of being a cult and there was too much in the media supporting that the church was dangerous. Gregory Mull had already started his lawsuit against the church. My attorney suggested we divide the custody of the children and I felt it was the best compromise we could do to prevent a trial. My husband would raise the two older boys full time and I would raise the two younger ones. We decided having the children together each weekend at one or the other parent's home was the best for the children. Although it was painful being separated from my oldest sons, as I adored them both, I also remembered my prayer at the will of God focus. It must be God's will that this would unfold and I tried to be at peace with God's plan.

Each weekend we would either drop the children off or pick them up at the other's home. It was an hour drive round trip, but I made the best of my time by decreeing while I was driving. For four years we lived this way. I found an apartment directly across from my parents home and my grandmother watched my children after school until I got home from work. I bought a used GMC Jimmy for a great price and put a topper on the back. I loved that truck. We could easily go camping and have room for carrying lots of things, and I did not every have any mechanical problems with it. I became self-employed and created a business to assist the elderly, mostly Jewish, who retired to the South Florida area. I started my study group and those years became the most enjoyable years I had yet experienced. I had a new family of Keepers dedicated to God and the path and they were all great people—in my book. We held services several nights a week, and on the weekends that I had all the children, they would play quietly during Sunday service.

I had been running the study group for about a year when a gentleman called me up one day to ask if I would like to buy a box of books and tapes that were his wife's. Apparently, she had gone off the deep end when one day he found her standing before the refrigerator with the door open and frozen in time. It was sad to hear, but I did not believe the teachings had made her insane, but that these esoteric teachings had been too much for her mind and balance to exasperate a problem she already must have had. New Age groups do attract many individuals who do not fit into the mainstream with what some call "far out" ideas like the shape-shifting (from one form to another) as a part of reality or that there are reptilian humanoids, especially running the U.S. government.

I bought the box of books and tapes from him for a hundred dollars and it was my first introduction to many new esoteric books I had never heard of before like "The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East" and books by the Summit Lighthouse, as well as all the "Only Mark" 2-cassette albums of Mark Prophet's Sunday lectures. I fell in love with Mark and his sense of humor, though he had a side that never appeared during those lectures but that I later learned when I began working on staff and had to transcribe his staff meetings. Yet at that time I only saw Mark as a saint and I was extremely grateful that I had acquired all those books and tapes.

I continued to work with the Holy Spirit, without directly asking for Him. I would just be guided to do what was right and to know what to choose for services without having to plan them, and things would work out perfectly repeatedly. Those years allowed me to develop a greater trust in God's Spirit guiding me, more than the ascended masters, to whom I was just beginning to get to know. If I needed extra money to get to a conference I would just ask God and a client would ask me to do an extra job for them or some other way would appear that would bring me in more money, if not before the conference, just after the conference. So I would charge my plane ticket and pay the conference fees and then the following month I would always have the extra money to pay the charge card right off. I tried to never carry any debt once I paid off my truck.

Discarnate Entities
During one conference I attended a year later the Messenger had begun doing healing sessions. She would invite people to the altar to share their physical problems and she would then make calls for them. Her calls would also address any of the attendees who had similar issues. I believed her calls worked as one of her calls I felt something leave me. She was making calls on someone's selfishness that was contributed by dark forces and I physically felt something pull out of my body and leave me at the top of my head. At first, I was astounded, as that meant I had been selfish and had not even realized it. So I worked on not allowing that state of consciousness in my mind and soul again. I also felt it was an entity of selfishness that left me, although I have no confirmation except what I felt.

The ascended masters taught that there are different types of discarnate entities, sometimes called "spirits". A discarnate entity, which is a disembodied being who has not returned to God or heaven after death, can include the soul, or just be the mental body, or astral ka that once belonged to the soul while in physical form. If the soul moves on to higher planes the astral body experiences a disintegration leaving behind an astral shell which should disintegrate over time, but sometimes does not. These shells retain their instinct for self-preservation.

The belief was that the astral body that has been separated from the physical, mental and etheric bodies can later become an entity from outside the physical plane that attaches to someone in human form. An entity can also be just the mental body, of a deceased person which becomes separated from the other three bodies (spirit, astral and physical) and wandering in these other planes outside the physical, or a combination of the astral, mental or etheric bodies functioning with or without the soul in any of the lower planes. These astral shells and bodies retain some of the desires and appetites of their previous personality, but they no longer have a life source (soul). If they can attach to a living person to use as an energy source, they become entities possessing someone.

Sometimes the soul or personality becomes confused as to where he or she is supposed to go after death. This is generally due to a deep attachment to a place or a person or to some trauma that happened while on earth. Or it can be just a general confusion, vagueness, or fear of God or the Light and then wanting to cling to the more familiar physical world. These wandering spirits may try to attach themselves to the body of a living person, either hoping to cling to the life force that has become dormant in them or to satisfy old physical cravings and addictions.

The idea of several interconnecting bodies around the evolving soul is taught in the ancient Vedas, the spiritual literature of the ancient Indian culture written in the Sanskrit language about 2,500 years ago. Many of the ascended master teachings follow eastern concepts like the incarnating soul having spiritual centers (chakras) and the seven or more bodies of man. The ancient Indian scholars presented the idea that an entire world exists between the physical and the highest spiritual worlds called the astral plane. Within this plane are innumerable levels that gradually increase in frequency and vibratory rate. The lowest plane is just above the physical and the place where humans can travel in their astral bodies (also called the ka) while sleeping or in certain trance states.

The Vedas describe death as a sloughing off of the physical body and then continuing eventually to journey to higher and higher planes. After leaving the astral world the soul rises to the next plane, the mental plane, after which it leaves behind the astral shell. At one of the higher planes, the soul awaits reembodiment. Thus the Vedas teach that it is through reincarnation that the soul purifies itself so as to eventually rejoin the Godhead.

Various types of discarnate entities exist, which include one for every manner of human vice such as anger, fear, lust, depression, etc., as well as addiction entities such as tobacco, liquor, sex, gambling, or drug entities. If one has a propensity to anger or drinking, the belief is that either the cause of these negative habits and traits originated with an entity permanently attaching itself to someone in human form, or the negative mental or emotional state of a human attracted an entity of the same vice or habit which then exasperates the original problem.

I highly recommend Dr. Edith Fiore's book, The Unquiet Dead with a link in the References section. Having the traditional psychology training, Dr. Fiore did not believe in possessions per se, or reincarnation, but after thousands of sessions with clients, she realized that whether she believed in either, something was going on with her clients who appeared to have disembodied souls attached to them. These entities caused her clients untold amounts of psychological issues that traditional psychology could not heal. Once identifying them and clearing them off the clients, or after contacting past life traumas, the clients would be free of all their problems they had come in for assistance with.

Do You Love Yourself?
Some of Edith's clients described the same thing I felt when the "entity" left me. They said they felt something "lift up out of them". I have always had great attunement with my body temple and have felt spiritual energies as well as darkness caused by evil sources causing me either to have a holy experience or one of pain. I knew most of the time when evil was on me because of my spiritual attunement and after my prayers, I would be instantly free of the body symptom of pain or discomfort from the darkness. I also could feel the light as a tangible tingling in my body that was a power beyond my normal physical life.

Before I decided to get up and enter that line for the healing at that conference I felt the Holy Spirit prompting but I resisted initially because I could not even think of a physical or emotional problem that I needed assistance with. The only thing I could eventually come up with was my previous swollen legs and varicose veins. Yet because the push from the Holy Spirit continued, I finally moved in the line, which by then had quickly extended the length of the chapel, but I did not really believe the messenger could get through all the people ahead of me before my turn, yet unbelievably she did.

When it was finally my turn I found myself saying that I needed healing for this circulation problem in my legs. In truth, I have what is called "intermittent" claudication that I have had at least since my teens that I never noticed in Florida walking on flat ground, but only when I started climbing hills after I moved from Florida. I never knew what caused the pain in my thighs when I walked uphill, but I have to stop after a time and allow the blood to flow back into my legs as they start to burn and ache from the lack of oxygen. Walking on flat ground does not cause this pain.

I did not know this condition had a name when I went before the Messenger, so I told her it was a circulation problem, plus I did have the varicose veins issue that my mother had severe issues with. The Messenger immediately brought to my attention that it was lack of love for myself. It was a surprise to me. She directed me to practice sending love to others. Basically, to exercise the heart with sending out love. If there is any lack of love for self, it also affects the way you love others. Coming from an undemonstrative environment, love given to others was rarely shown. So I quietly loved people without ever showing it. After I went out in the world I had to get comfortable expressing love verbally, and physically allowing others to hug me and me to hug them back. So I left that healing session determined to work on healing that issue and spent the next decade doing heart meditations and attempting to express love from my heart.

Decades later I eventually received intuitively that I always loved myself, so it was not lacking love that I was blocked from giving love, but I simply "forgot" how to love from years of giving love out as a child and having it fall on deaf ears and hardened hearts. The Holy Spirit came to me one day and told me the story of my infancy and how I tried to express love to my parents. What precipitated that experience with the Holy Spirit (who identified itself as "the Light") was that I had been taking training to be a hypnotherapist and in one of my practice sessions I was taken back to being an infant. Yet as soon as I felt myself in my infant body I jumped back into waking consciousness and came out of the session. I was startled, it was as if I had contacted something that was so painful I did not want to go there and re-experience it. That experience only reinforced my determination to use my healing techniques to uncover that which might be blocking my ability to love.

I also learned to express my love for others by giving service to them and all life. A book I really enjoyed and recommend reading is called The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate, published in 1995 and written by Gary Chapman. Chapman defines five major ways to express and experience love: receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service (devotion), and physical touch. These he calls love languages, ways people are comfortable receiving love. By observing how they give love you can tune into what they want to receive from their partner to feel loved by them. He theorized that people tend to naturally give love in the way that they prefer to receive love. I found his ideas very enlightening and apropos for my marriage. I found it difficult to express love in physical touch because of the lack of physical touch in my youth. I also lacked quality time and words affirming I was loved. Although I enjoy receiving gifts, they weren't felt by me to be an expression of love. What I did observe in my youth was that my parents both worked and served our family by providing a clean home and meals, clothes on our backs and all the basics of physical needs. Unbeknownst to my outer mind, I was confined to that one language of love—service!

Although I did all the spiritual work for years, my varicose veins never went away, swelling still occurs if I sit too long on an airplane and my intermittent claudication is still there in the same way it always was. So I cannot confirm that the messenger did identify the real cause of my circulation problem or her calls made any difference. My hands and feet still quickly lose blood flow when I am out in below freezing weather and I get cold very quickly, just as I had a fear when I was a child, and thus told God I would rather die of burning to death than freezing to death. Yet I was grateful to the messenger and did not look at her suggestions as wrong. I believed that a psychological healing occurred and that I also could have been carrying issues of planetary sins that I was volunteering to work through and healing my body was not the goal, healing the heart and soul and helping people to do the same was the goal. This would be similar to the Catholic tradition where saints would pray to take on Jesus' wounds from His crucifixion or make reparation for the sins of others that would cause the saints to exhibit physical diseases that they would suffer with until their deaths.

I believed my service was not to just take on the physical suffering as many had in the past and are presently doing but to work through the psychological issues to assist souls make the breakthrough to a higher consciousness. When I left for college I wanted to work with autistic children. While that was not meant to be, the Spirit was leading me to start college where I would meet my husband, and later start a path of healing that involved healing the totality of Being, not just the physical body, which was still a great interest of mine. I desired to get to the heart of what makes people sick, which generally does not start with the physical environment and its pollutants, but from the psychological reason people have addictions, eat too much or not eating the right foods because they carry the weight of past traumas they cannot resolve.

This was my heart's desire from the time I started reading Edgar Cayce and the world phenomenon not understood or explained by science. Why do some people have birth defects or die as an infant? Why do some children get cancer? Why does evil prevail and how does evil enter our minds and influence us to hurt others and ourselves? Many questions I wanted to understand, yet I knew that God would probably lead me to understand not by reading a book but through life's experiences. And the Holy Spirit was integral to learn higher and hidden truths that ordinary people don't seem to be interested in. Because I had God at the helm of my ship of life, and the Holy Spirit was steering me, I only had to let go of the wheel and trust God and have faith that whatever and wherever I was led was by God's will.

Holy Spirit Dreams
To confirm that belief that God was guiding my life the Holy Spirit gave me dreams, the ones that you wake up and remember every detail and do not forget. So many I had with boats, planes, and cars, where sometimes I would be driving and frightening things would occur, like the brakes not working in your car and you are rolling down a hill and can't stop, (one time even sliding backward down a hill in a car) or you are on a sailboat and in a thick fog and you know you can't steer the boat because you can't see. Sometimes I would see a father figure in the driver's seat. Other times I would not be able to see who was driving because there would be a panel between me and the driver. One time I dreamt that I was driving through a dark tunnel in a car. I knew that with the slightest move to the left or right I would hit the walls and crash. With that realization, I just instantly let go of the wheel. At the same moment, I let go of the wheel I also found myself out of the tunnel and into the light. The message was clear, "let go and let God control".

Another dream I had had so many levels to it. I was on a clipper ship and God the Father was calling souls on board to go towards the light (represented as the sun). I watched what appeared to be children on the shore. They were playing crossing back and forth across a line. On one side of the line was complete darkness (like the night) and on the other side was light and daylight. The children could be seen to be sometimes on the side of light and sometimes on the side of darkness. Yet they would not come to the ship, they appeared to not take heed of the Father, but wanting to continue to play. So the ship eventually had to leave. While on board I experienced the power of Father and it was clear that Father God is the source of that power. I was shown how I could do things far faster and longer and stronger with God and the Holy Spirit than I could do in my mere human body. One picture I was shown was throwing a ball. With the Spirit of God, the ball went very, very far.

Another dream I had was with what I understood to be my God Self. I was loving this being that was across from me and then I found myself in this being that was being loving me and thereby I was loving myself. The love was much like what near-death experiencers tell they experience when they get to heaven. It is beyond this world and indescribable. As I was experiencing this love flow from both perspectives of the "me" of the one self, or the "other" self loving me, I suddenly realized we were one. The sense was that the being loving me and the being that I loved was one.

The Summit Lighthouse taught that you have a God Self called the Mighty I AM Presence. Between your Higher Self and you in physical embodiment is a Christ Self, the mediator between you and the I AM. Because the I AM is perfect and in Spirit, you cannot have direct contact with that part of yourself until you leave embodiment or until you become one with your Christ Self. The Christ Self helps you balance your four lower bodies, your threefold flame and is like your guardian angel, protecting and guiding you to make right decisions and come into oneness with your God Self, even while still in form. The goal: the ascension. The Christ Self, Causal body and I AM Presence comprise the three upper bodies.

All those concepts made sense to me, at that time. Yet those concepts did not originate with the Summit Lighthouse, as I explained herein and in the I AM Presence article. The dream seemed to relay the message that there was some self outside of my thinking incarnating self that was me beyond my conscious mind. It was easy to extrapolate that this other "self" was my I AM Presence since that was what the Teachings were presenting. I am one of those people who see 11:11 or 1:11 on my digital clock all the time. It is too frequent and happens year after year to not have some meaning. There is some mystery with this self that is you that is just outside the conscious awareness yet is an integral part of you. I have sometimes called it the You, versus the you that interacts with the world.

Those experiences and actions in my world were integral to the possible reason the Holy Spirit or this You guided me to find St. Germain and the Summit Lighthouse. There I learned one of the huge issues of spiritual people is succumbing to fear, to live for self preservation through all these "end of the world" scenarios and preparations, and to allow a human being who appears to have greater authority than one's own communion with God and the Holy Spirit, to rule your world because you believe they are talking to God and heavenly beings or they supposedly have a personal relationship with Jesus.

I changed with the adaption to the ascended master world and their authority through a messenger. I began to see the world through the eyes of these masters and their reality. Even if the masters were real, could the messenger not affect the messages and influence them to some degree? One of Elizabeth Prophet's seers said she would question him about the topics she was going to discuss in an upcoming dictation to try to get confirmation on what she believed the masters were going to say.

Having experienced being a so-called messenger for the masters I saw and experienced my husband (as co-messenger) doing the same thing. He knew what was going to be spoken by these masters before they spoke. Now it might be true that if there were really ascended masters speaking through individuals that they do "download" their thoughts before one takes a dictation, but I did not experience that—ever. I did not take dictations as others did. I merely was inspired that a master wanted to relay a message through me through my inner knowing, then I confirmed it through kinesiology testing and then I would sit down as a blank screen. I would await the thoughts that would come to me. Sometimes I would wait a long time, receive a few thoughts and wait again. I would pray and be making calls the entire time. I had some dictations that took me all day to receive. The idea that you were privy to what the master was going to say before they said it meant that there was a possibility you were a significant part of the creation of that dictation.

I first was open to the ascended master teachings because Edgar Cayce's readings confirmed my inner early childhood belief of the continuation of life after death, even reincarnation. Then Cayce spoke of a universal Christ consciousness. He spoke of a Higher Self. The four lower bodies were also familiar to me from other healing modalities I studied. So I was not uncomfortable with the Summit Lighthouse teachings, most of it felt true. Yet the ascended master teachings had many new concepts I had never heard of, like twin flames, the I AM Presence and the use of decrees. Then in 1985, I had an experience that seemingly confirmed at that time that twin flames was a reality. I had accepted by then that ascended masters were really spiritual beings from a higher plane of existence who could and did interact with other enlightened individuals upon earth because they raised these individuals had raised their consciousness to the ascended master plane. Thus if these master were to be accepted as real, what they brought to our conscious awareness also must be real.

Two experiences stand out to confirm their idea of twin flames and the Eastern philosophy they adopted of having spiritual chakras or light centers that connected to our physical bodies were true concepts. The first was during a dictation while attending a conference on Twin Flames in New York City in 1985. The dictation was from a being the masters called "lady Master Venus", supposedly the twin flame of Sanat Kumara who they believed was the "ancient of days" referenced in the Bible. The legend was that he rescued earth and all her inhabitants from destruction when mankind had lost their threefold and there was not one Christed one left on the planet. He came with many volunteers to stay with the earth physically until many would have rekindled the Christ in their hearts.

I was not one of those individuals looking for my twin flame. I knew my ex-husband was not my twin flame but I was at peace with not finding this supposedly "twin" half of yourself. I was happy to be single. I had beautiful children, and my life was filled with serving, running a study group of the Ascended Master Teachings and holding prayer services. I really was happy with my life. I did not feel incomplete and in need of seeking an earthly relationship to feel fulfilled. 

At some point in the dictation Lady Master Venus was directing us to come in contact with our twin flame, whether they were in embodiment, between embodiments or ascended. My friend from our local group was sitting next to me and she believed her twin flame was ascended so when Lady Venus was having us focus on our ascended twin flames, if they were, I immediately thought of my friend sitting next to me. I must add the words from the dictation to get the point of what I experienced. Venus said,

"Twin flames approach. These are they who are counted among the Ascended Masters. Some of you seated here, then, have with you in this moment the Ascended Master who is your twin flame, overshadowing and quickening, opening the way and leading you in the direction of the highest mountain of opportunity. For you the path of twin flames is truly integration, as Above so below, as your four lower bodies serve as the anchor point for your soul’s attainment and the final lowering into the octaves of the earth of the other half of your self who has gone before you to keep the flame in heaven as you keep the flame on earth.”

As she was speaking I immediately felt an enormous amount of pressure and Light descend from above me and surround my form. It was not of this world and I immediately knew it. Thus I exclaimed to myself, “Oh my God, my twin flame is an ascended being!” Who or what created that experience—if ascended masters were not real—I do not know. I only know that those experiences are not everyday experiences in my life. They were—and still are—rare, and when they happen they form an indelible memory in my mind because they are so extraordinary.

How do we know it is heavenly light that we experience when one feels light? Supposedly, even the Devil can imitate spiritual experiences. Since they are private revelations and experiences we do not need to validate them to anyone, yet they do affect our sense of what is God and what is not. Supposedly, God is light and the Holy Spirit is light, and Jesus is light, and God's light is beyond our world. When we experience the light that is not of this world it is not hard to surmise that that light is of God.

Such was my case. I attributed that experience to a contact with what I thought would be an "ascended" twin flame because it felt like light or an energy beyond this world that was benevolent. What might validate this experience was the fact that no further revelation came regarding who this twin flame was until 2002, seven years later. During those seven years, I never consciously was aware of having contact with this "ascended" twin flame. I just kept it in the back of my mind and did not share it with anyone. Yet maybe heaven was leading me to some state of consciousness that I needed to be in when I met my future husband in Montana. For when we did marry I had no doubt he was not my twin flame—but more on that relationship and marriage in future writings. The point is that I was meant to enter that relationship and see my husband as the Christ but not my twin flame.

The second experience I had was with the use of chakra meditations. I used to frequently do the spiritual clearing of the chakras through a ritual the Summit Lighthouse created using the Bija mantras. You would recite these seed mantras to balance and clear the chakras, or seven major light centers that interpenetrates the physical form.

One day while doing the meditation, when I got to the throat chakra it was like a supernova going off in my throat, and I exclaimed to myself, "Oh my God, I am a blue-ray chela!" This was not good news, for the worst label you could put upon an ascended master student was that they were a blue-ray chela. That meant that they were not only powerful, but powerfully bossy and controlling, even harsh, and you never knew whether this blue ray would shoot out from them to expose some human misconduct and frailty within yourself making you feel like a terrible person.

Before that chakra experience I saw myself as being on the healing ray. Each of the seven chakras matches to one of the seven rays of God that refract from out of the white light. The goal is that the chela masters all these rays, but that takes lifetimes. Thus from lifetime to lifetime different rays come to the fore that need mastering in that lifetime. Since I had a strong interest in healing the mind and body I just saw myself naturally working on the green ray, which was not the throat chakra, but the third eye. Yet, for whatever reason, I was led to believe that I was at my true essence, at least for this lifetime, I was a blue-ray leader and a chela of El Morya, the blue-ray chohan of power and the will of God. Later, it would prove to be apropos for my path and leadership and quite a surprise to my outer awareness.

The Call to Move to Montana
I continued attending several conferences at Camelot in the 1980's, and later at the Royal Teton Ranch the Church bought in Montana and moved their headquarters to in 1986. The summer conferences at the ranch would be held in what they called the "Inner Retreat", a secluded mountain meadow that was at an elevation of six thousand feet. The masters made it an essential piece of land stating it was consecrated ground considered to be a sacred or holy land. It was also stated that the Inner Retreat was partially in the etheric octave, which meant that it was above the physical plane and in the plane where ascended masters resided. The Church built a kitchen in the heart to prepare food, as well as bathrooms and campgrounds so that participants could camp out instead of having to travel up and down the mountain during summer conferences.

One conference I attended in the Heart it rained most of the ten days. The conditions were horrendous, especially if you couldn't keep your tent dry! Other summers it was beautiful weather, but the nights were always very cool. I attended a conference in the Heart in 1987. When I returned to Florida I felt like a piece of me was left in Montana. I could not stop the feeling that it was time—I was to move to Montana. I had driven out to that conference from Florida with some of my children and we had an enjoyable time stopping at sights along the way. When we got to Montana I took a drive up the new Glastonbury property the Church had purchased in 1981. When I heard about Glastonbury I knew I was meant to be there someday. It was in my daily prayers to Archangel Michael ever since he had directed us to pray to him to be in our rightful place by January 1, 1987.

I got almost all the way to the top of the South Glastonbury property when the road was too muddy to go further. I loved the area and again affirmed with that knowing I had that this was the place I was to be at. As it turned out I was less than a half mile from the property my husband and I later bought, before I had to turn around. Getting to Montana was not going to be easy. My first husband knew I would one day try to live closer to the Church headquarters. Therefore he made it a part of our divorce agreement that I would not permanently move the children I had custody of out of the state of Florida. I would eventually be victorious in moving, but it would be a hard road ahead.


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